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Four Awesome Dog Party Food on Donna’s Gotcha Day

Donna’s Gotcha Day was in Januaury. This post is way overdue, but life happens. :P So anyhoo~

I really love the food at Donna’s Adoption Day Party, of course. Or I wouldn’t have ordered them.

Mr P was in charge of the human food and I ordered the dog food :D (which explains all the unhealthy human food – – HAHA!)

donna's gotcha day party food
Can you even begin to tell which food are for human and which are for dogs????

I also really love the treats our friends brought for Donna that day. And what better way to share with one and all than in a blog post!


Yummy dog party food and treats for Gotcha Days and Birthdays!


There can be no doubt that any party for Donna will have to be outdoors.

But an outdoor event will come with its own set of inconveniences and constraints. So instead of getting a regular cake that requires cutting, which creates opportunities for accidents knowing how clumsy I can be, it just seemed common sense to opt for something less traditional.

Something like pupcakes! No cutting required, just take out and serve! Haha!

Instead of flowers among the cupcakes, we have liver treats! Haha! 

Now the thing about party food is that it needs to cater to different doggie guests, who could individually be sensitive to particular food. And of course nobody wants their dog to go home with a bad tummy.

So what I really appreciate about FeedMyPaws pupcakes are:

  1. Portion controlmini 50g versions  help pups eat in moderation and cut down on wastage
  2. Affordable – The mini pupcakes are sold in sets of 4 costing $9.80 and up.
  3. Healthy – I ordered salmon and beef pupcakes. Ingredients consist organic brown rice, beef or salmon, goat’s milk, egg, carrot and pumpkin.
  4. Customisable – a flourless version especially for Mango The Sheltie because he is sensitive to baked goods with flour inside.
  5. Personalisation – FeedMyPaws kindly threw in a pupcake with Donna’s name on it AND some Mighty Milk Animal Cookies to dress the mini pupcakes for Donna’s Gotcha Day Wild Animal Party! 

What the final Wild Animal mini pupcakes looked like!

personalised donna pupcake
Donna also got a 100g personalised pupcake, which yours truly promptly dropped on the ground after the photoshoot on Gotcha Day. D: *oops!*

But all the dogs enjoyed their pupcakes thoroughly! Hee hee~



Things would be rather dismal for our greedy dogs if there was only cake.

I was very taken with the munchies at Cookies’ birthday party, and just had to order these little delights from Pawoof – the Sunny Beef Tower and Golden Salmon Patty.  I had to admit the pretty quail’s eggs had me sold right from the start.

A plateful of sunshine. Yums! See the rest of the custom menu on my facebook.



If you don’t have the budget for custom party munchies, fret not!

The lovely Lucky the Yorkie’s human brought around some DIY goodness for the party. Inspired by this recipe for 2-ingredient tuna cookies, the cookies were a hit. DIY FTW and thank you very much for the treat!

Photo from feedmypaws, because it was so good I was too busy feeding Donna to take pics! :P The cookies were a hit with many dogs, said Lucky’s human. ;)

I went to check out the recipe when I was writing this post and it looked so very easy because I already had the ingredients at home!! See the recipe here. So I think Donna will definitely get to eat more of this DIY cookie in future! ;)



I’m rather wary of commercial cookie treats simply because Donna is picky! Seriously, I recently bought a packet of dog biscuits worth $14 (I used up the meat cubes I had already) and she refused them. $14 down the drain.

The great thing was Donna got some pretty yummy presents, that this picky girl could not say “no” too.

Such as the lung puffs from Primal that Lucky the Yorkie’s human gave her. That one definitely got her attention. I bought Donna Zeal lung puffs before. These came in hard cubes and are very difficult to tear. In contrast the Primal lung puffs tear easily and I would likely buy this over Zeal next time.

Primal Pet Foods Venison Lung Puffs Dog Treat: USD$6.22 on Amazon.com

Donna also received a pack of Barking Good’s Cheddar and Apple Cookies. Now I did say earlier that Donna is picky about cookies, didn’t I? But these cookies she adored. Enough to do tricks for them too! Haha!

Photo provided by Barking Good. Say HI to Noodles, everyone! :P

I love that there’s so many of them in one pack! Haha! They are thin, so easy to break into many little pieces. So I usually take just one or two out from the fridge for mini training sessions with Donna.

A video posted by weliveinaflat (@weliveinaflat) on

Donna learnt to close the door with Primal Lung Puffs and Barking Good Cheddar and Apple cookies as the reward! Hahahahahaha! This video is recent, so the treats in it were liver treats from Wagging Rights.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about the topic of yummy dog party munchies and gifts for Birthdays and Adoption Days for now. The food’s all eaten and appreciated in January… makes for nice memories though~

to my special girl

personalised donna pupcake


Dog treats mentioned


Party Bites


Commercial treats

Special thanks to Lucky the Yorkie for the lung puffs and Kanon and Paris Le Petite for the Apple & Cheddar cookies. And also for the toys!! :D

Special thanks to FeedMyPaws, SomeWhiteCookie and Mango the Sheltie for the use of their pictures! And to Barking Good for an impromptu photoshoot with Noodles at short notice! :P

Now go see what shenanigans the party guests get up to!


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