WELIVEINAFLAT is first and foremost about responsible dog ownership in Singapore.

Donna is a mongrel living in a flat. With her charismatic smile, she shows you how well mongrels can thrive in flats, how well trained dogs can be with positive training, and how quality of life can improve if you take the time to go out and play with your dog! :)


  • 4-8 articles in a month, catering to more than 15k monthly blog visitors. It’s not amazing if you compare to mainstream bloggers, but the pet blog itself is pretty niche.
  • The popular posts are long-form catering to pet parents, who are serious about pet ownership and canine health. Popular posts have gotten anywhere between 100-900 shares on Facebook.
  • All traffic to this blog is organic. This means the visitors are highly engaged. Either they are actively searching for relevant information, they follow this blog actively or their friends have shared the post on social media with them.


  • over 15,000k followers on Instagram
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