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Donna’s Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

Donna’s Gotcha Day was in Jan 12, 2013. Xmas to Chinese New Year is typically a busy period for me, so after last year’s hectic experience I decided to just ask a few dogs out for a picnic at Bishan Park so Donna can have fun with some friends.

Who orders a Bundt Cake for Gotcha Day? :P

Separately, I loved the look of the Xmas Bundt Cake by The Doggy Bag. So I asked Jodi, the lady behind the home bakery, if she could make one of her Christmas Cakes for Donna :P

Literally what we agreed upon was the below. Replacement of the original fruits to fruits that Donna is more likely to eat, and also the inclusion of a miniature Donna in the center.

donna's Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

Looking at it months later, I still think Donna’s Gotcha Day Bundt Cake looks so cute!


A cake made specially for Donna and our blog!

But what I eventually received was a giant box because Jodi had literally built a community of apartment block cookies surrounding Donna’s Cake! Simply because she was inspired by our blog title – We Live in a Flat!!

donna's Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

If the layout looks a little wonky to you, it’s because the cake suffered a mishap in the car when we transported it home. Oops!

This was definitely more than what I expected! You can’t see it but there was a lot of detail and effort going into this. Besides the DONNA cookies curving around the Bundt Cake in front, there was also WE LIVE IN A FLAT cookies curving around the Bundt Cake at the back. The landscape around the blocks of flats was also dotted by brocolli trees!

donna's Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

It feels like such a happy cake because it looks like little Cookie Men have run out of their apartments to dance around Donna and celebrate her Adoption Day with her!! :D #somuchlove

donna's Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

Can I eat the little Cookie Men now, mom? :P :P :P :P Oops!

donna's Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

I’m obviously exhausting Donna’s patience trying to find the best way to capture her and all the detail on the cake. :P


Vet visit on Gotcha Day, unbelievable Mom!

If memory serves me right, Donna’s Gotcha Day fell on a Monday this year. And she was scheduled to go see the vet for that day. :P After the vet visit, she got to go run around a bit at East Coast Park.

donna at east coast parkdonna at east coast park

And much of Donna’s Gotcha Day Bundt Cake went to camouflaging her pills. HAHAHAH *Oops! :P *

donna's gotcha day bundt cake used to hide pills.

// Just back from hiatus in February so I’m still working on all the backdated posts :P



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Sengkang Riverside Park with Donna!


Happy 7th Birthday, Donna!


  1. No cake here for the dogs. The peeps don’t eat sugar or wheat anymore.

  2. What a fabulous cake!

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