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Happy 7th Birthday, Donna!

I typically don’t interact with many people or dogs at bigger dog parties. With too many dogs, it can get chaotic so I keep Donna on the lead in such cases.

And in the case of parties I’m organising, I can get too preoccupied with details and forget about talking to people. I’m sure that may be the case for some of you too, since I myself have attended parties where I didn’t converse much with the host besides, “Hi”, “This is the present for XYZ” and “Bye!”. :P

This year, it seemed a better idea to keep Donna’s birthday celebrations small and informal.  I stopped focusing on details. I brought a happy birthday balloon that I forgot to use in the photos. I forgot about the candle that The Doggy Bag included in the cake box. We didn’t agree on the exact location in advance, and everyone was late. :P :P :P

But I spoke with all the dog moms and even the dog dads in the group!! HAHAHAHAHAHA *oops!* You see, I am usually the quiet one in the group, so that is an achievement. :P :P :P


Big deal. I thought this is my birthday? Where’s my cake?? :|


Donna and her funny, fluffy friends – Cookie Japanese Spitiz, Cookie Shihtzu and BB Shihtzu.


Just take the photo and be done with it, mom. I don’t care that I’m not smiling.


How can you not find them cute and funny :P #syncronisedposing

So anyway, if my Instagram account has hoodwinked you into thinking that Donna is a smiley dog. Here’s the TRUTH: Donna thinks looking PATHETIC will get her things.

She really is a grumpy dog. :P :P :P :P :P

I had to get Donna up and running about a bit before she got her holiday spirit on.


It’s my cake!! I’m playing hide and seek with my friends!

When I told Jodie (The Doggy Bag) that I wanted a birthday cake for a small party of dogs  – 2 shihtzu, 2 spitz and 2 mongrels – she had this idea to make a cake where Donna is playing with her friends. Donna’s many instagram videos of her playing with her dog friends at daycare had made an impression on Jodie. :P

The final creative expression of the cake resulted in Donna prone on the letter D cake – a paw covering her eyes, like she is counting down before going to hunt for her friends who are hiding. Can you see that she is being cheeky and peeking out from behind her paw??? The spitz couldn’t resist peeking at Donna from his hiding spot and the shih tzu picked a much safer spot under the table cloth. But she had knocked one of the bone biscuits off, so I guess she’d better pray Donna doesn’t track the displaced bone to her hiding place! :P :P :P

Finalising the final ingredients in the cake was more of a challenge as this small group of doggy friends had some ingredients that they couldn’t eat. The exclusion of coconut oil apparently resulted in the actual pink colour of the cake not being preserved and looking patchy. That was a pity, but like I said, I wasn’t going to be fixated on details. :D :D :D The cake had only ingredients that Donna’s friends eat, and that was most important.


Quick! Mom! Cut the cake!!

All smiles after their tummies are filled.

funny dogs

Who is most synchronised??? :P These guys make me smile with their funny faces :P :P ;P

shiro japanese spitz

Shiro was playbowing Cookie when he slipped and fell off the platform. I was stunned. Note to self that safer environments should be considered for next time!

And while her birthday will be over, I’m certainly looking forward to more unplanned mini celebrations when we meet with her friends – Jacko, Cookie and more – over the next couple of weekends.

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  1. Spitz? It looked more like a Westie. How did you narrow down Donna’s birthday?

  2. Jo

    Happy birthday from Australia, beautiful Donna!! I love all the photos of you having a great time with your friends, and that cake is amazing :D

  3. Happy Birthday Donna. :)

  4. Happy birthday Donna!

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