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Friendly Friday

I’ve been wondering a lot about whether there is a Singapore Special mongrel personality.
I don’t know since I don’t have much contact with other mongrels outside of Donna, but what I know of her. She is (1) quick to startle (2) takes sniffing as her primary occupation (3) playful and yet prefers to sleep when you are too busy to play with her.

What are the three key things you can name of your dog’s personality/character traits? Do they match his/her breed? 

Last week, we talked about dogs with known breeds. This week, there were some interesting posts about rescue/adopted dogs, check them out if you haven’t ;)

If you are on a self-hosted blog and are interested to talk about blogging, I wrote a short post on WP search plugins here on google+. 

Hello Sugar,
thought I’ll share Donna’s video for See Beautiful.


[Video] Why the Kong Genius Leo makes my dog look stupid


Training Opportunities become clear with a Schedule


  1. Loved Maggie’s adoption story also! Thanks for the shout out on the labor of love of caring for Jake! If it wasn’t for all the laughs, it’d be torture!

  2. Hawk aka BrownDog

    Hi Y’all,

    Loved your post today. My Human thinks rescue dogs are the best dogs and the most appreciative.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Ace’s three personality traits: 1. Always hoping to retrieve something 2. Gentle with everyone 3. Up for a nap (as long as there’s nothing to retrieve)

  4. goldenwoofs

    Woofs to you :-) its hard to keep up with all the IG. Golden Thanks LOVE that face. Happy Seeing Beauty. Golden Woofs

  5. What a sweet little video! Donna has the prettiest eyes. Can’t check your links right now (husband and dog waiting for me to go for a walk) but I’ll come back later today. Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!

  6. That video is cute. In it Donna reminds me of Storm. Just her facial expressions. Thunder appreciates the birthday shout out. :)

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