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Find Donna

This was taken perhaps a couple of months back.

We were walking in a regular park in our neighbourhood. I looked up from my dog to see the rays of the setting sun peeking through the trees and casting everything in shadow. Not a scene I would expect from a regular park surrounded by tall blocks of flats in a residential area.

Life throws you surprises now and then, I guess.

I directed my dog, Donna, to stand a fair distance from me, her silhouette shrouded among the tall trees. I imagined I was taking a photo of Bambi in the woods.

Can you pick her out in the picture?


Are we teaching or forcing the dog to balance things on her head?


Are you using the right dog toothbrush? – You may be surprised


  1. goldenwoofs

    It sure is … what a lovely unexpected sight. Happy Sunday. Golden Woofs

  2. Donna silhouette is on the ridge. Looks like you were a good distance away. Happy Sunday.

  3. She really is far away. You can just make out that doggy shape.

    A great photo in color or black and white.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  4. Great shot, she is hidden for sure.

  5. She’s the tall one with oak leaves all over her.

  6. Wow, great shot! Looks like she’s a great distance away! Happy Sunday!

  7. Mel

    OMD! That was a hard one! I had to enlarge it, but I found her off to the upper left. Great picture in color and black and whote!

  8. That took me a really long time to find her, great shot :)

  9. I think I can just barely see her.

  10. Beautiful photo! I am sure it was a wonderful experience to be there at that time and see such a beautiful sight. Donna did a great job posing for you.

  11. I think I should use my sense of smell to find her instead!!

  12. I think I see her! Beautiful picture!

  13. She does look like Bambi.

  14. I am not sure I can see her. :)

  15. I had a hard time finding her, but the other comments helped me finally see her. What a good girl :) Beautiful photo.

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