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Dog Boxes for Singapore Pups

singapore-dog-subscription-boxDog subscription boxes are gift boxes that are sent to your dog whether it’s on a monthly, every 2 months or 3 months basis. The fun is in the surprise you get when you open to see what’s inside! ;)

With some of the original local brands exiting the business, let’s take a look at the new entrant in the market this year 😃, and which also brands have excited. ☹️

New Dog Box Entrant

1. Jingo Box [ https://jingobox.com/ ]

singapore dog box - jingo box
Complimentary medium dog Jingo Box that Donna received recently. Review here

What’s in it? 3 treats, 1 toy and 1-2 more goodies sourced from USA.
Cost: $58/box (1 month), $53/box (6 months), $48/box (12 months)
Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options
Charity: an unspecified portion of proceeds will be donated to animal welfare organisations
Delivery: Once a month. JINGO! ships no later than the 20th of each month. The deadline to place your order to receive a given box is the 1st of the month. If you sign up after the 1st, your box will ship out the middle of the following month. A tracking number will be provied by email.

Local Dog Boxes websites that are still around

2. Perrobox [ http://www.perrobox.com/ ]

perrobox singapore-dog-subscription-box
Complimentary medium dog Perrobox that Donna received recently. See my review on the Nov and Dec box for medium dogs here.  See also, a review of the small dog Perrobox on mmeeeshell’s blog here.

What’s in it? 4 – 6 items in a box
Cost: Small ($29.90), Medium ($34.90), Large ($36.90) | Auto-renew monthly subscription
Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options
– You can leave specific instructions in a comment box before checkout e.g. specific ingredients that your dog does not eat.
Charity: 10% of proceeds go to a selected animal shelter
Delivery: Once a month

3. Fetch-Box’s Box for New Dogs [ http://fetch-box.com/ ]

new dog starter kit from fetch-box
Photo from Fetch-Box. The new Dog Starter Kit comes in green and red colours for Xmas. Blue is also available. See them here.

Singapore’s 1st pet surprise box, Fetch-Box, is ending it’s Dog Box service December 2015 . Instead, they have put together a Starter Kit to help you welcome your new dog into the family.

What’s in it? A collar and leash set, bowl, poop bag dispenser and a tennis ball
Cost: Small ($42), Medium ($50), large ($55)
Level of customisation:
– Choice of red, green and blue colour sets


International dog boxes that ship to Singapore

4. Pets My Heart, Malaysia [ http://petsmyheart.com/ ] – Cat option available too!

pets my heart dog box2014 Photo from mmeeeshell’s blog. You can read her review here.   

From: Malaysia, but ships to Singapore and Brunei too.
What’s in it? 4 – 6 items in a box
– 1 month (RM69 / S$23* ), 3 months (RM64 / S$21* ), 6 months (RM59 / S$20* ), 12months (RM54 / S$18* ) monthly subscription fees
– Shipping to Singapore RM25 / S$8* (*approx S$ for reference only )

Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options. This is also the only service with an option for cats!
– You can leave specific instructions in a comment box during checkout
Charity: n.a.
Delivery: Email notification with tracking code that your box has been shipped.

And here are the dog box services whose websites can no longer be found.

Please note the following content was written last year 28 Nov, 2015. 

Dog Box websites that are no longer available

😱 Woofpack, Singapore [ http://woofpack.com.sg/ ]

woofpack singapore-dog-subscription-box
Sneak peek from Woofpack. More previews on their Facebook here. You can check out a review of the small dog Woofpack box on mmeeeshell’s blog here.

What’s in it?  4 – 6 items in a box
Cost: 1 month ($36), 3 months ($32), 6 months ($30) monthly subscription fees
Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Puppy, Small, Medium and Large dog options
– You can leave specific instructions in a comment box before checkout e.g. specific ingredients that your dog does not eat
– There is a check box to replace all toys with treats
Charity: n.a.
Delivery: Every weekend


😱 Wigglebox, Singapore [ http://wigglebox.sg/ ] No longer available

wigglebox dog box
The newest entrant in the market is Wigglebox. Product picture from Wigglebox website. More photos on their Facebook here

What’s in it? 4 – 5 items in a box
Cost: 1 time trial ($28), 3 months ($26), 6 months ($25), 12 months ($23) monthly subscription fees
Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options
– You get the choice of more toys or more treats
– You can leave specific instructions in a comment box before checkout e.g. specific ingredients that your dog does not eat
– There is a check box to replace all toys with treats
Charity: n.a.
Delivery: 1st week of the month

If you don’t mind spending more, international dog boxes can give a much more interesting experience because of the foreign products that may not be available locally.

😱 PetsyWoofBox, International [ https://www.woofbox.dk/en/ ] No longer available

petsywoofbox singapore subscription dog box
Photo from Life with Lycan Lexie. You can see their Aug, Sep, Oct box reviews here.

