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Cheapest Singapore Pet Shop for Dog Food & Pet Supplies

Every new dog owner wants to know which Singapore pet shop to buy affordable pet supplies from. So in 2014, I scoured the web to compile a directory of Singapore’s Online Pet Shops and ended up with a list of 50 online stores. 50! You can see the full list here.

I was ranking them based on traffic to see who was more popular, but you know what? The rankings fluctuated from month to month simply because there was many small online pet supplies stores and only one major player at that time – Pet Lovers Centre. The market was very fragmented at the time and there was very little differentiation among all the little pet shops to a new dog owner like me.

So let’s do it differently today. 

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Dog-friendly Lorong Kilat, Bukit Timah

We  recently had more opportunities to visit Bukit Timah as some of our dog dancing classes are held there. So of course I was interested to visit Dairy Farm Nature Park and also the part of the Green Corridor in that area. But, we had to assuage the lunchtime hunger pangs after class before we venture into the leafy outdoors. What’s there to eat while out with dog at Bukit Timah?

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dog core vaccine & leptospirosis vaccines

Dog Vaccine & Leptospirosis – must read for dog owners!

Preface Vaccination is a confusing subject. We read on US websites like this that we should not vaccinate annually. Yet our local neighbourhood vet sends us yearly reminders to schedule Donna for her annual vaccination. And I actually didn’t even know diseases Donna was being vaccinated for until I started researching for this article.

I finally got around to speaking with three different vet clinics to get a clearer picture of vaccination that I feel more comfortable and confident to write about and share with you here. This article has also been read by Dr Joanna Paul from Creature Clinic just to make sure that I have been accurate and you can trust this article.

Vaccination is an important topic that we should know more about, and I hope you will find this post, written from the perspective of living in Singapore useful for you.

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titer test singapore

Canine Titer Test Cost and Where to get it in Singapore

It seemed only Amber Vet was known for providing the Titer Test for dogs in Singapore in the last year or two. So if you wanted to check if your dog still has antibodies from her last vaccination booster shot to continue to give her immune protection against parvovirus, adenovirus and distemper, Amber Vet was where you could go to get that done.

No longer. 

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Durian Cookies & Gorgeous Food Bowls from Woof Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

Look! It’s durian cookies!! Open it, mom!

Durian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala Lumpur

Donna got up again when I took out the phone so I had to ask her to go back to the same position she offered before I started recording. :P

Durian Cookies from WoofBakery, Kuala Lumpur

Many thanks to @happybingo_jokerboys mama who ordered a whole bunch of personalised cookies for some of the IG furkids in Singapore, including Donna!

woofbakery kuala lumpur durian cookies for dogs

Find the durian cookie with Donna’s name!

The Durian Cookies are from WoofBakery in Kuala Lumpur. (Hold on! Don’t know what is durian? Click here to find out!)We totally love the wholesome-looking* and yummy food recipes they have in their feed! Check them out if you are looking for homecooking inspiration for yourself and dog!!

woofbakery Kuala Lumpur food bowls for dogs
woofbakery malaysia food bowl for dogs

woofbakery kl food bowl for dogs

More of these here – https://www.instagram.com/woofbakery/
*Note: Gorgeous pictures copyright to woofbakery are provided here for inspirational purposes only. I think it is fun to prepare something like this now and then as a special treat for you and your dog. However, as an everyday meal, please ensure your homecooking or the commercial homecook food you buy is nutritionally balanced for your individual dogs. You can consult with a qualified nutritionist or vet expert if you are not sure. Also, as dogs may have difficulty digesting raw vegetables, you may want to think about cooking or grinding up raw vegetables to make the nutrients more bio-available for your dog.



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Singapore dog hdb-approved mongrel aka Singapore special

Singapore Dog Donna is officially HDB-Approved :D

We adopted Donna from Gentle Paws and Friends way before we heard of the Adore program that gets mongrel dogs HDB-approved. We weren’t looking specifically for a mongrel at the time but we didn’t see an HDB (Housing Development Board)-approved small breed dog that we wanted to adopt at the SPCA.

singapore dog donna

An early picture of Donna when we first adopted her. She was fatter with the same friendly smile. :P

We eventually met Donna and adopted her. It took some time and difficulty, but we finally have got her HDB-approved and a legal companion pet in the flat! 

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green corridor graffiti singapore dog blog

Green Corridor Graffiti near Buona Vista MRT, Singapore

We visited the Green Corridor stretch from Greenleaf View to the Bridge along Dunearn Road two years back. I’ve been wanting to visit other parts of the Green Corridor like the Green Corridor graffiti underpasses for a while. We finally made it there last weekend!

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petmate vs comfort taxi

PetMate transport VS regular taxi fare

I have been sending Donna to daycare regularly for a month, and I explored using PetMate or dialing direct through the Comfort Taxi hotline on Monday a few weeks back.

PetMate is what is known as the Uber for pets. It connects you to private drivers who are totally open to ferrying pets, with or without being accompanied by humans. So unlike Comfort cab, Grab or Uber, you know for sure the driver is not going to reject your dog even before booking.

I found that PetMate is not affordable for my regular trips to Donna’s daycare which is just 15min drive away. But when venturing further from home for doggy outings the PetMate service can certainly take the headache out of coordinating transport, especially if you are going to remote locations.  Read on for details! ;)

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Happy 7th Birthday, Donna!

I typically don’t interact with many people or dogs at bigger dog parties. With too many dogs, it can get chaotic so I keep Donna on the lead in such cases.

And in the case of parties I’m organising, I can get too preoccupied with details and forget about talking to people. I’m sure that may be the case for some of you too, since I myself have attended parties where I didn’t converse much with the host besides, “Hi”, “This is the present for XYZ” and “Bye!”. :P

This year, it seemed a better idea to keep Donna’s birthday celebrations small and informal.

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