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Pawz Dog Boots Review

black-pawz-boots-on-dog-1Dog boots – necessity or fashion? Before I had Donna, I would say fashion. But after writing How to care for cracked/burnt paws due to hot surfaces, I started to think I need some for Donna. So I got a box of Pawz to test out. :P This review talks about both cloth and rubber free-form shoes for dogs.

While writing How to care for cracked/burnt paws due to hot surfaces, I learnt that when the dog is out for prolonged periods and in contact with hot surfaces, dog boots may also be more useful than paw wax to protect their paws.

But I also read that dogs only sweat through their paws and so I asked Dr Jo of Creature Clinic, if dog boots could be more of a hindrance than not to a hot dog.

I wouldn’t be concerned about boots in terms of sweating and heat loss. Panting is much more important, and if the environmental conditions are too hot for panting to be adequate, you’re dog shouldn’t be out there exercising, they should be somewhere shady with plenty of fresh water to drink. – Dr Joanna Paul, Creature Clinic

With the haze coming and going in the past weeks, and being pretty much dependent on the wind, I try to take Donna out as soon as the PSI is closer to the range of healthy. Even if it is in the middle of the hot, hot noon. So I’m definitely glad to receive a box of Pawz rubber dog boots from Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) to test out!


Donna has never worn dog boots before, so I started by letting her examine the boots. I got her to lay down so it’s easier for me to put the boots on. And of course, she gets a high value treat for every boot.

So here’s Donna’s first boot wearing experience! See this youtube video :P Note: To skip to particular sections in the video, go to the video on Youtube directly and click on the timings provided in the caption. :)


To recap: Reasons for putting shoes on the dog

Picture from Caring for your dog’s paws in hot climates.

    1. Attend events on hot days, yet minimise contact with hot pavements or sand
      There are occasions when we decide to go to events or birthday parties that can be held in the hot afternoons. That is when I wish to have Donna wear shoes because in our hot weather. The pavements have the potential of becoming so hot that it is possible for skin destruction to occur in 60 seconds! If it’s too hot for the pavement to be comfortable for your bare foot, than it’s too hot for your dog as well.

      Even when we go to the beach in the early morning, I can feel the sand getting too hot too fast! There was one occasion where I was walking barefoot, and the sand was so scorching hot, I had to turn back! Boy, was I glad I applied Musher’s Secret Paw Wax on Donna before we set off for the beach. I was hopping as fast as I could go to get back to my slippers, while she lagged behind dragging her feet. Eventually she settled under the shade of some trees and did not want to follow me at all! Shoes would have been very helpful that day!


  1. Minimise contact with haze particles
    Donna doesn’t have grass allergies but she does have reactions to increased dust in the environment. This includes sneezing, coughing and making vomiting noises. Haze consists of dust, smoke and other dry particles that not only get breathed in but can also settle onto surfaces, making the outside that much dustier. You must have notice how much more blacker your wet wipes or clothes get when you wipe off their paws after walks during the haze period. Considering dogs do lick their paws now and then, shoes may just make more sense to minimise contact with haze particles.
  2. Besides the everyday concerns above, waterproof paw coverings can also be more helpful to to particular dogs or in particular environments
    1. Particular dogs
      1. Dogs with environmental allergies – Dogs with contact allergies to grass or other allergens found on or near the ground, roads and grass may benefit. – dailymail.co.uk
      2. *Injured dogs – Dogs needing to keep their paws dry and clean while outside because they are recovering from injuries.
      3. Senior dogs with weak legs – Boots help provide traction for dogs whose hind limbs splay out when they’re trying to get their bearings on slippery floors. vetstreet.com
      4. Swimming dogs – Water can soften your dogs’ paws and make them weaker to harsh concrete in and around pools and extra sensitive to hot sand. – Leesburg Vet Blog
    2. Particular environments
      1. Cold countries – Snow can freeze on dogs’ paws and cause problems. Salt-spread sidewalks can also imperil your pooch’s pads by burning them. – pets.webmd.com
      2. Hot countries – Prolonged walking on hot pavements can cause cracked paws – weliveinaflat.com
      3. Rough, abrasive terrain – can cut dog’s paws


How to choose shoes?

Christine and I both prefer free-form shoes, as you can see from our choices in the video.


The shoes we picked, whether it’s Pawz or J.J. Cloth Shoes are not structured like human shoes. The free-form design conforms to the shape of the dog’s foot so it is comfortable for the dog. The opening of the shoe needs to be snug around the legs so the dog shoes don’t fall off.

The biggest dog boot challenge is keeping the little devils on your dog’s feet. Dogs don’t have much in the way of ankles, and a well-fitted boot must hug the ankle joint tightly without rubbing, constricting blood flow, or annoying the dog. – whole-dog-journal.com

Take extra care if your dog has dew claws.   Sometimes the “thumb” is very poorly positioned for wearing shoes and may influence the size or brand of shoe you can choose.   One way to help is using a liner sock that will help to pad the pressure and minimize and rubbing on this sometimes very sensitive claw. – Choosing the right shoes for a dog

Dog shoes come in different materials, but in our hot, wet climate it should ideally be waterproof.

