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It’s Art, not Food, Donna. So Leave it.

Something is off with Donna…

Something seemed awfully off one morning, when the human woke up to find Donna looking very suspicious!

There’s nothing here, human. Move on please!

And then what’s this! The human found tell tale packets of treats from the Halloween Insta-meet in Donna’s crate all torn up and empty.

Somebody surely was having a not-so secret midnight feast of her own!


You know how this is the moment where you grab that camera, hang a sign on the dog that says “I stole and ate all the treats” for that #dogshaming photo?

Yah well, we don’t have those.


Punishment for the thieving dog!

The weliveinaflat-brand of punishment is more torturous than that! TRUST ME!

Referencing the most awesome historical references for the following creative dog torture Instagram accounts:

The so-near-yet-so-far, can-see-cannot-touch Leave It torture!!

1st attempt… wonky kibble text hahahaha

Donna is not impressed. Yah well…

Some dogs will tell you this is easy. Harmony the Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix from Minnesota says – just don’t look at the food.

I will not look at the food.

Honestly, if it were that easy, then you wouldn’t need to not look at the food.

Some like Sunny would even laugh at the challenge in the face.

Hahahahahaha! – Sunny the Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix 

Hehehehehe! – Santo the Golden Retriever

But the wise will tell you this challenge is nothing to laugh about.

We are all very serious here, says Whitaka the German Sheperd Dog from Pennsylvania.

Very serious! – Odie the Shihtzu

Because there is nothing worse than water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

How long do I have to keep still please? These are my Halloween treats you know, human. – Donna, mongrel

Come on now, human! – Pepper the Miniature Pinscher, with her name spelled in dog biscuits.


Not really punishment

Of course, the human’s perspective is different from the dogs.

I’ve been playing around with dog food art more as a “leave it” training exercise and a huge lesson in patience with a camera, dogs and dog treats for me.
Wendy Claypool

And you know what, for every good job with the Leave it’s and the Sit-stay’s, Donna gets a reward.

Sometimes, the rewards are hefty as an elephant! :P

I want!


It’s mine!



Teach a dog to Leave it
– http://youtu.be/EVJiwa9LHiw
– http://youtu.be/MHVRg98tBuk 


Much thanks to the named IG accounts who have given us permission to use their photos on this blog!

And you know what, humans need encouragement sometimes too!

Little treat from @ Beaniebeenboo for the humans. Yay! Humans can haz treats too!! Thank you! #notforyouDonnanehnehnehbooboo :P


Dogs of Instagram SG Insta-meet Halloween


Donna met an African Grey parrot


  1. I’m with Donna. 100%!!

  2. It’s not always easy to leave it, but we do that too for photos. Once we learned we get some if we wait, it was not a problem. Some super cute ideas there in those photos.

  3. We do teach leave it. But we really do not mess with the dogs and food. As long as they take a treat from our hands nicely we are happy with that.

  4. Hold on, I think we also need to talk about how good everyone’s “handwriting” is. I couldn’t set that up if you gave me all day.

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