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10 things to buy for your dog or cat at Don Quijote in Japan

Trying to stretch that dollar while touring in Japan? Don Quijote is a discount chain where you can buy pet supplies and products for cheaper. Here’s my pick from visiting Don Quijote stores in both Kyoto and Osaka! ;)

Don Quijote stores in Japan are like a chain of megamarts that stock EVERYTHING. These stores stay open till late while most stores closed by 9pm. So definitely the place to head to at night, if you were unable to squeeze time into your day for shopping because of your tight travel schedule. ;) Popularly known as “Donki”, they stock food, drugs, luggage, cosmetics, clothing, home and garden tools and accesories, you name it. So you will likely find lots of things to buy, and not just for pets. :P

pet shopping in Don Quijote, Osaka

One of the aisle in the pet section at a Don Quijote store in Shinsekai, Osaka

Pet Apparel at Don Quijote

1. Pet Hoods and Costumes

Priced at around $1,300JPY at Aeonpet, the same Petio pet hoods retail at $980JPY.

pet shopping at don quijote, japan

pet hoods at Don Quijote, Japan

Pet hoods for both small dogs and cats are available!

I bet you’ve seen videos of dogs in pet costumes shared on Facebook before. Without a doubt, pet costumes up the adorable factor when it comes to our pet cats and dogs. Japanese-themed Yakuza, Fortune cat and Sailor-style school girl uniforms among others are available for both pet cats and dogs.

Gangster or Police? Pet costumes for toy dogs at Don Quijote, Osaka and Kyoto

cat costumes in Don Quijote, Osaka & Kyoto

Although to be frank, you can get pet costumes on Taobao for cheaper, so be selective! :P See cute pet costumes on Amazon

If your dog is medium to large, Don Quijote may not carry your dog’s size. Your best bet will lie with Pet Paradise Plus. See it here.

2. Large kimono-pattern handkerchiefs

Donna’s wearing a handkerchief tied into a bandana bought from one of the stores in Arashiyama. Don Quijote sells a selection of similar handkerchiefs at cheaper prices.

pet shopping at don quijote, japan

sankosen japanese kimono themed handkerchief - pet shopping at don quijote, japan

The handkerchief comes in different patterns and colours!

Also see, Insect Shield® Repellent bandana from Pet Paradise Plus!

3. Discount pet clothes

I honestly didn’t spend time here since there are no sizes for Donna. But if your pet dog is shihtzu-size or smaller or if you have a cat, why not check out the discount rack to see if there is anything you like that you can get for cheap. of course, you can check out the regular price items too! ;)

Pet clothes at Don Quijote, Osaka & Kyoto

Regular price vs Sales Pet clothing at 500yen (49% discount). Find cheap dog clothes on Amazon.

If your dog is medium to large, Don Quijote may not carry your dog’s size. Your best bet will lie with Pet Paradise Plus. It did have a discount rack as well for out-of-season summer wear. See Pet Paradise Plus here.

Pet Toys at Don Quijote

4. For dogs – Stuffed hand puppet toy with tug rope and squeaker

This is something that I’ve not seen in Singapore when it comes to stuffies, which is why I bought three. One for Donna and two to give away. Sadly, Donna has more fun playing fetch with it and biting its head, rather than the rope, for tug. :P

stuffed pet toy for tug games from Don Quijote in Avanti, Kyoto

This stuffed monkey is designed like a hand puppet. You can slip your hand into the toy and get a good grip on the rope inside of the toy for a game of tug with your dog! ;) Find cheap dog toys on Amazon.

5. For dogs – Stuffed ninja sword with squeaker

This is one of those kitschy toys they sell in souvenir shops along tourist traps. I found it stocked in Don Quijote too. The squeaker is in the handle of the sword, and I really like it as a photo prop :P

pet shopping at don quijote, japan

Samurai sword in my mouth! :P


6. For cats – Toys at Don Quijote

Lots of battery-operated toy options abound for cats to chase.

toy for pet cat, don quijote, shinsekai, osaka

Whether your cat likes bigger toys like this white rat in a ball (above) or smaller ones like the Wild Mouse (below), you can find it all at Don Quijote.  The more expensive ones come with remote control. :)

7. Japanese food-themed stuffies for cats

I like buying toys with a local flavour :P

pet cat toys at don quijote, avanti, kyoto


8. Treats

But if you want real treats, lots of Ciao Churu flavours to choose from. Pet store, Nekojam, tells me Ciao Churu is really popular with cats in Singapore.

pet shopping at don quijote, japan - ciao churu

As for dog treats, you will probably be better off getting better quality treats for specialised pet shops rather than the pet section of a discount store. :P See specialised pet shops in Kyoto and Osaka, click!


9. EVA floor tiles

Well, technically nobody buys bulky floor tiles on holiday. But these EVA interlocking tiles came in a pack of 9, which makes it more economical than buying it for $2 a piece at Daiso for example. :P And I was already thinking of getting them for those tricks that will have a higher impact on her joints. :)

EVA interlocking floor tile at Don Quijote, Japan

EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. So it is useful as a cushion to hard floor surfaces in gyms, exercise rooms, playrooms and more. EVA has also been used in padding of sports equipment like ski boots, hockey pads and is used as a shock absorber in sports shoes.

You can also buy EVA interlocking floor tiles on Amazon.com here ;)

10. Cat tunnels

You may not want to cart a bulky cat bed home.

cat beds at donki, japan

Cat beds at Don Quijote, Japan

But these animal themed cat tunnels may be tempting. They are open on both ends and great for cat to root around and snuggle inside! Besides looking cute on the floor :P

Shark and Alligator-themed cat tunnel at Don Quijote in Japan

Shark and Alligator-themed cat tunnel at Don Quijote in Japan

More functional cat tunnels on Amazon.com. Here’s an ugly one! :P

Get tax rebates when you shop at Don Quijote

Tourists are eligible for tax rebates if they spend above 5000yen per receipt in Japan. Note that they help you pack your items into bulk packages that stipulate that you are not suppose to open them until you leave Japan. So if you are buying, for example, sheet masks in boxes, it may help you save some luggage space to ask the staff to help you open and repack those items with bulky packaging. Language is not an issue if you can converse in Mandarin at Don Quijote stores, because they appear to be well-staffed with Chinese immigrant workers.

shopping for dogs cats and pet lovers in Osaka kyoto don quijote

Your purchase is packed in a sealed plastic bag that says, ‘Do not open the packaging until you have left Japan. If you consume the product while in Japan, you may be subject to pay consumption tax.’

Happy shopping!

Are you an expert when it comes to shopping in Japan? Where do you like to shop for your dog and cat there?

Tell me in the comments below. I would love to know!

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