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This Goldie mans a restaurant in Ximending, Taipei

Taipei is a pretty fun place for playing the Dog-Spotting game.

This is Ah Mao (阿毛), which literally means furry or hairy.

Ah Mao’s Stone Pot Risotto

阿毛石鍋燉飯 | website • menu
Wucang St, Sec 2,  武昌街2段48之1號 Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 2 2388 8098

ah mao golden retriever at wo cang shop ah mao golden retriever at wo cang shop

Ah Mao, the golden retriever, sat like that for a some time before he deigned to turn back for this shot. Hoho.

Ah Mao is the mascot for an Italian restaurant in Ximending called Ah Mao’s Stone Pot Risotto …. or something to that effect if I were to translate it from Chinese to English.

He has the busy job of appearing in one of two to three such shops in Taipei named after him. There he welcomes guests to the shops. This means that we were pretty lucky that he was on shift here when we passed by. :P

A check on a few blogs showed that people found Ah Mao to be friendly and obedient. However, a sign on the door also warns that Ah Mao can get stressed and angry and advises patrons that it is ok to watch him but not to pet him. Makes sense. A human would get stressed and angry too if he/she were continuously bothered without a break.

The establishment is guide dog-friendly, and that’s pretty cool.

ah mao shi guo dun fan

Ah Zong’s Flour Rice Noodles

Éméi St, 峨眉街8之1號 Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 02 2388 8808

We were looking to stop somewhere for lunch, after having small servings of Ah Zong’s Flour Rice Noodles on the street.

ah zhong mian xian

Yes, that’s how everyone eats at Ah Zong.

At first we were thinking of eating at this pot-sticker place right next to Ah Zong but that was closed after lunch hours. So we had to look around for places that are open all day.

Mom didn’t feel like stone pot rice at Ah Mao, so no lunch with dog for us. A convenient second option was the cafe above Ah Mao.

Little Place Little Kitchen

好窝小厨 | Facebook • menu below
Wucang St, Sec 2,  武昌街2段48之1號2樓, Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 2 2331 0529

Looks potentially quiet for taking a breather from the streets, no?


hao wo xiao chu

The stairs leading up to the restaurant – Little Place Little Kitchen (好窝小厨) – was along a side alley. This place is newly opened in February 2014 it seems.

hao wo xiao chu entrance hao wo xiao chu menu

No dogs here but Mom studied the menu and was amenable to it. Phew!

So we headed up.

A look out the window. The place is bustling on street level but above that, the sign of empty rooms and urban decay are not uncommon.

hao wo xiao chu window view

It was a comfortable space to be in. The restaurant interior was pretty green and homey. We were the only customers since it was after the lunch hour, so I had plenty of freedom to take pictures, haha!

hao wo xiao chu interior hao wo xiao chu salmon fried rice hao wo xiao chu pumpkin pasta hao wo xiao chu shrimp fried rice hao wo xiao chu ice red tea

Salmon fried rice. Cream of Pumpkin Sauce with Chicken Pasta. Red Cherry Shrimp fried rice.
Iced tea from tea leaves cultivated at Sun Moon Lake.

Looking at food pics makes me hungry again… :P


Ximending Lunch Stop Details

Nearest MRT/subway – Ximending

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線
Éméi St, 峨眉街8之1號 Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 02 2388 8808
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Ah Mao’s Stone Pot Risotto 阿毛石鍋燉飯 [website]
Wucang St, Sec 2,  武昌街2段48之1號 Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 2 2388 8098
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Little Place Little Kitchen 好窝小厨 [Facebook]
Wucang St, Sec 2,  武昌街2段48之1號2樓, Taipei, Taiwan [map]
+886 2 2331 0529
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After a leisurely meal, we were ready to hit the streets again. Here’s a quick shot of what the area looks like around the alley entrance to Little Place Little Kitchen.

More Taipei dog-spotting posts to come :P




Does your dog leave human things alone?


  1. The only time I can be at a restaurant here is if the table is outside, like a sidewalk cafe or patio. Discrimination!

  2. Mom was in Taipei several times and did not like it at all. It was very dirty, and they sold dead dogs on the street for eating. She never wants to go back there. It sounds like you enjoy it there. She tried, but each time she went was worse than the last. She was all over in Asia but no more Taipei for her.

    • I did and I actually quite like visiting for several reasons not related to dogs. Haha :p

      I actually never saw them selling dead dogs and I don’t think I’ll see them blatantly doing so since it is illegal there. That said, I am the most oblivious person walking around so it may be just me :p

      I think I’m more likely to find it in China, Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. All countries I’ve been to as well. I actually find Taipei comparatively clean! Despite the urban decay…

      I guess, when one steps out of the house, one expects to find both good and bad things in any part of the world.

      A girlfriend visited Taiwan recently by herself and took it into her head to visit a park at night to see stars by herself. The bus driver was dumbstruck and insisted to the bus driver on the last bus that night to make sure he pick her up because she was on her own and it was not safe.

      I hope you see good things wherever you choose to go. :)

  3. Looks like an interesting place and the food looks good. :)

    • I was very comfortable, it being a city not unlike Singapore. The food was very filling being carbo-laden, haha!! But yah, I had no complaints, but than I’m not known for being a foodie. Eat to live ;)

  4. That’s awesome! And all that food looks so delicious.

    • It is, we only have two guide dogs in Singapore and they have a hard time getting into establishments because people aren’t as aware of them here. So I think it’s awesome when a shop is very openly guide-dog friendly :)

  5. Mmm! That made me hungry for some great Chinese cooking!

  6. Thanks for sharing the tour. I never think about the challenges of guide dogs in other countries. I’m so used to their acceptance here.

  7. That grin from Ah Mao cracks me up. I love places with real live “mascots” My barber brings his dog to work and it brightens everyone’s day.

    • I personally wouldn’t bring a dog to work since I can’t multi-task well :P But in a setting like a barber, I can imagine it does enliven the place! : )

  8. What an interesting post! Beautiful Golden! I would like to go there and visit one day…

  9. That place looks very interesting. I am not a traveler, so I have not been to any places remotely like this!
    Looks like fun though!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • It was interesting, and it’s an easy place to travel with my mom since she prefers environments that she finds familiar ;)

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