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Dog potty time! Let’s review 5 Pee Pad Brands

Halloween is coming! So I thought it’ll be a great time to write about a horrifying topic…

Dog potty time! Let's review 5 Pee Pad Brands in Singapore

… Pee In The House! ūüėĪ ūüėĪ ūüėĪ

At first I assumed it was normal to use newspaper for Donna’s peeing and pooing needs in the flat, because that was what paper-training means right? The dog is trained to do it on newspaper.

But I soon realised that newspaper was a really bad medium for absorbing pee. And Donna had and still has the unfortunate habit of kicking the newspapers (and peepads) around after doing the deed.

So you can imagine how good absorption is so important to me. Donna¬†tracks the pee off the pet sheet when she is done.¬†Sometimes, she¬†kicks the pee pad around in the toilet, sometimes¬†even out into the common hallway. I really don’t want all that pee to smear around on the floor.

In this post, let’s do some tests to see which pee pad will work better with Donna!

Whether you are currently toilet training or have toilet trained your dog, you will find the following test outcomes helpful to you! 

What’s my criteria for Donna’s pee pads?

Now besides good absorption, I also want to get a sense of whether any pee pad product will show odour control properties.

I try to clear the pee pad as soon as it gets used. But most of the time, Donna would use it in the middle of the night or in the day when we were out. The doors and windows would be closed, so the odour was pretty noticeable in the morning or when we get home. So odour control will also be a nice to have. At least it will make cleaning up less distasteful. :P :P :P (I hate cleaning up.)

The pee pad brands we are testing

dog potty pee pad review - selection of pee pads in Singapore

  • Absorb Plus – $24.90 (regular), $29.00 (charcoal),¬†45x60cm (50 pieces)
  • Drypets – $16.50 (regular), 50 pieces
  • Honeycare – $29.90 (lavender scent), $29.90 (charcoal), 45x60cm (48 pieces)
  • My Potty Pad – $25.00 (regular), $29.90 (charcoal), 45x60cm (50 pieces)
  • Pet Sheets – $24.90 (regular), 50 pieces

*Prices for reference only. There may be differences depending on where you buy your pee pads from.

dog potty pee pad review - selection of pee pads in Singapore

I actually don’t have a specific pee pad brand that I buy.¬†Drypets and Pet Sheets are two brands that are currently in my¬†storeroom right now. In this post, I will also compare them with regular and charcoal pee pads from¬†Absorb Plus, Honey Care and My Potty Pad.

The Pee Pad Test

I then put the pee pads through two tests. These are casual tests for a quick indicative idea of how these pee pad products may perform on absorption ability and odour control. ;)

dog potty pee pad review in Singapore - vinegar

Apparatus for testing pee pads. :P

Test 1: Absorption
100ml of diluted chrysanthemum tea is poured onto each pee pad. The liquid is deliberately poured at a corner about 10cm from the edge of the pee pad because Donna never pees at the centre. :P A piece of tissue paper is then placed on top of the wet patch. The pee pads are then assessed for their ability to absorb the liquid quickly and to lock in the moisture.

Test 2: Odour control
100ml of chrysanthemum tea mixed with vinegar and water is poured onto each pee pad. The pee pads are then assessed for how strong the vinegar smell is.

Note: These are casual tests for a quick indicative idea of how these pee pad products perform on absorption ability and odour control only, so results aren’t final. ;)

Regular pee pad with the Worst to Best Absorption

#3 Р#5 Absorb Plus, Pet Sheets, Drypets X-odor Eliminator

I’m ranking¬†Absorb Plus, Pet Sheets, Drypets together since each has its own pros and cons.

Absorb Plus fared the worse in terms of absorbing the liquid and locking in the moisture. Don’t get me wrong, the pet sheet actually absorbed liquid fast and appeared to dry well over time, but the border around the pee pad did not keep the liquid within the pad as effectively¬†as other brands. This compromised the pee pad’s performance when it let the liquid flow right onto the table.

If you have the pad within a pee tray, this may present less of a concern to you, versus someone who lays the peepad directly on the floor for example. Since my preference is for the pee pad to absorb everything nicely so minimum effort for me is needed to wash the tray, this pee pad may not work for me.
dog potty pee pad review in Singapore - absorb plus pet sheets

The difference in performance between Pet Sheets and Drypets was not that big. Both pee pads still felt wet after some time had passed. In this respect, they performed worse than Absorb Plus. This may mean that Donna is more likely to track urine paw prints onto the floor when she is finished using the pee pad.

