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Two Dog-Friendly Cafes in Changi

We headed out to Changi today to check out the Pokemon Go scene and also the dog-friendly cafes along Netheravon Road and around Changi Village.

Come check out two dog-friendly cafes at Changi with us today!

Dog-friendly Changi Cafe #1: The Coastal Settlement

dog-friendly cafes in changi - the coastal settlement cafe entrance

Boardwalk leading to entrance of The Coastal Settlement

The Environment at The Coastal Settlement

This is a lovely secluded green space along Netheravon Road. If you are looking for a respite from the city, this can be a pretty peaceful place to brunch.

That said, even though the location isn’t the most convenient being at Changi, The Coastal Settlement was bustling with patrons when we were there. Definitely not a lonely place, but not too overwhelmingly busy either for us sitting outside.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement outdoor seating

The outdoor seating at The Coastal Settlement. Love the sheltered tables along the side of the cafe. Fans line the walls cooling the area.

There were plenty of outdoor seats available. They even have two outdoor garden swings for kids!

If your dog needs a loo break, follow the path to the front of the cafe where there is a park connector with ample grass patches for your dog to sniff about and conduct it’s business. :P

The food at The Coastal Settlement

We were a little disappointed with the average food as we had read good reviews of the place.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement mushroom fries

Mushroom fries were juicy.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement chicken waffle

Chicken Waffles were lack-lustre. The chicken was average and the waffles were cold. Truffle fries were good, but let down by the mains. Also could do with more maple syrup. :P

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement sausage rosti

All the food were served within 12 minutes, except for the rosti with sausage which took more than 1/2 hour because the kitchen missed the order. The rosti ended up burnt on the outside. Donna enjoyed a little bit of the cheese sausage :P

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement water

The Coastal Settlement got back into Mr P’s good graces after they send over a large bottle of water. P loves his water refills.

The patrons at The Coastal Settlement

All the outside tables appear to be occupied by humans with dogs. We love how comfortable dog owners can feel with their dogs here.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - the coastal settlement

Donna was pretty restless because of the rainy weather but settled down nicely once the weather got better.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement papillon

Donna also had fun checking out the other dogs visiting The Coastal Settlement with their humans.

The Parking at The Coastal Settlement

There is ample parking with car parks at the front and the back of The Coastal Settlement.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement valet parking

Valet parking is available to the back of The Coastal Settlement. You can see how whimsical the cafe looks with the musical horse sleigh decor and random retro chairs on its roof.

dog-friendly cafes in changi - coastal settlement carpark

There is also a public car park a short walk away from the front of the cafe. A park connector runs along the carpark and is a great place to bring your dog for a quick walk and loo breaks.

Brunch done, we decided to head over to Chock Full of Beans at Changi Village for coffee. ;)

Dog-friendly Changi Cafe #2 : Chock Full of Beans

dog-friendly cafes in changi village - chockfull of beans

Busy human traffic in the street right in front of Chock Full of Beans

The environment at Chock Full of Beans

Changi Village was overrun with Pokemon Hunters.

With so many people congregating right in front of the cafe, you can imagine the atmosphere here is quite unlike The Coastal Settlement. The cafe does serve food, but this is not a quiet place for brunch or lunch if peace is what you are seeking.

dog-friendly cafes in changi village - chockful of beans

Too many patrons, be ready to queue if you want a table here.

But if you are looking for a place to chill and maybe catch a few Pokemon yourself, congratulations, you’re at the right place. ;)

We were lucky that they found a table for us immediately.

The drinks at Chock Full of Beans

And walah! The reason why we came here:

dog-friendly cafes in changi village - chock full of beans latte

3D latte art at Chock Full of Beans. Hello Kitty maple latte to the left and a puppy earl grey latte on the right.

It seems that Pikachu is the default design if you have no idea what character you want them to create. But a brief survey of the tables around us convinced us that if we ever visit again we would order a Doraemon to top the latte!

dog-friendly cafes in changi village - chock full of beans 3D dog latte art

Puppy latte with puppy :P :P See more of Chock Full of Beans creations on here.

The virtual passersby at Chock Full of Beans

We were easily distracted while sipping our coffee. Here is the evidence. :P

dog-friendly cafes in changi village - pokemon go singapore

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The Parking near Chock Full of Beans

The car parks were full what with the Pokemon-crazed horde visiting the area. So we had fun trying out the automated car parking system.
dog-friendly cafes in changi - car lift parking

If you only have time for one cafe at Changi

The Coastal Settlement offers you peace in an idyllic setting with food and drink available for order. There is definitely more space for dog here versus Chock Full of Beans. And you will have ready access to two pokestops and one gym.

Chock Full of Beans may be more crowded and busy, but that 3D latte art was really a fun and novel thing to order. Chock Full of Beans offers food too (see menu here). The tables are packed tighter together so it really isn’t as dog-friendly as The Coastal Settlement, but the staff sure is accommodating. There is no nearby gym that you can access from your seat, BUT get ready to nab all sorts of Pokemon passing through!!

dog-friendly cafes in changi - pokemon go sg pokestops and gym near cafes

Getting there: Dog-friendly cafes in Changi

The Coastal Settlement [website]

Chock Full of Beans [website | facebook]

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