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Pokemon Go: Monster Hunting with Dog

Pokemon GO

pokemon go singapore dog

Their dogs may not be aware of it, but for some dog owners, their pets appear very much part of the game experience. Original video with audio here: @pb_sgmongrel (Singapore Special/Mongrel)

I was rather amused by this augmented reality game on your phone that is taking the population out of their homes in droves. And bringing them together in public spaces as one united people this National Day, dogs included. 😝 

People. People. Everywhere. The insanity that is Pokemon GO in Singapore 👱 👴 👵 👲 👳


@dancelancedance (location: The Cathay) : Yes – I went behind them to check their phones, they are all playing Pokemon GO

Overnight, pokemons have taken over the island and are spawning everywhere.

pokemon go sg the snuggery

@thesnuggerysg (location: 7 Lichfield Road) : At our doorstep.

And where they spawn, Pokemon hunters with their eyes glued to the game screen are not far behind.

Jokes abound about people standing quietly in the same playground or park or other communal space, like the hungry ghosts that are said to abound this seventh month (hungry ghost festival).

pokemon go singapore punggol waterway park

@jenna_ouo (location: Punggol Waterway Park) : To the people who designed #pokemongosg : good job you have made the world go crazy.

Pokemon hunting is apparently also a couple activity or a group activity if you study the people around you outside. Whether you are in the north…

@iloveweiliat (location: Yishun Park) : So many people gathered at Yishun Park this afternoon. Looks like mew or mewtwo appeared here.[/caption]

or the South…

pokemon go singapore merlion MBS

@wongdingdang (location: Merlion Park) : Because I love Singapore night view… Nahhh is because of Pokemon GO and Merlion is the gym #pokemongosg

… the insanity persists. 😂😂😂 And it’s not just with the humans! 😝😝😝

Pokemon GO as a “Dog Selfie” App 😝


@helloplato_the_frenchie (French Bulldog) : So Pokemon GO finally arrived in Singapore. I’m making new friends all over the place. #pokemongosg

Pet parents are chronicling their dogs’ encounters with pokemons.

pokemon go sg japanese spitz

@cheshirelion (Japanese Spitz) : Maki’s first battle with a Pokemon


@i.am.fuji (Japanese Spitz) : My first #pokemongo walk.. and daddy caught so many useless pokemons. Hahaha!

Because some dogs are just too good at sniffing them out. 😝


@fatmodoggietreats (Cocker Spaniel) : I smell a Geodude. #pokemongosg

And you can’t just scoff and say our dogs are scavengers, because Pokemon GO has shown them to be hunters. 😎

pokemon go sg mongrel dog

@adventureswithivan (Singapore Special / Mongrel) : Wow Truffle makes a good Pokemon hunting dog. #pokemongosg

Either, by themselves or in packs, these dogs are facing monsters bigger than them (in their humans’ minds anyway 😂 ).

pokemon go sg mutt beagle

@bruno_mutt (photo by Gin’s human) – Two dogs facing down the Wild Kingler.

Heck, even housecats are occupied with them.


@bobthekiwicat : You know, nowadays I’m busy #catchemall!

So of course, Donna and I gave it a go!

But before we start, safety first!

Dog walking with Pokemon GO – Do’s & Don’ts

Stay safe when playing Pokemon Go, the police urged players on Saturday (Aug 6) hours after the game was launched in Singapore.

“The Pokemon Go craze has seen reports of accidents, injuries and even crimes in countries where it has already been launched. The Police would like to advise Pokémon GO players to enjoy the game safely,” a police statement said. – todayonline.com

The crowd crossing the road dangerously in Hougang, while playing Pokemon GO.
Police issues road safety reminder as pokemon madness descends on Hougang – The Straits Times


Original photo here @joycelzr (location: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park) : I had an enthusiastic companion for today’s Pokemon hunt

