Mention “$2 shop” and you’ll likely think of Daiso. Ang Mo Kio has no Daiso, BUT it has the Mijyi Dollar-Up Mart. Unless priced otherwise, most items in this $2 shop sells at – $2 – of course!

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Entrance of Mijyi $2 shop is located right next to Pet Lovers Centre in Ang Mo Kio Central (the MacDonalds building opposite Ang Mo Kio hub). So you can hit 2 places for a spot of pet shopping or pet window-shopping all at once! ;) Google map

Come with me up this dingy escalator to check out what pet goods this $2 store has to offer!

$2 Shopping for Dogs & Cats

Home decor for Pet Lovers

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

I think these two signs describe Donna particularly well :P

For a lot of us, our pet is very much a part of our lives and we like our homes to reflect that. If you’re a new home-owner or budget hunter for home accessories, these Home, Pet or Inspiration signs can help to to jazz up your puppy or kitten’s sleeping or eating area. ;)

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Can you imagine the “Follow your dreams” sign on the wall of Donna’s house?? :P

$2 Shop Pet Toys for Pet Owners

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Cheap toys at $2 shops can also be a life-saver for pet owners with destructive puppies or cats. No point paying top dollar for a toy that the dog is going to be done with in the next 15 minutes right? :P

Always be sure to supervise when your dog is using these toys, until you are sure that your dog can play with them safely on his own. Donna loves rope toys and plays fetch and tug safely with them. But some dogs are known to chew and swallow the fibres.

Some of these toys can also be a cheap alternative when you are unsure if your dog would actually want to play with it.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

I bought one of these ball lauchers because I am not sure if Donna would like to fetch the ball I throw from a ball launcher outdoors. So I thought I would try one of these out before deciding if I want to buy one from a more trusted brand like Chuckit!.

Here are more cat toys!Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

And balls for cats and dogs on this aisle of the $2 shop. Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

$2 Shop Cleaning tools for Cat and Dog Owners

I’m pretty amused to see fluffy pink Pet Drying Gloves in this section. That might be my next purchase at Mijyi, just for laughs. :P I wonder how well they would work!

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Various pet mats, liners and scratching board.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Lint roller. Can’t do without those. I typically buy them from Daiso and Ikea. But when you need it in a hurry, it’s always good to have an option nearby. :P

$2 Novelty Accessories for the Kiddies

I imagine the Poopy Pals may delight the kiddies if you’re a family with young kids and dogs. What do you think?

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

These bandanas below are not the nicest designs where bandanas are concerned. But they can be pretty cute when you have a child and a dog being all matchy-matchy with matching bandanas ;P

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Cheap temporary substitutes for when you just got a dog

Stainless steel bowls are generally recommended as they are durable and easy to clean. Cheap plastic bowls are not the best choices because they can harbour more bacteria and likely contain BPA and Phthalates, dangerous chemicals that have the potential to affect your dog’s health in the long term. So you can use these plastic eat slow bowls (bottom right in the picture below) as a short term solution, but only while you hunt for a better alternative.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Personally when I started on this journey with Donna, I bought glass and ceramic bowls from Daiso and Ikea and stainless steel ones from NTUC and those good price shops so prevalent in our Singapore neighbourhoods. But these really can’t beat the Neater Feeder that we have used for the last few years and are still using. ;)

Bearing in mind the low price of items in the $2 shops, I’m not convinced of the quality of these halters and hands-free walking/running waist belts.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

But if you already have the dog on a sturdy leash and collar, these can be used together so you can try out and decide whether this is for you. And whether you want to part with your cash to buy a good one later. I had a couple of friends buy the 3-in-1 handsfree SportLeash and they were pretty happy with it. ;)

What not to buy for dogs at a $2 shop

Collars and leashes are generally not a good idea.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

You do not want to be relying on cheap collars and leashes with poor quality hardware that may fail on you while you are out walking the dog. This is especially if your dog is likely to pull and is an escape artist. The risk of losing your dog is pretty high. So buyer beware. Get some good sturdy collars and leashes for your dog instead. ;)

Pet treats are another no-no for me at $2 shops and also supermarkets.

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Treats for small animals and chew ropes

Buy your pet treats from specialised pet shops and pet online stores as these are more likely to stock better quality treats without harmful or unnecessary ingredients inside.

Thanks for shopping with me at Mijyi, the $2 shop in Ang Mo Kio! I think they actually offer more variety for pets than Daiso, what do you think?

More coverage on human items that Mijyi sells at: sixmealsperday and thesmartlocal.

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