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Phoneography weekly: Swimmingly

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Nature

Apps used: Camera+, vine

While waiting for our lunch to be served, I took pictures of the fishes swimming by. Fishes aren’t choreographed to swim by and look orchestrated for the camera, so the first shot was the only good one that I liked in terms of balance and composition.

The videos capture better their patterns as they swim/swarm across the glass though. :P


Is this photo eerie? Here’s how I did it.


Why does my dog hump other people/dogs?


  1. Nice touch with the video–the image and the video seem as though you are underwater. Well done that we cannot see that it is an aquarium. Happy Phoneography Monday.

  2. I want to go there!!! Cool shots!

  3. Lovely shots. It must have been quite a magical experience!

    I always find that in aquariums my shots come out very dark or blurry as there is no flash allowed. How did you avoid that?

    ~ Amy

  4. Very relaxing and beautiful. How do you get the videos on WordPress?


  5. Wow, the fish are so pretty I might forget to eat!

  6. Great entry for the challenge…and thanks for the link on how to embed videos on WP!

  7. Donna, occupier of a flat — Excellent shooting with your phone. The single frame is nice and your videos aren’t too shabby either. Nice lighting and the blue waters and fish details really come through. Btw, did you order fish for lunch?

  8. Great photo/videos. Love the Vine app, and also the Lightt app, if you haven’t checked that one out. Lightt has some great immediate editing capabilities too!

    • I think I just wanted the video uploaded (without saving in my overcrowded phone) and take the next video… hence I don’t really need immediate editing capabilities as much as immediately shoot video capabilities ^___^ but will check out the Lightt app for fun ^ ^

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