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About My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge

I am going to start posting my Favourite Photo of the Week on Wednesdays. This will be what I think is my absolute best or favourite photo out of all the photos I have shot/edited and a short description why I feel so. And since I will be doing that, I thought to make it a photo challenge. Not another one? Yes, another one, LOL. Quite a few of us post pictures everyday or participate in one photo challenge or another through the week. I want this challenge to help us think about the pictures we are taking and posting, pick the best of the lot (just one) for that week and identify what makes it a good shot for us. This is a competition against ourselves, and not others. It is not about what others think about our photos, but what we think about it. Anyone can join this challenge, it doesn’t matter what you use to take your pictures or whether you post-process it or not. What matters is WHY you want to share it as your best/favourite picture. If you would like to join me, How to play. 1) Review the pictures you have taken or edited from last Wednesday until today (current Wednesday). Pick just one picture that you think is the best of the lot to share. 2) Make a blog post. Your post should include the following:

  • Your best photo first.
  • The reason why you want to share this photo as your favourite or best shot of the week in 5 to 7 sentences at the most. (You can explain and go into detail in your post if you like but the key point needs to be in the first paragraph in 5-7 sentences.)
  • Include the challenge badge and link it back to my most recent Wednesday Favourite Shot of the Week post (not this page). That should send me a pingback/trackback URL on that page.
  • This is the badge to use: challenge badge
  • Tag your post #mbpotw_wk[insert the week number] e.g. #mbpotw_wk1, #mbpotw_wk2
  • Publish!
  • Come back next week to check out the links to the submitted photos shared for the previous week, which I will publish with the new post. If you like what you saw or the photographer’s thoughts on the photo, please do click that wordpress “like”/Facebook like/Google+1 button on their post! Positive reinforcement/encouragement works not just for dogs! :P Hah!
  • Don’t forget to submit your best photo for the past week! This challenge is open until Sunday.

Don’t have a blog? It doesn’t matter. Photos are very share-able across the various photo and social networks. When sharing, just makes sure you include (1) the reason why you want to share the photo as your favourite/best photo in the caption or description and (2) tag it #mbpotw_wk[insert the week number] As a starting point, Instagram – Upload, caption, hashtag and share. If you forget to hashtag the picture while captioning, you can hashtag in the comments. It works as well ;) Facebook – Upload, caption, hashtag and share. If we have enough people on facebook doing this, I could make a group for it. Meanwhile, you can also share your photo with me on my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/donna.weliveinaflat It is important to tag so that people can find you. As this is the first time I am hosting a photo challenge, problems will crop up. Key thing to remember is that this is not life and death, just chill and play nice :P That is, if anyone joins in the first place :D Bwahahahahahaha! Questions you might ask 1) Why start this challenge? It’s as simple as because I am posting a photo anyway. Sometimes, we post the photo once and that’s it. But if that photo is good/means something to us, perhaps it bears re-posting and sharing with more people, e.g. people who may have missed it when the first post came out. And, it’s another opportunity to get to know more people who may be posting great stuff that I can learn from. 2) Why only one photo? I have 2-3 great ones and I can’t pick just one! A good picture can stand by itself. Part of this challenge is to go through that decision-making process with regards what makes one photo the greatest out of your other good photos. And even if it is not such an awesome picture technically, the context why you chose it can make a world of difference. At least, I personally feel so. 3) Why don’t you have topics or themes like the other photo challenges? Because this is an exercise in reviewing what has been taken and picking the best of your lot and sharing your thoughts about it. But if you really need a topic or theme to get the engine going: Capture your 365 publishes a list of topics for each day of the month of the year that perhaps can inspire you :) – http://captureyour365.com/category/idea-list/ 4) OK, the topic is up to me so I can post any one photo that I choose? Yup, any topic. It doesn’t have to be a dog photo even if this is a dog blog. Although who doesn’t like a cute dog picture? :P However, photos that may be offensive will not be permitted. Keep it family-friendly please! 5) What if no one joins this  photo challenge? This is a dog blog after all. Hmmm… if I am the only participant, I hope you will at least find some meaning in my photos? :P 6) What is a pingback/trackback? If you are not sure what these are or how to send a pingback or leave a trackback URL, these two pages may be helpful.

If you have comments/questions, you can leave me a comment below ;) Otherwise, here’s where you can link for your best photo of the latest week:

Previous Weeks


Peeking in by the door


Fecal chart shows pet health by scoring poop


  1. Very brave – good luck!!!

    • Thank you, it’s not bravery but impulse… and the knowledge that if it doesn’t work… it’ll be buried under a ton of new posts after a while and nobody will even hear the tiny squeak of it’s insignificant passing… oh my, I feel like a poet today! :P

  2. Great idea for a weekly challenge. :)

    • Thank you, I enjoy your photos and the way you discuss your approach… so definitely interested to see your thoughts on which you prefer out of the you post! If you are interested to participate :D But please don’t feel obligated to do it, I would hate to be pushy! D: … Have a great day! :P

  3. Great idea. Best of luck with it!

    • Thank you! I fear it might be slow going for a while :P So I need that luck! :D

      • I would like to participate in it but soon we will loose daylight and I will not be able to take as many pictures each week. That is my issue.

        • That concept of losing daylight is somewhat alien to me since we get pretty consistent daylight hours over here. How many hours of daylight would you have? And hey, no worries, participate as and when you wish or not at all :) What ever makes you happy :D that’s most important.

  4. Just lovely Mrs. P. I don’t have any favourites where my photo’s are concerned but I will think of something. :D *big hugs*

  5. I have an empty slot to fill on Sundays. I think I will put this there. See you then!

  6. Posted my entry for the Splash of colour week for the Snappy H’appy Challenge.

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