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Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe – Dog Cafe in the Northwest of Singapore

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe is officially opening this weekend, check out my events page for more details!

Anyway, Donna, P and I went allllllllllllllllll the way to D’Kranji Farm Resort to check out this new dog-friendly cafe in the north-west of Singapore. Come see it with us in this video!

More photos and details 

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leyla black Singapore special mongrel dog

Dog Adoption Series: Leyla the Black Stray Puppy with White Spitz Sisters

The Dog Adoption Series is a series of interviews with Singapore mongrel dog owners, to highlight the joys and the issues that they face when they adopt a mongrel dog. 

Leyla the Black Stray Dog Living with White Spitz Sisters

 Puppy Leyla with her Spitz sisters – Fluffy and Kira

Wes is dad to three pups. Mornings would start with breakfast for the three, and then Fluffy, Kira and Leyla would take turns to pee and poo. Wes is their primary care-giver so if the morning happens to be free for him, walks would happen. But if life gets in the way, then they will walk at night instead.

But life wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time there was just Fluffy and Kira, the family’s two Japanese Spitz dogs. So I was curious why Wes chose to adopt a stray black mongrel puppy after his two fluffy, white Japanese Spitz dogs.

If you are curious like me, the mystery ends here! :P

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Pet Items at this $2 Shop in Ang Mo Kio: Mijyi Dollar-Up Mart

Mention “$2 shop” and you’ll likely think of Daiso. Ang Mo Kio has no Daiso, BUT it has the Mijyi Dollar-Up Mart. Unless priced otherwise, most items in this $2 shop sells at – $2 – of course!

Ang mo kio $2 shop pet toys and accessories

Entrance of Mijyi $2 shop is located right next to Pet Lovers Centre in Ang Mo Kio Central (the MacDonalds building opposite Ang Mo Kio hub). So you can hit 2 places for a spot of pet shopping or pet window-shopping all at once! ;) Google map

Come with me up this dingy escalator to check out what pet goods this $2 store has to offer!

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Pet Expo 2017 – Singapore’s Largest Fair for Pet Lovers

Pet Expo 2017 News from erm, everywhere, including Mutt Vlog! LOL
Watch the video on Youtube

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8 #CatsofInstagram Adopted as Kittens + Emma Watson Plays with Kittens :P

Kittens and puppies on Instagram, you can’t get more cuteness than them. In January, I asked the Singapore Cat accounts of Instagram to share with me their cats’ adoption and rescue stories.

#AdoptDontAbandon – Cat edition

The following Singapore Cats of Instagram were adopted or rescued when they were tiny kittens. And I can’t help sharing them on my blog with you. So here goes:

1. Born under a motorcycle – Harriet the Cat

Harriet – See more of her @maxmontyharriet

Her human says, Harriet’s story starts with this black cat that I met under their block of flats. I named it Muthu (a male Indian name), and soon discovered my error when it became clear Muthu was pregnant.

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Our Last Goodbye to Milo Border Collie at Tengoku Pet Cremation

Sometimes, death comes unexpectedly. And amidst the grief, the family still has to find out what to do or prepare for a pet cremation. I hope we all have friends to help and guide us along the way if and when that happens. #touchwood

But I’m recording this as a reference for those who need.

On Monday, a dog named Milo passed away. Milo belonged to a friend of ours. So we went and saw him off at the Pet Cremation Service – Tengoku.

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Dog Dancing Winners at Crufts 2017

I had a great time yesterday catching up on the dog dancing segment at Crufts 2017 on Youtube. If Crufts is unfamiliar to you, it is the world’s largest dog show, held annually in March in the UK.

Dog Dancing Winners at Crufts 2017

Instagram Stories snippets of various dog dancing routines at Crufts 2017. Find me on instagram @weliveinaflat :P

There’s dog agility, flyball competitions and of course, my favourite part of the show – Heelwork to Music – or dog dancing, at least that’s just how I describe it to people. :P But, nothing beats seeing it. So here are the winners!!

All videos shared are from Crufts Youtube channel here. I don’t own the rights to them, but I just wanted to share my interest in it with you.

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tiger looi angry dog singapore special mongrel dog adoption

Dog Adoption Series: Tiger Looi the “Angry” Mongrel

The Dog Adoption Series is a series of interviews with Singapore mongrel dog owners, to highlight the joys and the issues that they face when they adopt a mongrel dog. 

Tiger Looi the “Angry” Mongrel

I first discovered Tiger Looi on Facebook when I saw her “Angry” videos. I was an instant fan. And I am not the only one.

Tiger’s facebook page has more than 10,000 likes! (As of 26 Feb 2017) So I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who found it entertaining watching her interactions with her mom, Siewyuen.

See this video on facebook


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nekojam singapore freeze dried raw dog food

Easy raw dog food review – Primal, Northwest, Stewart & more freeze-dried brands

In 2015, I wrote an introduction to Commercial Raw Dog Food. At that time, there were limited brands of commercial freeze dried dog food – only 2. It has been slightly more than a year and a half, and the good news is we have more choices today than before! Let’s take a look at five freeze dried commercial raw dog food brands that you can find on the shelves today! :)

The five brands are Stella & Chewy’s, Northwest Naturals, Stewart Raw Naturals, Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets and K9 Natural.

Here’s Donna’s review of them :P

Now that you’ve seen Donna’s review, we’ll go on to the human’s review of the food. ;) In this post, we will review the food along the following themes:

  • Budget-wise
    What is the Cost per day? How long does each pack last?
  • Quality-nutrition
    What is the quality of the ingredients that go into the bag
  • Food safety
    Which brand has recalled their food before? What food safety programs have they put in place to protect our pets and family members?

Singapore dog raw food freezedried primal, k9 Natural, Stella & Chewy's, Northwest Naturals and Stewart pet food nekojam coupon code

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