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Better Pet Photography – Tips & photo apps!

Love taking pictures of your dog?

Sometimes, you can just crop and turn a bad picture into a good one.

But other times, the lighting may not have been fantastic… Or the picture seemed off… but You just L-O-V-E the way your dog looked in it.

Is there a way to make the photo better?

see the difference in your pet photography - before and after!

Photo apps to enhance your photos

Sure! If you took the photo on your mobile phone, here’s some mobile photo app effects that could possibly help spruce up that photo! They are useful too for normal non-pet photos as well. Haha!

Apps to manipulate light

Apps to manipulate colour

Apps to make the photo artistic


Themes in Pet Photography

Now if you prefer #unfiltered and apps are not something you’re keen to use.

Or you already have some awesome pics of your dog, and you’re running out of ideas how to take a different photo.

Maybe your photos of your dog look the same all the time – same pose, same expression, boring! You might wanna check out some great examples of photos of dogs along these different themes below. For inspiration. :)

Pet photography themes

Hope you find these resources useful.

We’ll be back with more awesome dog photos next week  in our Pet Photography Themes series.

*I’m just taking a break from it this week because I’m wasn’t feeling well over the weekend, and so was unable to work on it. Sorry! :P 


Donna on the rock


Pet Cafe: Happy 3 Bites Cafe, Singapore


  1. Kia

    Nice! Thanks for the list :)

  2. We don’t do much with the phone, Mom likes to use her Nikon for most of our photos and editing on the phone she says is a pain in her behind. There are a lot of good apps and software programs out there to help out a bad picture. Good links you have to find more ideas.

  3. Great tips as always!! Thanks for all the research!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

  4. I am trying to do a bit more with my phone, but it is frustrating because usually the dogs are not right in front of me. Thanks for the great info.

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