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Making moving pictures with Cinemagraph apps can be pretty hit and miss

Are you going to watch TV the whole night???
This is a regular black and white.

Donna is not too impressed by moving visuals… She thinks we should spend the time playing with her rather than watching TV or pointing the phone at her to make cinemagraphs :P

This is a black and white cinemagraph.

I don’t usually name apps that have given me more exasperation than joy, since I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. But since a number of you have asked about the app that created the cinemagraph posted on the previous post… just don’t say I didn’t warn ya! :P

To make a cinemagraph, you can use the following iPhone apps:

  • Cinemagram to output .mp4 in your camera roll
  • kinotopic to output .gif files that you can email to yourself
  • Flixel Cinemagraph Pro (paid app) to be able to choose your output format and other more advance options. (the free version is very limited.)

Having the iPhone/iPad on a stable base, such as a tripod, will save you lots of exasperation :) 

If you are using Android, here are the following cinemagraph apps you can experiment with. Note, I have not tried them out myself: fotodanz, pictoreo – so I wouldn’t know how well they work.

So there you are. Donna couldn’t care less :P So unadorable…


I’m not sleepy… not really…


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  1. Subtle! The still photos always show a dog with lots of energy and enthusiasm for her surroundings (except thunder, of course!), but it’s fun to see Donna in motion, too!

    • Hmmm… she is usually prone on the floor when we are going about in the flat on human business… so between 9am-5pm, she usually is like that… just lying around and mostly sleeping really. When she wakes she’ll come and check on us and then she’ll go back to snoozing. And it’s not because we are ignoring her… it’s kind of hard to get her interested in playing when she’s in that kind of mood :P

  2. It’s those expressive eyes that make the videos.

  3. Lots of Golden Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to give it a try. Lots of Golden woofs, Sugar

  4. We are trying fotodanz at the moment, it’s really simple to use, a bit slow but my little brother is managing it. Just trying to work out how to share it now. That’s a bit harder!

    ~ Amy

    • My frustration was also partly from trying to figure out the sharing options… which is why in the end I ended up trying all three iPhone apps to find a ideal solution :P Haha!!

  5. That;s pretty cool. I have yet to explore that function in my phone.

  6. Donna is so forlorn. I rarely do video. But it seems children and pets are the optimum subjects.

    • Sometimes like in this case, the moving eyes work better than stills :D But video is hard and time consuming, particularly if one wants to do something polished. Donna seems to vacillate between extremes of emotion – joy, fear, boredom. Perhaps all dogs do?

  7. She does look pretty bored with the whole thing BOL! Thanks for sharing the apps tho.

  8. That’s so subtle…Had to watch for a minute before I realized the eyes were moving and once I did it was hard to look away

  9. Mel

    Donna is adorable no matter what picture or cinemagraphic she is in. I love that you share this kind of stuff. I may try it despite your warning. I especially love the first cinemagraphic of Donna. Awesome post and pictures!

  10. Unadorable? Not true. Her lack of interest is quite adorable. She reminds me of my dog Sephi who went over the Rainbow bridge a couple of years ago. Sephi’s “whatever” attitude was one of her most endearing qualities. Of course, that “whatever” attitude changed dramatically at the mention of food.

    I love these photos you made using cinemagraph, especially the one of Donna’s eyes. I wasn’t expecting the photo to move. I’m not big on apps but I might just try one.

  11. OMG!! This is so cool! I am going to have to try this out sometime :)

  12. Nice! I’ll have to try it out soon. Her disinterested look is very teenager-esque.

  13. Love that first picture!

  14. Great post! I’m in love with cinemagraphs! Love your final one. The black and white works really well.

  15. nice one, have you tried this online experiment to create cinemagraphs with webcam? http://cinemagraph.musikame.com feedback is more than welcome :)

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