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Training this toy poodle to like being stowed in a pet carrier

Toy poodle, Junior, is staying with us for about two weeks. A really short time. I’m not too comfortable with leaving him at home when I want to go out. So it seemed to me a better idea to train him to be comfortable staying in a pet carrier bag, which will enable to bring him out with me.

After the last session depicted in the video, I did try to hoist up the bag to my shoulder with Junior in it. He never gave any indication that he cared that he was in a levitating bag, LOL. Still too busy nosing around in the carrier, he was!

It’s interesting how Junior is very much like Donna, but without the fearfulness. He is a natural lapdog, whereas Donna needed to be taught :P He is also very smart, learns very fast and tries very hard to be good and to please. So I can see why there are fans who would love this breed.

Unfortunately, Donna doesn’t really find Junior as cute as the humans do. Junior is still a puppy and not yet neutered. So he gets really excited when he sees Donna and desperately wants to hump her from any direction. Yes, I’m talking about this small little boy, haha!

So the only time I was able to get his eyes on me was when I had really high value treats. And then he became very focused.

Donna as you can see also wants the treats but doesn’t really want to be that near to him. She gives him a lot of avoidance signals and sometimes growls softly when he starts gyrating. The weirdest instance was when he noticed Donna doesn’t like his paws on her, so he settles down parallel to her and humps the floor instead. – – omg!

And while we do keep Junior away from Donna and only let them interact for short periods of time per day, so she doesn’t get too stressed out by the active little boy that’s always trying to mount her. I have a feeling that Donna will heave a big sigh of relief once she has her home and humans to herself again. :P


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  1. Probably a good thing you are going to take Jr with you and give Donna a break. :)

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