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My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 11

LAST WEEK’S ENTRIES: My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – WEEK 10 (23 -30 Oct)

Pictures are cropped, please visit the original post (links below) to view the full pictures with the photographer’s original thoughts on them :)
Clockwise from top left:
Top Left: The sillhouette, 1stworlddog.com
Top center: Sunrise on the turkey run, lingeringvisions.wordpress.com
Top Right: Wiccan woman, 2catsandacattledog.com
Bottom Right: Half a view, completelydisappear.wordpress.com
Bottom center: Coins, Ink on Paper, weliveinaflat.com

Everyone went outside for their photos this week! Or in my case, a representation of what we did outside :P

I had always thought that it is hard to capture scenery photos. If it was at a tourist spot, well then, there’s always some other tourist getting in the way and preventing you from a wide shot. You need to be there at the right time of day for the right light, stand at the right spot to get the perfect aspect and of course have the right equipment, if you are aiming to capture something that tells a story rather than what is that mess of green?? What was I looking at when I took it?

And yet, it is often the day-to-day scenes that feature most in our lives, that will give you a little bit on the detail and the context of the culture/environment that we grow up with and operated in. Whether we came from the city in a small island or live in wide open spaces in a country many times the size. Not the touristy places that we have been to all of one time. :P

So this week, as you know autumn comes to some friends like Dawn (Lingeringvisions) and I imagine, Meghan (2catsandacattledog) may be experiencing autumn over at her area as well? Meghan’s is an imaginative photo of a wiccan woman with a cauldron, and you have got to use your Harry Potter senses when you look at that one. Muggles may have some difficulty seeing it :P

Dawn’s picture is a well-composed one of an early morning Autumn road… sans tourist or other photo bombers ;P I would love to walk a long such a road not just for the sights but also for the temperature. It is always hot and wet in Singapore, and I imagine in Thailand as well.

The scenery over at Thailand is slightly different, Completelydisappear’s photo of the scenery comes from the different perspective from a boat, looking at the buildings on the river bank, silhouetted by the roof of the boat . Not so green and open, with a different vibe.

Over in sunny Australia, we see a silhouette of a different kind – Bodhi takes us back out to open, green spaces like Meghan and Down, but thinks you should look at his sillhouette instead ^ ^ Whether the silhouette is the subject, or frames the subject, it still adds an element of interest to the picture doesn’t it?

Last but not least, mine is a picture of something I put together to illustrate what Donna and I have been doing outdoors. A photo can show you what the outdoors look like, it can tell you a story of what we have been doing outdoors, on a boat or on a bike.

Go click on the links above because the photographers will have more detail what they did at the point of taking the picture, sharing a bit about themselves and their daily lives. It’s not the places that we have been to that define us as people, but what we see, think and feel everyday that makes us so. Thank you for sharing :)

This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week. It may be a picture which you feel shows your focus in particular types or formats of photography. It may be a simple image that shares your feelings while on some mode of transport. It may be a a technique you are trying out. Whatever it is, it is a picture that you feel is that best/most interesting photo you have taken/edited for the week and which you would love to feature again.

Welcome to My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – Week11

This challenge has ended and you and view the submitted photos on the My Best Photo of the Week 12 Challenge post.

Note: weliveinaflat has asked permission from the featured challenge participant to repost their photos on this blog post. Copyright belongs to the author/challenge participant of the photo, please visit their blogs or contact them directly if you would like to learn about their terms on usage and limitations.


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  1. They’re absolutely Stunning, Donna. Pawkisses :)

  2. Thank you soooo much for this challenge! It’s fun to look back on the week and find my favorite photo. Sometimes it really surprises me what I pick. I won’t be able to get my entry up on the WordPress.com hashtag search will I if I use WordPress.org with my own hosting service… I keep wondering why it never shows up and I bet that’s it? Or am I just clueless on how to get it up there.

    • You can tag in your post and/or instagram… I can find it via google ^^.. sending me a pingback is fnie too or comment and leave your URL ^__^

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