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[Video] Why the Kong Genius Leo makes my dog look stupid

Look what I’ve got here, Donna!!

(It’s the Kong Genius Leo treat dispensing toy for dogs.)

More videos ahead after the jump!

You won’t get the kibble out of there if you persist in
licking and chewing it like your other Kong toy.

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Kong Extreme for Tough Chewers
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That’s right Donna, you roll it around so it’ll spill out the stuff.

Carrying it into the crate is a bad move, Donna.

You’re gonna regret it.

Yes, see where all the kibble has gone?

Not your finest moment, is it?

Yup. Stupid.

Another self-indulgent, repetitious video post of my dog playing with her Kong toy, brought to you by weliveinaflat.com

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kong genius leo
Kong Genius Leo
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Entertainment for the dog who is cooped up at home.
Beats repetitious games of fetch and tug for the human! :P
Because I have long passed the tele-tubbie “again-again” age.

I had to pull out the crate to let her go at the kibble after the video. :/ I think I shall keep the crate door locked the next time I give it to her to play.

Fun Fact | 22 Vine videos were made while Donna played with the Kong Genius Leo. Yup, it took some time for her to be done with it. And I am a crazy vine video person. :P

Is that too many Vine videos in one post? Did the videos slow your browser down? 


Kong Genius Leo – Roll it. Pick it. Fling it. Eat it.

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  1. Sue

    LOL! Rudy used to do that until he finally figured out it was none too bright. Though he loved it when we moved the crate and he good get to all the bits.

    • Hmm… I wonder if Donna will figure it out in time… I had removed the kong from her crate so she followed me back out and then she took it back into the crate again when we were taking the video… :P And then after she was done she sat there and gave me eyes until I pull out the crate for her. Not so stupid after all. Rudy must have been the same! :D

  2. I think she did just great with the exception of taking it into her crate….lol. It is supposed to be a fun toy and it looked like she had fun. :) Thanks so much for joining the hop. The videos worked fine for me.

    • Good to hear that the videos worked fine ;) And yes, she plays with it much better than when we just got it. These toys take some learning for them to get the hang of it.

  3. The videos worked great!
    Donna could tell by the way you were watching, that you were hoping to get some of the kibble out for yourself – that’s why she had to take it to her crate. Plus, she wanted to eat in bed. All good impulses :-)

    • Haha, yah, she likes to use her bedding to keep the toy stable. She doesn’t like her toys to roll around, but that means she’s making life difficult for herself with this particular toy ;)

  4. omg you are just too funny!

  5. The videos worked great, and they were hilarious! My dogs all have varying skill levels with food puzzles… the puppy is a little slow and still figuring out how to work a regular Kong. Hopefully he’ll figure it out… someday!

    • Donna took a long time to figure out this toy too since kibble wasn’t one of her favourite foods for her to want to make the effort :P But she’s much better at it now ;) although she probably still has a ways to go before we get a connecting Kong for her to up the difficulty. Glad the videos entertain! ;)

  6. She looked a little flummoxed in the crate. Looks like a very fun toy though.

    • The one was she was pawing at the crate? I was just giving her time to figure it out by herself. I make a good quiet observer :P plus, everything caught on camera which helps me to catch stuff that I miss, heehee.

  7. I couldn’t see them and I’m not about to download an “app”.

    • I think you always had the problem with the vine videos, and the only time you could see them fine was in Linux. As much as I can I will put them on vimeo so you will have less hassle ;) but in this case of many vine videos, I need a to get a video editor first!

  8. She’s just got a bit of a gentle touch – which is sweet. I’m sure she’ll have it mastered in no time.

    • She’s a lot better at it than she used to be. I think the Kong wobbler you have is much bigger and she probably will have more trouble lugging that into her crate! :P

  9. OMG this made me laugh and laugh! I loved this post. Thank you for sharing and thanks for joining the blog hop!

  10. There are never too many vine videos in a post! Especially when they are this cute!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  11. lol I loved it. I put treat toys in my dogs cage when I go away and they have all kinds of kibbles under there crate too.

    • Oh, I am lazier than. I only put the regular kong or a plate of food in there since there make less mess :P Hee hee. Do the dogs go crazy smelling all that kibble they can’t get underneath and have to wait for you to come home before they get it?? :P

  12. The videos worked great! I hadn’t seen that new Kong toy yet, we might have to get one for our puppy. Though he’s used to having his Kong in his crate when we leave for work. Even some of that ends up on the floor….and our beagle loves to come down later in the day and scavenge around for what she can find.

  13. We’ve got a Kong Wobbler which I showed Asher for the first time a week or so ago. He learned how it worked quite quickly … quicker than Beryl did but not as quick as Frankie. I doubt Donna would be able to carry that anywhere unless she has got a really big mouth! I like the look of this Kong. Something a bit different, will have to see if I can find it here. The videos loaded quite quickly for me. Vine looks like fun!

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