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Snappy H’appy, a new photo challenge

snappy h'appy photo challenge logo
snap it, app it, link it at weliveinaflat.com

Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge

This photo challenge has ended but the content in each challenge post should still be useful if you are seeking information on creating photos pertaining to the themes. 

Here are the rules for the challenge. This challenge will likely run for 3 months/12 weeks and then we will review the 12 week’s worth of work for each challenger in a photo grid like the below:

Hence the challenge objectives are:

1) Create a set of 12 Photos of the Week per challenger by the end of the challenge
2) Inspire the generation of a set of 12 alternative app-ed versions of these photos
(Note: The set of 12 may be that or less per participant as consistent participation is not compulsory :P)

If you have any further suggestions, please let me know and I will fine-tune it for the Week 1 challenge post that comes out next week. ;)


1) Pick your ONE original photo to feature for the week.
This should be your photo of the week just like the MBPOTW challenge.
There is no limitation on whether you use a camera or a smartphone to take the picture.

2) Snappy H’appy gives you the additional challenge of “app-ing” it.
You can either use the app/app feature of the week that I’m going to write about. Or you can use your own app if you like. Let us know what app you used. Include the original photo and the after “app-ing” photo in your blog post so we can see the difference.
Don’t want to app it? That’s fine as well since this is an additional challenge.

3) Link it to the challenge post of the week.
(I) Include the challenge logo and link it to the Challenge Post of the week.
(II) Please also leave a comment on your challenge post of the week with your link in it.

4) Interact!
Be nice! Visit at least 1 other challenger other than the host (that’s me :P) and like or leave a comment there.


Feb 12 | Light – Bokeh
Apr 23 | Art – Text
May 07 | Finale


1. Even though the challenge has started. You are free to join mid-way. Back-dated entries for previous weeks’ themes are optional.
2. I’ve selected the themes based on what I think can be made easy to pick up and also can be fun to explore at the same time. Let me know if there’s a theme you would like to explore that I might have missed and I’ll think about whether I should revise the list.

 Your Photo Challenge Hosts are

JX aka Donna’s human
 blog | weliveinaflat.com

JX is dog human and photo-hobby-ist on her photo and dog blog. She currently owns a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE. She subscribes to the school of thought that it’s not the equipment, but the human that makes the pictures. And yet when not cheating on her photos by editing them to death, she is sneaking away her husband’s latest Samsung S3 smartphone to take better quality pictures!

Meghan aka Firebonnet
blog | firebonnet.com

Meghan is known as FireBonnet and Two Cats and a Cattledog’s Mom. On her blog, Meghan explores art and the art of life, including occasional posts from her humorous pets. She has a degree in art, but in sculpture not photography, so is having fun experimenting with all that digital photography has to offer. Meghan uses a Lumix FZ35 and an iPhone 4. With this challenge she wants to explore more apps using her Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. And there might be an iPhone 5 in her future if she plays her cards right, stay tuned!

Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Logos

You can save a copy of these logos for your use when joining the challenge.

Snappy H’appy logo (Galactic Lights)
Black background 200*200 pixels
Snappy H’appy logo (Black and White)
White Background background 200*150 pixels
Snappy H’appy logo (Happy Colours)
White Background background 200*150 pixels


Looking for co-host!
Participate in each week’s challenge. Visit and leave a comment with each challenger.


My Best Photo of the Week Challenge Final Photo


Dog gets fearful around dog run, human embarrassed


  1. This is a great challenge! Love the title and the extra challenge. And I really like the logos. I’d be interested in co-hosting if you’d like (I have my own as you know, so if you get someone else who wants to do it, I’m fine not.) I’ll be participating either way. What day do we start? I have my blogging calendar all set up and I’ll add it ;) .

    • (Don’t forget to change out your challenge on the Daily Post blogging events list.)

      • More than happy to have you Meghan, :) I don’t currently have a limit on co-hosts, the more the merrier, as long as each co-host is committed to the twelve week posts, and interaction with participants.

        Will email you in the next couple days on what I’m planning for the 12 weeks so you’ll be in the know. ;) and thanks for the reminder!

  2. We starting this week or next Mrs P?

    • Next week!

      Cobbling a twelve week plan so I can stay consistent this time round. Researching apps this week, thank you for the app suggestion once again! Hope you continue with this, and let me know if there are any other suggestions you may have, to make it stay interesting for you :)

      • Awesome. Looking forward to it. We are definitely in. Would offer to co-host but not that tech-savvy yet and between work, toddler and training me for upcoming agility season mum is pretty nuts. Oh and Dad and stuff like washing and house stuff. Our favs as you may have guessed are Snappycam (action shot week) and Sketchguru (got both pencil and also paint which are very different. and others but they are the ones we like)… so 2 very different apps. Maybe another week could be captions (add text). Some ideas. OK with ideas…. it is the techie stuff we struggle with.

        • Tell me about the house stuff, the human keeps sweeping the floor @__@ something to do with my hair… I tell her its natural and she’s got me salmon oil in my food… now it always tastes of salmon oil… what do I do to get some food with no fish taste I don’t know D: Geh…

          But yah, we get what you mean about life being short, no worries about the co-hosting… but I like it when you can tell me what appeals and what doesn’t. Cool stuff… maybe I should publish the app themes prior to get a sense of what is more appealing and what is now… *thinking cap is blinking*

          I think you’re technically fine, if you encounter any problems I’ll be happy to help where I can ;) Happy agility-ing. Been working with Donna for off-leash obeadience… thinking of attending a trail agility lesson in march, but it’s at a pet expo so I’m wondering if Donna would be too distracted in that sort of setting.

          • I get sardines about once a week. Lovely and stinky!
            Mum less concerned about floors once toddler moved from crawling on 4 paws to walking on 2 (not sure how the humans do that?).
            Would love themes in advance. If we know it’s going to be a busy we sometimes do our post in advance.
            Oh a trial of agility. Go for it. I was a nightmare at earlier training and even trials… Pop off to visit other dogs, people or just do zoomies. That is just part of the learning until us dogs learn that mum and her rewards is better than anything else. Have fun with it!

          • ok, will do advance themes. And yes, think we will go to the trial… silly human just needs a push in the right direction sometimes, thank you for the encouragement! :) p/s I got 3 sardines this week! :D yumz

          • Yeah!!! On all fronts

          • I’ve just updated this post with a list of themes, thought you may be interested to take a look. :)

  3. I have never joined in on anything like this, but I may like to try! Do we pick the picture on the day that you post or do we have the full week to do it?

  4. This sounds great! I am looking forward to participating-thanks for doing this!

  5. Catalina G. Obrien

    Oh my!!! You are just too true to be good. How do you manage to write and research on such wonderful things? You have inspired me to work harder now. I shall try as much as possible to enjoy life to the fullest and be satiated with the wonderful things that are around me, which I have been unaware of until now.

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