From: Denmark, but worldwide shipping available.
What’s in it?
 4 – 7 items in a box
– 1 month (£29 / S$63* ), 3 months (£19 / S$41* ), 6 months (£17 / S$37* ), 12 months (£15 / $32* ) monthly subscription fees
– International shipping £4 – £5 / S$11* (*S$ provided on petsywoofbox website)
– A 12-month subscription costs Lycan and Lexie SGD$44 a month. See their review

Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options
– PetsyWoofBox collects Breed information and Allergy information to help in the customisation
– You can leave specific instructions in a comment box before payment
Charity: n.a.
Delivery: Ship out between the 19th and 24th of every month


😱 The Barkpack, International [ http://thebarkpack.com/ ] No longer available

the barkpack dog box singapore subscription box
2014 Photo from @maya_thepup with Christmas themed box from The BarkPack

From: Hong Kong, but ships to Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia too.
What’s in it?
 4 – 5 items in a box
– 1 month (HKD329 / S$60* ), 2 months (HKD299 / S$54* ), 3 months (HKD289 / S$52* ) monthly subscription fees
– Flat international shipping rate – HKD60 / S$11* (*approx S$ for reference only )

Level of customisation:
– Boxes come in Small, Medium and Large dog options
– The BarkPack also collects Gender, Age and Behavioural information about your dog.
– No comment box to leave specific instructions before payment, but you can email them at info@thebarkpack.com if your dog has any special dietary needs.
Charity: In each month’s Barkpack, you will receive a leaflet of an animal charity or information on a certain cause. A portion of our proceeds are donated to helping animals in need.
Delivery: Once a month


Make your own Dog Box!

With so many dog box services no longer available, you can see it’s actually not easy operating a dog box business! Preferences are so individual that it is so hard to cater to them. The old Puppost (no longer operating) was one of the more impressive boxes I’ve seen locally, it’s just too bad they stopped the service. So Donna never did get a subscription of her own. *Oops!

And so finally I decided to make her one this Xmas! :P

You could drop by your local pet store if you prefer the physical act of shopping or you can even hit any of the online stores currently having Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales to check out a few things for Pup. Check out my Amazon pick of doggy goods for Xmas if you haven’t!

With so many choices to choose from, I eventually ended up ordering stuff that made my DIY Dog Box more of a Dog+Human Surprise Box, than a box made up of pet products. :P

This is what I got:

3x plush toys for Donna
3x wearable items just because they would look cute on Donna :P
2x odour-removing car accessories for Dad

1x ice cube tray to make yogurt ice cubes for one lucky dog :P


Review | The toys

The three toys I got for Donna

I am pretty happy with the Deer Head stuffed toy. It’s machine-washable, comes with a squeaker and visually relevant to the festive season. :P

The handmade bone is made of firm cotton canvas material, but with less stuffing, it was softer than I expected. In general, my own preferences for toys for Donna ran towards the bigger and fluffy/plump end of the spectrum so this one falls short. But it could work with a smaller dog.

The Silly Egg. Honestly I was envisioning a video of me asking Donna where is the Silly Egg and she will fetch it, when I ordered it. :P So it’s really more for training and my own entertainment purposes. HAHA!


Review | The Charcoal-stuffed Reindeer

Various colours and patterns available for this reindeer

The green one I ordered because I like the look of it. The blue one I ordered because it’s supposed to have a glow-in-the-dark effect. Honestly, speaking the glow-in-the-dark effect was underwhelming. But Mr P and I did have a good laugh in a pitch dark room, while we stare hard at little glow-in-the-dark spots :P


Review | The little paws ice-cube tray

Makes smaller paw-shaped frozen yoghurt cubes

I actually have a similar tray with bigger paw-shaped depressions to freeze the yoghurt in already. But I felt that might perhaps be too much yoghurt for Donna at one sitting, so the little paws version will come in handy. :) More about yoghurt for dogs


Review | The Antler Headband and Scarves

I think we are ready for a doggy Xmas party :P

Donna doesn’t seem to trust Mr P’s photo-taking skills :P


Overall Usefulness 

Since I was customising a box for myself, I had control of how usable it was to me. ;)

The toys are replacing some of her old toys that are beyond the hope of surgery, so definitely useful for us. Mr P recently sent the car to full servicing and cleaning, which included some form of disinfecting or fumigation that left a smell in the car. That’s the main reason why I ordered the charcoal-stuffed reindeer, besides the fact that they look pretty cute. :P The ice cube tray is an item I will use daily.

So the only items that will see limited use for me are the antler headband and the scarves. But I really can’t get over how cute those little antlers look on her. :P



And it’s a wrap!

So that’s my round up of 6 commercially available dog boxes in Singapore. Plus the option of doing it yourself, if you are as picky as me and looking to get a box with things you like to a large extent. :P

If you like anything you see in Donna’s Dog Box, you can now buy it on our Online Store :P

The store transacts using Paypal. So if you are in Singapore, please facebook message us to buy using local bank transfer instead.


Visit our store!


Get featured/Business enquiries: If you are a pet business providing new and innovative pet supplies and products in Singapore that you think our readers may be interested in, get in touch! – weliveinaflat@gmail.com ;)

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  1. Fantastic article – I’d not heard of some of these (the toys in PetsyWoofBox OMG!) – have you tried http://gusandlou.com.au/ they have a real personal touch

    • I’ve not heard of Gus and Lu but that’s not surprising since I’m in Singapore and I think they only deliver within Australia. :)

  2. Ritchie Pascual

    This is disheartening, a few of the above sites either stop doing petboxes or about to stop or does not ship to Hong Kong or their website is not working anymore :( …..why is it so hard to find companies who ship worldwide….

    • Logistics and high cost to the end customer for delivery is always an issue. Add to the fact that it’s also harder to reach the market outside of where the companies are situated, just makes more sense for the business to be catering to local areas unfortunately. The business model also doesn’t seem to survive where there isn’t enough demand, or where the goods does not satisfy what consumer wants. :) It can be frustrating.

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