  1. Have ready water, treats for you and your dog
    1. This Lifehacker article wrote: “Walking is a huge part of Pokémon Go, especially if you catch an egg. I recently picked up an egg that requires at least a 5km walk before it will hatch, and I already had a couple of 2km eggs to begin with. That’s over five and a half miles of walking, during which I could find even more eggs… If you find yourself in a similar situation and you’re not used to long hikes, take some water with you. Plan your route ahead of time and look for places where you (and your dog) can rest if you need to. The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself (and your dog) before you realize that you have to turn back and do the same long walk all over again. Pokémon Go is a physical activity, so you should treat it like one.”
    2. So definitely plan to bring along the necessary supplies to keep yourself and your dog hydrated, plan to take breaks, and plan your route so you can get home easily and safely. 😉
  2. Plan your rest stops to coincide with Poke Stops
    1. Be smart and plan your Poke Stops as rest stops for later. Pokemon Gyms and Poke Stops are hubs where players gather to play. At Poke Stops, players can collect items and catch more Pokemons by placing a lure to increase the amount of Pokemon gravitating in that area. And these people appear to be pretty comfortable just sitting there with their Pokemon game. But if you’re out with the intention to walk your dog, WALK first and rest later! 😛

      pokemon go sg pokestop lure

      @muzzie1990 (location: Dakota Crescent) : Not sure whether its a Pokemon lure or a human lure #pokemongosg #dakotahas3pokestopsnexttoeachother

  3. Don’t take your dog out to catch Pokemons when it’s too hot to walk on your bare feet outside. Injured paws and heatstroke is a concern. 

    1. Both dogs’ and cats’ pads are very sensitive to hot temperatures, but it’s our dogs we really need to look out for… Dogs, on the other hand, are willing to do almost anything we ask them to — even walk over hot coals. In fact, every time we put our dogs on a leash and go for a walk on South Floridian mid-summer (somewhat similar to Singapore) hot pavement, that’s effectively what we’re asking them to do. – Dr Patty Khuly, PetMD.com
  4. Don’t be so engrossed with the game that you neglect your dog and her safety. 
    1. Keep your dog on the leash.
    2. Let your dog sniff, pee and poo and do everything she is used to doing on regular walks.
    3. Interact with your dog and give her treats for staying nicely while you stop to catch a pokemon. 
    4. Most important, stay aware of your surroundings so that you can be alert to keeping your dog safe from e.g. passing bicycles, unpredictable children, other dogs that may be reactive. (I am of course assuming that you wouldn’t be playing Pokemon with a dog that is reactive or fearful to certain triggers that can occur on the walk.)

Dog-walking Donna with Pokemon GO 😂

We were at a hill-top park with several Poke Stops by 7am in the morning when it was still nice and cool.

I confess I was tickled by the random selfies people were posting on Instagram like… this one. But honestly, this game wasn’t made to be a selfie app, so expect your dog to turn out looking blur. And maybe a little ticked off why we keep walking and stopping and walking and stopping to take photos.  😂😂And of course, I was probably looking a little silly waving the phone around trying to position the little critters next to Donna. 😝😝


Our adventuresome morning walk at the park. LOL

We also met this Onix creature that towered over Donna and kept breaking out of the Pokeball. Donna looked on disinterestedly. 😂 😂 😂 Seriously, it took me more than a minute to catch it, much to Donna’s disgust!

Our dog walk was not all about Pokemon GO. If you follow us on Instagram @weliveinaflat and checked out our Instagram Stories, you would also have seen snippets where I spent time getting Donna to sit/stay and come and also where she scared a cat up a tree just by walking past! So check it out if you haven’t because Instagram Stories pics and videos expire in 24 hours.

We walked until about 8.30am (1.5hr walk) and it started to feel warm so we made our way home. And no, unlike @peanutpiyo below, we don’t have any Pokemons in the house disturbing Donna. It’s Donna who does the disturbing. 😝 😝 😝

pokemon go sg singapore special mongrel dog

@peanutpiyo (Singapore Special/Mongrel): Oh no! Pinsir is disturbing my sleep!


Thank you

Many thanks to the Instagram Accounts identified that let me use and repost their photos here on this post. 😉

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