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Photographing dogs: NomadRuss Ten Tips Reinvented!

dog photograph - donna the local mongrelI read with interest the Ten Tips from NomadRuss, cultural documentary and NGO photographer, published on the Daily Post and wondered how his tips could be applied to photographing dogs. I started trawling through all the photos I had published to validate against the ten tips, just for fun. 

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Over-achieving mutt offers to rollover

black and white photo of a mongrel doing the dog trick rolloverSo Donna appeared to be finally getting the idea that great things happen when you rollover. I have to say though that her consistency to offer that behaviour is still… well not very consistent and totally mood dependent.

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Why does my dog hump other people/dogs?

Picture taken in January

She never did this before, but we had only adopted her for a short period of time when this picture was taken… it sure looks funny. She looks like a pole dancer…

So I sent the picture over and was informed that we’ve got to stop it because humping is a sign of dominance. Ooops… ok, best stop encouraging the dog just because I want to take a funny video :P

But really?? Dominance? Our dog?

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Making moving pictures with Cinemagraph apps can be pretty hit and miss

Are you going to watch TV the whole night???
This is a regular black and white.

Donna is not too impressed by moving visuals… She thinks we should spend the time playing with her rather than watching TV or pointing the phone at her to make cinemagraphs :P

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How to take a dog selfie

Norm the Pug is pretty well-known for his iconic pet self shots. But how does he do it?Here’s we got Donna to pull a Norm Pug (faux) selfie. Right now the human has this to say to you, Norm Pug – you make it look so easy.

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