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Cheapest Singapore Pet Shop for Dog Food & Pet Supplies

Every new dog owner wants to know which Singapore pet shop to buy affordable pet supplies from. So in 2014, I scoured the web to compile a directory of Singapore’s Online Pet Shops and ended up with a list of 50 online stores. 50! You can see the full list here.

I was ranking them based on traffic to see who was more popular, but you know what? The rankings fluctuated from month to month simply because there was many small online pet supplies stores and only one major player at that time – Pet Lovers Centre. The market was very fragmented at the time and there was very little differentiation among all the little pet shops to a new dog owner like me.

So let’s do it differently today. 

Donna's Singapore pet shop

Many small operators result in a fragmented online store environment, where the shopping experience may not be optimal. It’s a little like Donna’s little stall here with various random products (sponsored or sent for a chance to be reviewed) for you to browse.

We visited Sun Petgamart on Saturday (23 July 2016), so based on our shopping list, I made a comparison across 9 pet shops. With the exception of Sun Petgamart, all the other pet shops in this table below has or is an online store.

Singapore pet shop comparison

Survey of Singapore pet shops based on a standard shopping list, comparing prices and availability of products.

As you can see my shopping list consisted of 2 dry food brands, a pack of dental chews, dog toothpaste, re-usable canned food lids and a toy.

1/ Singapore Pet Shop with the Best Range of Products

None of the pet shops enabled me to complete my full shopping list. However, three of the shops in the table had 5 of the 6 items I was looking for either in-store or listed on the online store.

So out of the 9 shops surveyed these three  – Sun Petgamart, Polypet and Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) – had  the best range.

2/ Singapore Pet Shop with the Lowest Overall Prices

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To say that any one pet shop has the cheapest prices is to propagate a myth. Referencing the same table, I have highlighted the cheapest price by product in Green below. What you see is that the green boxes are spread out across – Sun Petgamart, Polypet, Nekojam, and Perromart. Each online store has products that are cheaper than other stores and products that are priced higher than other stores. There is not one store that is consistently cheaper than other stores across a range of products. 

Singapore pet shop comparison

Survey of Singapore pet shops based on a standard shopping list, comparing prices and availability of products.

However, if I were to compare just the shops that fulfil 5 out of 6 items on my shopping list, Sun Petgamart is definitely offering me a lower overall cost compared to Polypet and Pet Lovers Centre (PLC).

And this is the reason why, after compiling a list of 50 online pet shops two years ago, I still ended up shopping more often from a brick and mortar store. :P

We bought the Sun Petgamart membership which gave us 20% off the dry food and the toothpaste. The Greenies (6oz packs) were also cheaper because of a Buy 2 get 1 Free offer.

Of course they marked up their prices, but with the discounts, it still ended up cheaper overall than the other stores on the table.

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3/ Singapore Pet Shops that offer variety with the convenience of shopping online

It’s not always we get to go to Sun Petgamart. Sometimes we just get too busy, and ordering online starts looking like a good alternative.

I order from Polypet every few months since they offer the variety I am looking for. But compiling this table showed that Polypet may or may not have slightly higher prices than Nekojam depending on what’s on your shopping list.

Singapore pet shop comparison

Survey of Singapore pet shops based on a standard shopping list, comparing prices and availability of products.

Nekojam was actually in my consideration set two years ago, but I think they didn’t support as much variety as they do today which was why I ended up shopping at Polypet. So I probably will compare between the two again before I put in my next online order.

4/ A broad range of products is more important to me than lowest price

Newcomer Perromart certainly has the lowest prices for Virbac’s CET toothpaste. However, I dislike the hassle of having multiple accounts and log-ins in order to buy the cheapest products. Besides, not having the variety also means that I am unable to chalk up the amount required for free delivery, unless I buy that one item in bulk. So I don’t really foresee myself buying from online stores that are only able to fulfill half or less of my shopping list.

Buy Virbac CET toothpaste on Amazon!

5/ This article is not conclusive

I’ve chosen to focus on price and range of products simply because these are the factors most key to me. Pet supplies shopping online is something I want to complete with the least hassle in one shop.

I’ve actually compared prices across a very small set of products, so the points above are really just preliminary conclusions. I’ll probably continue to build on this article across time with future shopping lists so more products and pet shops can be covered. Even so, the data will always only be indicative. This is because pet shops can and do adjust prices for their products across time, which I am unable to track consistently.

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