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Dog-friendly Handlebar near Sembawang Park

dog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong

Update May 1, 2017: Handle Bar near Sembawang has been relocated to Gillman Barracks. It is still dog friendly, and I heard from a source on Facebook that the food is much better at the new location too. :) More about Handle Bar at Gillman Barracks here.

Old Article: June 18, 2015

Some White Cookie had been talking about wanting to visit the Biker-themed bar called Handle Bar, so we went. You can visit Sembawang Park Dog Run and Handle bar together!


Address | 57 Jalan Mempurong, 759057 [google maps]
Tel | +65 6475 9571 (Reservations advised Fri-Sun)
Operating hours | Tue – Thu 5pm – 1am, Fri 5pm – 2am, Sat 3pm – 2am, Sun 3pm – 1am
Menu | see here 


Handle Bar is secluded in a really deserted end of Singapore. You literally have to drive through the jungle to get there (see image below lol). There is a narrow road that cars, bikes and cyclists use to get through the overgrown wilderness. Please don’t attempt to walk. And relying on cabs may not be a great idea since it’s such a deserted place.

sembawang park to handlebar aerial view

Which is why, it seems like such an adventure just to go. LOL #cheapthrill

In reality the drive there from Sembawang Park is really not long, if Google maps is to be believed. 4min, it says. :P

So welcome to Handle Bar!

dog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong
dog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurongdog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong

Most patrons sat outdoors, but there are mobile shelters which I assume they will wheel over the tables it’s too hot in the afternoons or if it rains.

dog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong
Dogs under the table – Mango, Cookie and Donna.
Wheels  on the outdoors table and chair sets should be quite functional, no? :P 

The indoors appear to cater more for drinks and leisure, with lots of transport related paraphernalia. Think wheels on the back of chairs, etc

dog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong


The Food Truck-style Kitchen

handlebar kitchendog-friendly handlebar sembawang Jalan Mempurong

Donna’s not too interested in the place where all the food comes from since she’s just there to rest under the table. *Ooops!* No food for dogs served here.


We perused the menu at length since the names of the food were rather attention-seeking.

handlebar menu
Note: We were there some months back so the menu may or may not be up to date.

We couldn’t decide between Sudden Death Wings or Cocaine wings so we ordered both.
dog-friendly handlebar chicken wings

And I think this is the Bite Me Focacia Bread Pizza.
dog-friendly handlebar bread pizza

The Blossom Onion did not turn out as pretty as we expected it to. :P
dog-friendly handlebar onion blossom

And the random mains we ordered.
dog-friendly handlebar food

The food was very filling, but not as yummy as expected. LOL. But food is a relative thing, I know some people who enjoyed the food there. :)

Mostly, for me it was interesting to just go off the beaten path a bit and eat at some outdoor place at the end of the jungle in the middle of the night. HAHAHAHAHAHA :P

Night-time is not the best time for photography with a camera phone. But if you’d rather see all than to leave it as a mystery to discover, the following blogs capture the decorative details of this themed restaurant and bar in more detail. :P

I’m not sure if we’ll return to Handlebar since Mr P is not keen to make the drive there again. :P But if we do, Donna is ready to don her doggles for the occasion! :P

singapore special donna dog with doggles

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  1. I don’t think I’ll make it there, either.

  2. But it’s only a four minute drive. :-) Seriously it does look like fun and a great place to take the dogs. It also looks like a lot of people are enjoying it as well. But you are right, it sure looks like an isolated place to me, which might make me a tiny bit nervous. LOL

    Thanks for joining the blog hop.

    • I guess it must be me picking on the food, since you’re right, there is a crowd enjoying the place! :P Hahaha. Mr P doesn’t like to drive to the park either, it’s aways from where we live. When you live on a small island where most places are accessible, you tend to get even more impatient as a people. HAHAHAHAHA! :P Thanks for dropping by ;)

  3. Hi Y’all!

    Donna is one hot lookin’ biker babe!

    If you haven’t already, I hope y’all will come to my new home, http://www.browndogcbr.net. I’m still workin’ on it. I’m tryin’ different formats. I have a new one today. We would appreciate your input.

    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hey I love your new home!!

      Although I’m wondering why you moved from blogger to wordpress.

      The current front page is nice, I can click in the the articles I am interested to read quickly, if I’m attracted to the picture or the headline.

      The post page itself, my personal opinion only. Your header that stays at the top of the page is not helping the experience for me. Your nice large images cannot be shown fully because the space left for the page to scroll just doesn’t allow that on my laptop. It’s one of those small things that makes me uncomfortable. Sorry if I am nitpicking :P

      But otherwise, this is great, I love that the comment box and comments are displayed on the same page. On the previous blogger theme, it was hidden and harder to find for first time visitors :)

      • Hi Y’all,

        Thanks for the input.

        Unfortunately I can’t do anything about the header, it’s part of the theme.

        I can make the pics smaller. I was actually wondering if they were too big, but I looked at them on my smartphone and on a tablet. When I change themes I also check each browser. I use both Chrome and Firefox, but I check it in Explorer too.

        I’ll be trying out some other layouts, but most seem to have the stationery header.

        Thanks again for the input.

        BrownDog’s Human

        P.S. I’m not at all technically inclined, so changing coding is not an option for me.

  4. The food looked good. :) It is fun to go to some different places now and again. Thanks for sharing on the hop!

  5. What a cool place!

  6. Hi Y’all,

    After I went back and looked at the page I finally saw what you were talking about. Weird, I never picked up on it.

    After you pointed it out, it drove me crazy, so I tried changing the settings that I could and, low and behold, the header now moves. I’ve also made the photos smaller.

    See how it works for you. I’m still going to experiment with a couple of other layouts before I settle down.

    Thanks for the help.

    Stay cool,
    BrownDog’s Human

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