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Miss Harper Lee and I play 20 facts

Miss Harper Lee in her favourite scarf perhaps.  I keep seeing her in it.
Picture “borrowed” :P from Miss Harper Lee’s Instagram, edited by me. 

Miss Harper Lee, who looks very safari here, tagged me to post 20 things about myself on Instagram, but 20 things is a little too long for IG, so this is my reply here:

  1. The human has itchy fingers and almost always edit my photos on the phone for my Instagram account – http://instagram.com/weliveinaflat >> Go Follow! :P
  2. @LittleMamam recently gave me an IG shoutout. Thank you!
  3. I am adopted from Gentle Paws and Friends this year.
  4. My birth mom’s name is Dior, so I think I must have been named after DKNY.
  5. I am a rehomed adult dog at age 3, going on to 4. I live in a flat now.
  6. I shed, I poop, I pee and I whine. Sometimes I drool in my sleep too. I am perfect! 
  7. I frequently think the sky is falling and we are all going to die. I think the flat is a deathtrap and I need to escape from it when it storms. 
  8. I feel better about being in the flat when the humans come home. I don’t jump and slobber over the humans because they always step back and avoid me. After a while, I just run to pick up my stuffie and do my cheer-leading dance when they come home instead. Because this makes me so cute, even my human’s mother likes me now (at first she pretends I don’t exist when she visits the flat).
  9. I am not much of a barker. Although I snort a lot to express my disgust when the human is up to no good.
  10. I detest ear cleaners but I put up with tooth brushing because the toothpaste tastes nice.
  11. I used to detest nail clipping but now I get lots of treats so I don’t mind it so much.
  12. The human thinks teaching me to play dead is the best trick she ever taught me because then she can get me to lay down and clip my nails more easily.
  13. I am very lazy so laying down suits me just fine. And  I get treats for doing nothing!
  14. I love tug.
  15. I can do fetch but I prefer tug.
  16. Which is why sometimes I play keep away and roll around with my tennis ball rather than return it.
  17. When I get over-excited, I may h*mp other dogs but we are working on that!
  18. The worst thing I ever did was to poison myself tasting a hydrangea leaf. They contain cyanide.
  19. The most embarrassing thing I ever did was to poop while crossing the road … And then the poop got smushed by the traffic when the lights turned and the human was horrified!
  20. I have a blog! – weliveinaflat.com – but you know that :P

I’m suppose to tag 20 accounts, so here are some active IG feeds that I follow, please feel free to check out their beautiful accounts! :) (I’m sorry if I accidentally missed out anyone.)

  • IG dogs, cats and a bear – @yeti_feesh @noshi_and_friends @ma_hovina @ifitwags  @libbyd33 @averi93 @junko56 @obliozen @megandawn_redtheboston @tuitui_thebear
  • My dog blog friends’ IG -@1stworlddog  @desertraveart  @tholupka_ohmelvin  @lifewithduke @fleabyte @2catsandacattledog @youmeandzu
  • IG general photography – @hollysisson @anyssasamari @revolutionship

You can read Miss Harper Lee’s 20 facts on her Instagram. ;)

This post has been featured in WordPress’ newsletter on november 2013 ;)


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  1. Interesting facts there Donna. The sky will never fall, so try not to be scared. I know that stresses out your mom too. We’ll be seeing you on the Instagram!

    • There’s no reasoning with a dog… only food therapy :P… until dog gets sated and can’t eat no more and goes back to paying attention to the falling sky :P

  2. Awwww…love that I know you even better now Donna! And enjoyed the comment, “I frequently think the sky is falling and we are all going to die.” But really, you will be ok. If only there was some way to convince you…poor sweetie.

  3. Hewooowooooowooo my beauwooowooootiful Miss Lee!

  4. What a great idea Donna! We were also tagged by Miss Harper Lee but Mom hasn’t had a chance to post our answers on Instagram… it’s a lot of phone typing. If you don’t mind we’ll steal your idea and put it on our blog instead. We love Miss Harper Lee.
    I have a really hard time not jumping up on my folks when they come home. Good job on your part Donna learning not to. Wow, you can play dead? Awesome. I only look dead when I’m asleep and then it’s not on purpose.
    Barks and Licks ~Cooper

  5. So sweet getting to know you better Donna :o)

  6. Loved to know you a little bit more. Pawkiss :)

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