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Shopping at Sun Petgamart for dogs

Sun Petgamart. A convenient one-stop shop for dog owners staying in the north and central Singapore!

Sun Petgamart

26, Seletar West Farmway 1 Singapore 798126
Phone: 6484 0709
SGD$38 for 5-year membership gives you discount on purchases and free usage of doggy pool weekends and public holidays. $10/dog on weekdays.

Sun Petgamart front entrance

Here we were at Sun Petgamart – a one storey megamart for pets! The following entries are ordered by dates as I’m consolidating our trips here into one post! :P

July 25, 2016 – Dog Supplies Shopping at Sun Petgamart with Donna

Besides the general observation that Sun Petgamart offers lower prices to members compared to other Singapore pet shops, I also like shopping at the physical store just because of the serendipity of find bargains and unexpected products. You just can’t replicate this experience on our local online stores currently.

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Some of the interesting products and bargains I’ve found at Sun Petgamart include:

#1 Pet Widget
I don’t have first hand experience with this product so I wasn’t sure if it worked. But word of mouth on Facebook is that the Pet Widget tracks via the app on location. All the data about the pet and the owner are on the tag. Just scan the QR code to retrieve the data, which means there is no need for someone who found a lost pet to bring the dog to the vet to scan for microchip number to find a match in the database.

sun petgamart pet widget

#2 Greenies – Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer
Because of my hectic schedule, I sometimes missed brushing Donna’s teeth, so more and more greenies are becoming a must!! I prefer Greenies because it’s one of the few products available in Singapore that has been awarded the VOHC (Verterinary Oral Health Council) Seal of Acceptance in 2013-2014 for effective Plaque and/or Tartar control.

sun petgamart greenies

#3 Reusable canned food covers for dog wet food – $0.50 each!!
I typically use wet food as topping on dry food, or I dole it out in scoops when it thunders or when we train, so there’s always leftovers for next time. So these lids really come in handy!


July 8, 2014 – Birthday Present Shopping for Cookie at Sun Petgamart

An impromptu trip with @mangothesheltie and her human to get @somewhitecookie‘s birthday present for the birthday party we were invited to. I can’t believe I never took a photo of both of them here together! *facepalm*

Anyway, the selection of toys in this place is limited to this wall on the right.

sun petgamart

I remembered @somewhitecookie’s human had some interest in intellectual toys for dogs. But sorry, no such thing here at Sun Petgamart. Mostly plasticky toys that are likely to be loud and irritating. So, no. *sad*

There is a selection of chews, but keep your eyes wide opened. Because I just had to pick up some dried bones with bugs crawling in and out of the packaging. OMG! D:

sun petgamart

Go for the vacuum-packed/sealed stuff guys! Safer.

sun petgamart

Donna seems to have less interest in the air dried natural stuff that Mango likes and kept trying to head to the back section which seems to be where all the kibble and canned food are??? Maybe next time my dear, when your food runs out.

sun petgamart

How about some weird foot toys for dogs?

sun petgamart

No thank you, I think I prefer my rubber chicken.

In the end, we got some piggie ears and a collapsible water bowl for cookie. Not sure if they made good gifts, but they were interesting and practical. And at least we didn’t buy food/treats with beef in it which he doesn’t eat!



Paying at the counter, to the left you see a section with home accessories – cages, crates, beds, pee pan and more cat stuff…

sun petgamart

And right in front of the counter, the shop dogs. I’m kind of nervous about the black one. He’s actually way bigger than Donna and was barking at her… so I dunno…

dogs at sun petgamart

So that concludes Donna’s first trip to the pet store, yay!!!! LOL.

I was hesitant about the membership before, but Mr P decided to get it so we can bring Donna swimming at the doggy pool they have on the premises. You can check out the pool here. Now I’m looking forward to bringing Donna swimming.

I liked the wide aisles of the shop and look forward to looking more thoroughly at the other sections next time we go food shopping. Hopefully the rest of the products are good quality and well-priced, despite the bugs I found. There’s limited pet shops we can bring Donna to that’s not too far away from where we live with wide aisles like here.

Parking seems to be fairly limited in this place though.

Sun Petgamart

26, Seletar West Farmway 1 Singapore 798126
Phone: 6484 0709
SGD$38 for 5-year membership gives you discount on purchases and free usage of doggy pool weekends and public holidays. $10/dog on weekdays.

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Donna Dog’s First Day Home


  1. Interesting place. Nothing worse tan going shopping for a gift and not finding quite the right thing but I think you did a good job.

    • Thank you, Emmadog. I used to think shopping for children’s birthdays are tough… but at least there is more selection for kids than there are for dogs in Singapore! Haha!

  2. Donna,some of the food bags have rips and the food falls out. Yum!

  3. What an adventure…Looks like the store has lots of interesting stuff, but bugs in the treats – YIKES!

  4. I can just imagine how much Donna loved this place! :D

  5. Some strange stuff in that store, haha! But still looks like Donna had a good time. It’s always fun to visit different pet friendly stores, and good socialization for the dogs.

    • Agree, great place to socialise the dog, not so much to play with other dogs but more how to remain calm and walk with the shopping humans in a place with some dogs! Haha! She’s always happy to go places :)

  6. Can’t wait to hear more about the pool!

    • I suspect it will involve a lot of coaxing to get her in the water and learn to enjoy at right at the start!! Any tips on how to get the dog to like water from the brown dawgs blog?? :P

      • Yes I do. A pool may be more difficult because we usually try to find a banked area of a pond or lake where they can go in slowly and not jump right in. But we try to get them excited and all heated up playing and fetching around the edge of the pond and then toss the toy in the water. Not far just to the edge (hard in a pool if you can find a clean puddle, you could start there). What ever you do, do not toss or otherwise push her in. Even if she jumps in and goes under it might startle her so be prepared. It is not uncommon for it to take many trips before the dog will go all the way in the water (and some is just breeding too). Make sure it is a warm day and the water is warm….most important! Good luck!

        • Thank you for the advice!! That pool has sloped sides… so hopefully its similar to a banked area? IT’s sounding like maybe I should find one of those small inflatable pools for children for her to practise at home first… Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to get her to like it… and eventually just leap in like the brown dogs do!! :D

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