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dog core vaccine & leptospirosis vaccines

Dog Vaccine & Leptospirosis – must read for dog owners!

5 March 2017 Update: Separate Leptospirosis Vaccine is now available at some vet clinics! Find out more here!

leptospira lcan lgrip lict lpom

The leptospirosis vaccine administered to Donna contained the Leptospira Canicola – Grippotyphosa – Icterohaemorrhagiae – Pomona Bacterin, also know as lcan lgrip lict lpom. More about them below in this article.


Original article written June 7

Preface Vaccination is a confusing subject. We read on US websites like this that we should not vaccinate annually. Yet our local neighbourhood vet sends us yearly reminders to schedule Donna for her annual vaccination. And I actually didn’t even know diseases Donna was being vaccinated for until I started researching for this article.

I finally got around to speaking with three different vet clinics to get a clearer picture of vaccination that I feel more comfortable and confident to write about and share with you here. This article has also been read by Dr Joanna Paul from Creature Clinic just to make sure that I have been accurate and you can trust this article.

This article was written just weeks before a suspected lepto outbreak occurred at a local doggy swimming pool. Thereafter, news articles carried vet advice to keep pets vaccinated. Vaccination is an important topic that we should know more about, and I hope you will find this post, written from the perspective of living in Singapore useful for you.

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titer test singapore

Canine Titer Test Cost and Where to get it in Singapore

For the past two years, Donna has undergone the titer test and missed her yearly vaccination.

Canine Titer Test Cost and Where to get it in Singapore

The essential or Core Vaccines that used to be recommended to be administered yearly.

Core vaccines used to be recommended annually for dogs to protect them from diseases like parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus, which causes hepatitis. But the 2015 Global Veterinary Community (WSAVA) Owner/Breeder guidelines says, ‘for the core vaccines, the Vaccination Guidelines Group recommends re-vaccination at either 6 months or 1 year of age, then not more often than every 3 years

Canine Titer Test Cost and Where to get it in Singapore

This is because “dogs that have responded to vaccination with …core vaccines maintain a solid immunity … for many years in the absence of any repeat vaccination”. Since they can maintain immunity for 3 years or longer, our dogs don’t actually need annual vaccinations!

So if you wanted to check if your dog still has antibodies from her last vaccination booster shot to continue to give her immune protection against parvovirus, adenovirus and distemper, here are the vets where you can get it done. :)

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How to Test if your Dog is Allergic to Chicken & other Food – Dog Health series

dog allergy

Let’s dispel some food and allergy myths
I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Simon Quek BSc. BVMS MRCVS. at the Pet Expo recently. He was there to give a talk on Environmental and Food Allergies for Dogs. I am also privileged to be able to consult with Dr Joanna Paul, a small animal veterinarian in Melbourne, Australia. She runs the blog – Creature Clinic. ;)
This post is a result of talking to both of them :) 

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Dog Teeth Dental Scaling under General Anaesthesia, is it Safe? – Dog Health Series

Donna after dental cleaning.We are fastidious about Donna getting a regular health check with the vet at least once a year. The last time we were there, the vet checked her teeth and suggested we send her in for dental scaling in six months.

This post talks about the experience and in detail why GA is necessary. But first, here are quick FAQs if you are looking for quick answers :P

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