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dog-friendly big fish small fish fish and chips

Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol Tebing Lane Container Park | Dog-Friendly Cafes

Our food rating: 🍗🍗🍗

We happened to be in Punggol and decided to check out the dinner scene at the Punggol Tebing Lane Container Park. There are a reported 7 container cafes there. But at the time of visit – around 5.30pm on Sunday – some were not ready for business yet.

We decided to try out Big Fish Small Fish which is located in the middle of the row of container cafes.

Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol Tebing Lane Container Park

Address: 50 Punggol East #01-K35 Singapore 828826
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 12am; Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday 12pm – 1am
Contact: Facebook

dog-friendly big fish small fish fish and chips shop front - Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol Tebing Lane Container Park | Dog-Friendly Cafes

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Halloween-themed Paw Fest 2017 at i12 Katong Mall

Since dogs are usually not allowed in air-conditioned malls, we grabbed the chance to visit i12 Katong Mall with Donna for the three days it was dog-friendly over the weekend of the Paw Fest 2017 event.

I actually almost didn’t go because it was not clear to me what program they have planned at what time on which day. And also because I already had a busy weekend.

However, I was tempted to go mainly after seeing photos posted by others. HAHA.

The following photos were the results.

Halloween-themed Paw Fest 2017 at i12 Katong Mall

dog gravestones halloween paw fest 2017 i12 Katong Mall

We were there mainly for the opportunity to photograph Donna with the Halloween set-up at i12 Katong Mall’s Paw Fest.

halloween paw fest 2017 i12 Katong Mall dog bones skeleton

Can we bring these boney dogs home please?

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Qanvast’s Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog starring Donna

I am a few months late sharing this Pet Hacks video. (OMG!)

Qanvast Hacks: Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog | More home reno & interior design inspiration at Qanvast.

Singapore Special mongrel dogs seem most often asked to act the role of the fierce, barking stray dog for commercials and TV shows, at least it seemed to me. So I was very happy that one media company has bucked the trend. And Donna was very lucky to be involved!

pet hacks video happy dog

When Qanvast, an interior design and home renovation portal, asked if Donna can take part in a Pet Hacks video collaboration with them, my response was a no-brainer.

Qanvast's Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog starring Donna

No, no, we didn’t mean Pet Hacks literally 😅😅😅

Of course!

What better way to show how adoptable and adaptable a Singapore Special dog in a flat can be than to show her in a video that talks about living in that environment?

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This sleepy Japanese Spitz dog is sooooooo tired 😂

sleepy japanese spitz dog on lap
japanese spitz dog sleeping under table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on human in car

😴 I don’t ever wanna get off my comfy human bed in this car, he says. 😴


I’m just so amused by all his different sleeping poses on the lap, below the table, on the table, all while we had lunch at The Workbench Bistro. You can find this Japanese Spitz dog @somewhitecookie. ;)

According to the Internet, Japanese spitz dogs weigh an average of 5-10kg. Not too heavy to put on the lap for a hug. It was like hugging a soft, fluffy wool rug, but rounder, warmer and nicer. HAHA! :P

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Donna at Star Wars Festival, Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove

Star Wars Day falls on May 4, which is also the start of the Star Wars Festival at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove. And that’s where I headed with Donna for an evening walk.

Where’s Donna? Can you find her in this photo? :P

mongrel dog at star wars day, star wars festival, singapore, gardens by the bay, supertree grove

Find Donna! Where is she?

We reached at around 5.30pm, and there wasn’t much of a crowd so it was easy to take photos with dog. :P

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Dog Friendly Cafes & Food Places Around HortPark – Henderson Waves Bridge Trail

Planning a hike with dog along the Henderson Waves – Southern Ridges – HortPark – Kent Ridge Park trail? If you have no time to pack food, here are some cafes and restaurants within 3 – 8 min drive of the HortPark that you can consider to eat at ;)

dog friendly food and cafes around HortPark, Southerm Ridges, Kent Ridge Park - Donna and Cookie at the Henderson Waves Bridge

Donna and Cookie at the Henderson Waves Bridge

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Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe – Dog Cafe in the Northwest of Singapore

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe is officially opening this weekend, check out my events page for more details!

Anyway, Donna, P and I went allllllllllllllllll the way to D’Kranji Farm Resort to check out this new dog-friendly cafe in the north-west of Singapore. Come see it with us in this video!

More photos and details 

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leyla black Singapore special mongrel dog

Dog Adoption Series: Leyla the Black Stray Puppy with White Spitz Sisters

The Dog Adoption Series is a series of interviews with Singapore mongrel dog owners, to highlight the joys and the issues that they face when they adopt a mongrel dog. 

Leyla the Black Stray Dog Living with White Spitz Sisters

 Puppy Leyla with her Spitz sisters – Fluffy and Kira

Wes is dad to three pups. Mornings would start with breakfast for the three, and then Fluffy, Kira and Leyla would take turns to pee and poo. Wes is their primary care-giver so if the morning happens to be free for him, walks would happen. But if life gets in the way, then they will walk at night instead.

But life wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time there was just Fluffy and Kira, the family’s two Japanese Spitz dogs. So I was curious why Wes chose to adopt a stray black mongrel puppy after his two fluffy, white Japanese Spitz dogs.

If you are curious like me, the mystery ends here! :P

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Pet Items at this $2 Shop in Ang Mo Kio: Mijyi Dollar-Up Mart

Mention “$2 shop” and you’ll likely think of Daiso. Ang Mo Kio has no Daiso, BUT it has the Mijyi Dollar-Up Mart. Unless priced otherwise, most items in this $2 shop sells at – $2 – of course!

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Entrance of Mijyi $2 shop is located right next to Pet Lovers Centre in Ang Mo Kio Central (the MacDonalds building opposite Ang Mo Kio hub). So you can hit 2 places for a spot of pet shopping or pet window-shopping all at once! ;) Google map

Come with me up this dingy escalator to check out what pet goods this $2 store has to offer!

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