Pawz Dog Boots are waterproof. Since water can’t get in, it also can’t out. Since your dog sweats through the paw you will often find the paw moist after removing the boot. For this reason, do not leave the boots on for an extended period of time. Please remove when your dog is resting and or is unsupervised. – email correspondance with Pawz Dog Boots, LLC representative Andrea Friedland.

After looking at both the J.J. Pet Cloth shoes and the Pawz rubber boots, my preference is for the Pawz boots simply because it is made of rubber and waterproof. It is much easier to wash off bits of dirt, grass or even more gross substances :P that Donna may walk over on her walks or at events, compared to cloth. The only con is they are not as durable as I would have liked them because Donna is so active, and that can limit my use of them.

The longevity of the boot is determined by the terrain, activity level and length worn. We recommend that you keep the nails trimmed and do not pull the boots up so the nails can easily puncture the boot.  Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times. …Eventually you will see tiny holes where the boots are worn and need replacing. Please note that all four boots on a dog wear differently and therefore you do not need to replace an entire set if you notice a hole in one boot.  – email correspondance with Pawz Dog Boots, LLC representative Andrea Friedland.

So that’s my review of two different options for dog shoes available at Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). The Pawz boots are kindly sponsored by Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). Thank you to Andrea Friedland for taking my questions about the Pawz boots. :)

* Use with injured dogs
If Pawz are being used with a medical bandage, please be sure to purchase a larger size then usual to accommodate the increased diameter of the leg and surgical bandage. Please be extra diligent if you your dog has an existing infection and or circulation problems as extended use can exacerbate these conditions. – email correspondance with Pawz Dog Boots, LLC representative Andrea Friedland.


Leave a comment!

There are more different brands of dog shoes that may be more secure, but not readily available in local shops in Singapore. I hope to be able to review other shoes in future that may be more relevant for Donna’s current activity level!

  • If your dogs wear shoes, what is the criteria you have when buying shoes?
  • What shoes do you buy and would you recommend them?
  • Did your dog find it easy to get use to wearing shoes and walking comfortably in them?

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  1. We typically only need shoes a couple times a year when it is more then -10F out during our morning walks. Otherwise, our paws seem to hold up great. Paws are perfect, but they don’t last long we find.

  2. We’ve always wanted to give these a try, I think they would come in handy during our cold winter months. Great review, thanks for sharing!

    • I hope it works for you since it doesn’t seem to work so well for Emma. It’s made me more illustrious in keeping donna’a nails shorter and filed so it’s less sharp!

  3. Sue

    Great review! Jeffie loves his boots, though he just wears them in the winter for ice and snow.

    • Thanks! I guess what you are looking for will be different from me then since the weather here is almost perpetually hot and wet, with some haze thrown in :p

  4. Christine Yeo

    Another reason i find it hard to wear Pawz boots on Cooke was because of Cookie’s fur! lolz. Hard to be pushing the fur in also. That is why the cloth one is of a much better choice to me.

    and Yes! Cookie is wearing L size. big paws girl. lolz

  5. Thank you for joining the blog hop!

    We started with the shoes last year and started with the Pawz as well. Because we had such a harsh winter we walked mostly on pavement and we tore through those boots pretty fast. So I ordered a more durable boot. The problem with the new boot is there is no real ‘grip’ on it, so once the snow turned to ice, I had to take them off because I was concerned about the dogs slipping. Because of Sampson’s ACL injury, I just can’t risk it.

    I think (for my dogs) we need winter and summer boots. :-D

  6. We are big fans of the Pawz dog boots! They are the only boot that our dogs will actually wear – I think because they can still feel the ground beneath them.

    Where we live, the salt, ice and snow can be really harsh on their paws so we use them all Winter long.

  7. Daniel

    I totally understand and empathize with your strife with all the dog shoes / boots That are on the market.
    I have also tried sooo many brands and gave up last year but my baby girl cannot walk On the salt or in the cold at all more than 10 steps so I was forced to continue the search.
    Well I think I found exactly what we need, we’ve been using them for a month now and both my Bella and I could not be happier. The brand is Neo-Paws and the quality and their Velcro system is amazing.
    We went from 10 steps to 10 blocks again on all our walks and we are both thrilled and grateful To not be locked up all winter as so many little doggies and their humans are ;(
    Their website is http://www.neopaws.com and they have a lot of other cool and warm things to buy.

  8. isaac

    how long is it safe to keep the boots on ? without changing them .. can it cause any type of fungus if keep for a week ??

    • Hi Issac, since the boots are waterproof, water can’t get in, it also can’t out. Your dog sweats through the paw so you will often find the paw moist after removing the boot. For this reason, do not leave the boots on for an extended period of time. Please remove when your dog is resting and/or is unsupervised. Hope this helps!

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