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My dog loves her butt rubs! But why? – Dog Behaviour Explained!

Donna loves a butt rub!! (Enhanced) from weliveinaflat on Vimeo.

The dog’s rump and why it needs scratching from humans?

Well technically, that area at the base of her tail is called the rump, I think. It’s funny how rubbing that spot causes her to wag furiously, and how the wagging stops when the rubbing stops. And also how she would draw circles in the air with her nose when she really enjoys getting her rump scratched.

But why does my dog look sort of blissed out sometimes when she gets a butt rub? According to this Elizabeth Tumbarello article, the area of the dog’s rump at the base of his/her tail is filled with sensitive nerve endings. In Donna’s case the sensation of scratching is pleasurable because of this. However, this is not universal to all dogs. Some dogs may not like it so approach strange dog rumps with care ;)

And why does Donna blatantly present her rear end to the human and demand to be scratched her on the rump?

Besides the simple fact that it feels good, Dr. Bonnie Beaver, professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University, explained on thebark.com that the rear is also ‘a very hard area for them to reach themselves… and how nice it is if someone will scratch that for you.’

Dog butt rub / scratch - itchy butt

Dog butts itch, human!

OK, so I get that Donna sometimes needs a hand. And when she doesn’t get it, she goes and rubs her side against the back of the sofa D: You can imagine the layers of hair she has left there – – Actually I lie. Even when we give her a hand, she still likes to go rub against the back of the sofa. Sigh.

How to tell if your dog wants a butt rub

Look at the video.

Step 1, Turn around and unceremoniously plant the rear end in the human’s face :P

Step 2, Turn head back and give human the look. You either demand it or you plead for it. In Donna’s case, she just takes it for granted that it’s gonna happen so she just stands there and waits.

Step 3, If you are satisfied with the human’s services, give her your toy as a reward.

Step 4, But remember to keep her focused on the task at hand. Humans get distracted by toys easily.

If the dog moves away or removes her rump from my hand, I would safely assume my services are no longer needed. ; ) Mission accomplished!

She could at least treat me to a coffee… :P

Does your dog like his/her butt scratched? What does he/she do to get your attention for that? 

Is your dog scratching too much to be normal?
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  1. Sue

    Tucker’s nickname was Butt Boy. He’d sidle up and refuse to face us until we’d given his butt a good workout :-) These days Jeffie does it once in awhile, but none of our current three was as insistent as Tucker.

  2. Oh ya, every dog I have had likes a good butt scratch.

  3. Why tolerate humans if not for that?

  4. FleaByte

    Coffee filled with dog hair. Mmmm. Nectar of the canine gods. ;) I rarely meet a dog that doesn’t love having its butt scratched.

  5. Thank you so much for joining the blog hop!! I love this post. Delilah likes her butt rubbed too, but I haven’t noticed it so much with Sampson.

    With Delilah I just reach back there and say, “butt scritches” and she wiggles and wags and thoroughly enjoys it!

  6. I am sooo glad you posted this! Dakota is the SAME WAY! We always wondered why he kept presenting his butt to us to be scratched and we FINALLY have an answer thanks to YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  7. I like a full body rub, from ears back :-)
    The grumpy ol’ Chihuahua is the only one who never wants a good rub – just some gentle shoulder scritches. Silly old dog.

  8. Jack loves it too and will turn around for me to scratch it for him.

  9. LOL thanks for joining the hop. Our dogs don’t mind it, but they don’t demand it either. Donna sure has you wrapped around her little paw. :)

  10. Oh yes, Eko also is quite insistent about butt scratches. He likes to back up into your lap and then stare at you until you get the hint.

  11. heheheh, that was so much fun and I can see Donna enjoyed every minute. Loved the video Mrs. P. :D

  12. dorysbackyard

    What wonderful human training advice Donna!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Tristan

    It’s like you did a whole article about my dog lol

  14. Emz

    My collie dances when we give him butt rubs… Absolutely loves it so much that he can’t keep still haha

  15. TrufflesHuman

    I’m curious about our female Truffles. She, too, shoves her butt at us for massage and scratching, but she also moves her tail WAY over to one side or the other. Although she has been fixed, I still wonder if this tail moving is something to do with being in heat? Is that possible? We are also currently trying to remove a flea infestation from the poor girl, which sometimes involves laying her down with tweezers and finding most fleas around her tail and nether region. Maybe she’s just in so much misery that she’s begging for flea removal? We can’t effectively remove her fleas through baths without also spraying yard and carpets.

    • A right wag is usually more friendly and relaxed, a left wag could indicate that the dog feels some form of stress. Also giving Truffles has a flea problem around her tail and nether region, perhaps her tail reacts to the irritation as well? If she is scratching too much, the fleas are likely uncomfortable for her, and I hope you guys can get her the help she needs. :)

  16. Matthew Killion

    There is a Rx pill for fleas, by weight I think…. Maybe by breed as well. I have a cocker-spainual and my mom and sister have Yorkies. All three love a good rubbin. But the pills work, and have had no fleas in last 5 years!! Matt K. Oklahoma

  17. Sophie

    My aussie doodle demands butt scratches! He backs right up into me and turns his head expectantly. It’s so funny because of the look he has on his face; pure ecstasy.

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