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Videos of Donna meeting other dogs

This is Donna. Without ears. LOL. Keeping to her mat while at Sembawang Dog Run.

She obviously is not very good at keeping her entire self on the mat. :P

So anyway, I did say before didn’t I, that Donna naturally likes to approach strange, unfamiliar dogs and playbow them within a couple seconds of meeting.

Here’s exhibit #1 – where she meets a dashing mix-breed dog with cute tufty ears and a head bigger than hers.

And exhibit #2 – Donna was at first apprehensive upon entering the dog run (not in video) because Jacko the mixed white dog was racing over to meet the new dogs entering. But after a while, as you’ll see in this video, it’s Donna who was the more pushy one, pestering Jacko to play with her.


Donna dog is now a pet pillow! Haha!


It’s really hard to make a nice dog waving photograph!

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  1. That first picture makes Donna look like a part of an English court.

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