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Green Corridor Graffiti near Buona Vista MRT, Singapore

We visited the Green Corridor stretch from Greenleaf View to the Bridge along Dunearn Road two years back. I’ve been wanting to visit other parts of the Green Corridor like the Green Corridor graffiti underpasses for a while. We finally made it there last weekend!

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The Green Corridor Run was … formerly the rail line that connected Singapore to Malaysia and was the beginning of the Oriental Express for those journeying into the heart of Asia. The rail line has been out of use for many years and this has allowed the surrounding area to flourish with greenery and natural habitat. It is now an uninterrupted stretch of ecological and culturally significant land that stretches the entire length of Singapore. It cuts directly through the centre of the island, yet it is still one of Singapore’s least known natural wonders! – http://www.greencorridorrun.com.sg/

Getting there

I decided to visit on the spur of the moment, so there wasn’t much time to research. Thankfully, I could count on the good people in the Singapore Specials Club on Facebook to give me some pointers!

I was told that there was a small makeshift metal stair that goes down just beside the underpass with the graffiti opposite Bouna Vista MRT.

So Mr P decided to park at the carpark in front of Holland Drive Market and Food Centre.

From there we crossed the overhead bridge and discovered that the Green Corridor was the plain beneath the passerby walkway where we were standing. We could see stairs (not makeshift ones) leading down to it (pictured).

green-corridor-buona-vista-1 Green corridor graffiti

Small dirt path that joins up with the main Green Corridor track.

We went down the stairs and walked along the line of trees until we hit the opening which led out to a narrow dirt path in the grass.

green-corridor-buona-vista-entrance Green corridor graffiti

Entrance to the Green Corridor near Buona Vista MRT.


Green Corridor Graffiti

And then we were at the stretch of the green corridor with graffiti on the underpass walls!! :D :D :D

green-corridor-buona-vista-graffiti Green corridor graffiti

Graffiti on underpass along the Green Corridor in Singapore

green-corridor-buona-vista-graffiti-2 Green corridor graffiti

Green Corridor graffiti walls in Singapore


Many exits to and from sections of the Green Corridor

A few more steps and we realised we needn’t have went on the overhead bridge to cross the road when we did. We found an exit back directly to the carpark where we parked! :P

Direct exit from Green Corridor back to Holland Drive Market and Food Centre carpark. Green corridor graffiti

Direct exit from Green Corridor back to Holland Drive Market and Food Centre carpark.

green-corridor-buona-vista-underpass Green corridor graffiti

Checking peemail probably at the flyover along the green corridor

We decided to follow the track to the area around the old Raffles Junior College for our walk. Donna picked her way carefully among the rocks to sniff out the pillars but mostly she wisely kept to the main track. It was kinder to her paws, but it also meant she was in the way when cyclists ride by. :P Thankfully, it was not a long stretch of underpass we had to go through at all.

green-corridor-buona-vista-underpass-2 Green corridor graffiti

Some kind of harsh martian landscape?? :P

There were no rubbish bins along the Green Corridor and guess who was the naughty girl who decided to poo right at the beginning of the walk?

I had to carry her poo some way until we came along this staircase.

green-corridor-exit-gentle-oak-vet Green corridor graffiti

Staircase exit from Green Corridor leading to Gentle Oak Vet across the road.

It led up, past a construction site towards a road where finally we dumped the poo in a rubbish bin located by the roadside. We also found that the Gentle Oak Vet was located in the building right opposite the road!

So if you do visit that vet for routine checkups or something, you can actually take the time to go across the road for a walk at the Green Corridor!!

Back to the Green Corridor…


Not as removed from the city, but still peaceful

This stretch of the Green Corridor from Buona Vista MRT does not feel as far away from civilisation as the Greenleaf View to Dunearn Road stretch. While it is bordered by dense vegetation, we can still see tall residential blocks rising above the vegetation on either side. Some parts of the green corridor are bordered directly by private properties and I couldn’t help but take a picture of Donna with the No Trespass sign. :P

green-corridor-buona-vista-dog Green corridor graffiti

Random photos of the Green Corridor :P

That said, the human and dog traffic here on a Sunday evening was not as high as when we visited the Greenleaf View to Dunearn Road stretch of the Green Corridor on a Saturday morning. We only met 1-2 dogs out for their evening walks and random joggers. The cyclists come at intervals so we still have to keep a look out for them to make sure Donna doesn’t get in their way.

green-corridor-buona-vista-cyclists Green corridor graffiti

Be careful of cyclists! Don’t get in the way. Have your dog on leash if he is reactive to bicycles or does not walk well off-leash.

Dog-friendly eating places

Otherwise it was fun and we worked up an appetite. I was happy to find that Katong Laksa at the nearby Holland Village was dog-friendly and we had our dinner there. :)

363-katong-laksa-holland-village Green corridor graffiti

Dinner time!



Where we parked: Holland Market Drive Market and Food Centre carpark.
Our walk: 50minutes slow walk from our starting point near Holland Market Drive Market to Raffles Junior College and back. The underpass gets really dark as the sky grew dark so manage your time if you go in the evening ;)
Where to eat: Most of the places with outdoor sitting at Holland Village should be dog-friendly. We ate at Katong Laksa and we saw a dog at Wala Wala.

Have fun if you visit!!

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  1. Orient Express? Did you find any bodies for Hercule Poirot to investigate? Some of those places looked like they could be harboring bodies.

    • The orient express is a these parts are a thing of the past! No bodies… might be some unmarked graves though… I guess we’ll never know hohoho :P

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