However, both Pet Sheets and Drypets kept the liquid within the pee pad, so there was no spilling over the edge of the pet sheet.

dog potty pee pad review - pet sheets

Drypets absorbed slightly better than Pet Sheets but the difference was not great since both of the pee pads remained wet after some time had passed.

dog potty pee pad review Singapore - drypets pet sheets

#2 My Potty Pad

My Potty Pad regular and charcoal versions - singapore pet peed pad review
My Potty Pad absorbed the liquid fast and appeared significantly more effective in locking in the moisture compared to Pet Sheets and Drypets. The liquid also did not spill across the edge of the pee pad.

#1 Honey Care U-Play Lavender Pee Pad
Honeycare U-Play pee pad - Singapore pet pee pad review

HOney Care is the most expensive option out of the 5 brands for regular pee pads in this review. This is¬†also the¬†only pee pad in the test that is scented, and has a floral print on its surface. But you’re not just paying for the aesthetics alone with this product.¬†Honey Care U-Play pet sheets displayed the best absorption performance in terms of locking in the moisture out of the 5 brands tested.
dog potty pee pad review Singapore - honey care u-play lavender pet sheets

Next, let’s find out if there is discernible difference between charcoal pee pads and regular ones.

Do Charcoal pee pads have better odour control and absorption than regular pet sheets?

A horrible concoction of vinegar with chrysanthemum tea diluted with a small amount of water is used to put these peepads to the Odour Control test. Charcoal pee pads are often marketed as containing activated charcoal and having stronger odour removing properties.

The verdict? The charcoal pee pads appeared to me to have less strong vinegar smell compared to their regular pee pad counterpart from the same brand when doused with vinegar water.

singapore pet pee pad review

From left: My Potty Pad regular and charcoal pee pad, Donna, Absorb Plus Charcoal Pee pad, Honeycare U-play Lavender regular pee pad and Charcoal pee pad

That is, except for Honey Care U-Play Lavender, because it’s strong lavender scent seemed¬†to mask the vinegar smell more effectively than the Honey Care U-Play Charcoal pee pad.

My Potty Pad Charcoal pads appeared to work the best in this regard. The vinegar smell was least strong compared to the others, when held to the nose.

dog potty pee pad review - charcoal vs regular pet sheets


Absorption power РCharcoal vs Regular Pee Pads

When it came to locking the moisture in, most of the pee pads tested appeared to fare worse with the more concentrated solution of apple cider vinegar and crysanthemum tea, compared to test 1 where a diluted solution of chrysanthemum tea was used.

Interestingly in this case,¬†the Honey Care and Absorb Plus Charcoal pads appeared to perform¬†worse than the regular pads when it comes to their absorption capabilities. The liquid spilled onto the table for both brands’ charcoal peepad.

dog potty pee pad review Singapore - charcoal vs regular pet sheets absorption

So it appeared to me My Potty Pad Charcoal pee pad was the best charcoal pee pad for both odour removal and absorption ability in the test.

dog potty pee pad review Singapore - my potty pad pet sheets

I would say Honey Care U-Play Lavender pet sheets is a comparable product with good absorption and odour masking attributes. It certainly performed the best for the regular pee pads.

dog potty pee pad review Singapore - honey care pet sheets

Both retail at the same price – $29.90.

Whether you are currently toilet training or have toilet trained your dog, I hope this article has been helpful to you.

I will continue to try out the different brands¬†in Donna’s pee tray, and see if the performance with real urine stays consistent with the test results. So follow me on my social media to get updated! ;)

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Disclosure:  Pee pads outside of those in my store room kindly provided by Nekojam.com and Somewhitecookie for testing purposes. Thank you! The test method, assessment and final written review of the pet sheet products and their performance were all independently planned and conducted by weliveinaflat to ensure an objective review of the products shared. The review is personal opinion only. Please feel free to share if you have other opinions about the products featured. ;)

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  • Do you use any of the pee pad brands mentioned in the post? What is your opinion of them?
  • If¬†you use other brands instead of the brands mentioned, what brands are these. What is your opinion of the pee pad brand(s) you are currently using?
  • Any horror stories with pee or poo to share with me this Halloween? :P Tell me more about it in the comments. ;)


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  1. Sally

    I recently decided to switch from litter soil to pee pad for my cat for his peeing only. He poos separately on plastic covers over a cardboard. It is definitely easy for disposing and cost saving using pee pads. Was searching for one that is inexpensive and good. Landed on your page. I bought the Absorb Plus Charcoal and it is good so far. One sheet per day and the smell still acceptable and no leakage. I intend to buy the Honey Care Lavender and Charcoal after reading your review.

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