When we were looking to adopt a dog, I did some reading up. Surprisingly, I read a lot of overseas dog blogs and websites. Somehow, the Singapore dog blogs just eluded me.

Sure I found some, but local blogs like Le Paws Voyage and Happy Bark Days (blog no longer available) seemed to have died a quiet death somewhere along the way and were just not updated.

It’s strange, even blogs that have been written for a long time that are still active like Sam Forest‘s I only found months after starting weliveinaflat! Go figure.

So anyway, here’s a list to give you a headstart if you are looking for Singapore dog blogs to check out. First and foremost, ours of course hahahahahaha! The rest in no particular order, other than the order the popped into my mind as I sat doing this. :)

If you drop  by any of them and liked what they wrote, be nice, leave them a comment :) I’m sure it’ll brighten their day as it does mine :)

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