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My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 12

LAST WEEK’S ENTRIES: My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – WEEK 11 (30 Oct – 6 Nov)

Pictures are cropped, please visit the original post (links below) to view the full pictures with the photographer’s original thoughts on them :)
Clockwise from top left:
Top Left: Facial Reconstruction, weliveinaflat.com
Top Center: The Sketch, 1stworlddog.com
Top Right: Low Tide outside Southsea Marina, Langston Harbour, looneyatoms.com
Bottom Right: Pee-mail, 2catsandacattledog.com
Bottom Centre: You think you know, completelydisappear.wordpress.com
Bottom Left: Naked Mountain Bridge, lingeringvisions.wordpress.com

Welcome back! We were all quite experimental for Week 11.

weliveinaflat was trying out an iPhone app called Studio, that lets her incorporate graphical elements and text as layers before saving it as one image. It could be as simple as a speech bubble (pictured top left) or as complex as this picture of Little Mamam and Miss Harper Lee.

1stworlddog was trying out a sketching app (pictured top center) that turns Bodhi’s picture into a work of art.

Meanwhile, Barbara (looneyatoms.com) was toying with editing using her camera’ software to achieve a painterly effect. Her subject of boats certainly makes it very suitable for painting :) And Dawn (lingeringvisions) was also editing her autumn landscape of a picture she took earlier. Two landscapes, different approaches.

2catsandacattledog also opted to be artistic by going for a dreamy, slightly desaturated effect. The picture in the thumbnail is cropped and trust me it does not tell the full story!

Last but not least, CompletelyDisappeared rendered grumpy Kookai in black and white, splat on the floor… and still very adorable in his grumpiness :P

Go click on the links above because the photographers will have more detail what they did at the point of taking the picture. Thank you for sharing :)

This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week. It may be a picture which you feel shows your focus in particular types or formats of photography. It may be a simple image that shares your feelings while on some mode of transport. It may be a a technique you are trying out. Whatever it is, it is a picture that you feel is that best/most interesting photo you have taken/edited for the week and which you would love to feature again.

Welcome to My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – Week 12

This challenge has ended and the submitted photos can be found on the My Best Photo of the Week Challenge Week 13 post.

Note: weliveinaflat has asked permission from the featured challenge participant to repost their photos on this blog post. Copyright belongs to the author/challenge participant of the photo, please visit their blogs or contact them directly if you would like to learn about their terms on usage and limitations.


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  1. I just can’t do one more thing today :-) After NaBloPoMo. I need a breather!

    • Does nablopomo take up more of your time, I saw you are involved in poblano and wonder if it increases the time you have to spend on nablopomo each day. Now go out and get some fresh air! Or lounge around me lazy… wait a minute… is it bedtime for you? :P

      Anyway, I enjoyed your daily prompt, and that inspired me to try the questions myself, hope you don’t mind the long comment here.

      • Not so much more time writing, as more more time to read other blogs. AND I’m getting over pneumonia AND I’m wildly overdue on reviews of books I’ve promised. I’m so far behind on my reading I may never catch up. Getting sick was time out I couldn’t afford, but I had no choice. Now, I’m buried.

  2. You do a wonderful sum up and unification of all our weekly bests. Kudos to you! Thanks for this challenge weliveinaflat. And now I have to check out the app you found… ;)

    • It takes a bit of figuring out how to use because of the layers, but I do like the text, doodles and other graphical elements you can layer on the image… not so much the colour filters. :)

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