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birthday party at Ah B Cafe for dogs

Socks & Colby’s Birthday Party at Ah B Cafe for dogs

We will not manage to attend any Christmas Parties before Christmas, but it doesn’t matter. Last Saturday, we met up with some of our Instagram friends at Ah B Cafe for Socks and Colby’s Birthday Party! 

Socks and Colby’s Birthday Party at Ah B Cafe!

Donna had a grand time checking out new friends, and trying to get them to play with her. But most dogs will take time to warm up to a new friend, so I’m glad she had a great time meeting the other guests even though they did not play. :P

Here’s the vlog to show you how it all went!

Ah B Cafe Review

The party was held at Ah B Cafe. Despite the furniture, you can see the video there was some space for dogs to run around but not roughhouse. They are likely to knock into the furniture. I like the cafe for the little touches – hand senitisers at every table, contactless soap dispenser at the sink, obvious pee pad areas for dogs, etc.

Most people seem to prefer hanging out on the platform where the beanbags are. But I think those are dog marking magnets, so personally I prefer the table and chairs anyday. :P

Ah B Cafe serves a decent, if short menu of food and drinks. Cakes and pastries for dog parties are only allowed if they are catered from Pawlicious Dog Bakery next door.

Ah B Cafe
110 Turf Club Road Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000 map | operating hours
Human food: Decent | Dog menu: Yes
Play space: Big enough for big dogs to run around but not roughhousing
Parking: Some parking space both inside and outside the compound. Or park nearer to grandstand on weekends.
Other amenities: Near to Sunny Heights swimming pool for dogs.

dog cafes singaporeSee also the complete list of Dog Cafes here.

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  1. Looks like a fun time even if Donna had a tough time finding someone to play with her. :) I noticed a Thunder dog in the video. ;) The cake looked fabulous. Thanks for joining the hop!

  2. Brilliant cake!

  3. I wish that there were places like this in the US. Dogs aren’t aren’t allowed in food stores. They’re not allowed in restaurants unless you’re on the patio outside (in December, that’s always an option, just brush the snow off the seat and your drinks are always cold.).

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