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Dog-friendly Hotel Buffet at Indulge At Park, Grand Park City Hall

donna mutt goes to breakfast hotel buffet at Indulge at park, grand park city hall in singaporeHey guys! Check out my new Youtube Channel – Mutt Vlog!

And here’s VLOG 001 – Donna dog’s trip to Indulge at Park for their first Doggy Day Out! It’s a dog-friendly breakfast buffet at Grand Park City Hall hotel.  Check it out now! :P

Indulge at Park, Grand Park City Hall turns dog-friendly every Saturday and Sunday from 1 August onwards. That’s this weekend!

We were invited to a preview of the breakfast hotel buffet for humans, in a dog-friendly al fresco environment by Grand Park City Hall and their partners Bosch and Briopets. Here’s what happened. ;)

Video Summary of Mutt Dog goes to Breakfast Buffet

0:00 Donna Mongrel and Cookie Spitz on the way to an event!
No pictures of the entrance because we were waylaid by greeters waiting for one of the dog rescues that had a booth at the event. I think they saw Donna and thought we brought dogs for adoption? :P Haha!

0:06 Running along the corridors at Grand Park City Hall to get to Indulge At Park’s al fresco area.
Humans with dogs go by an alternative entrance to the main entrance. It can be kind of confusing if it’s your first time there. Be sure to ask if you call to make reservations for you and your dog. ;) 

0:17 We arrived at Indulge At Park’s al fresco area. You can see what it looks like at 1:54 ;)
And of course the dogs insisted on scoping out the dogs and people with treats first! :P

0:28 Check out the breakfast buffet spread at Indulge At Park, Grand Park City Hall

0:38 Is that the plate you fixed for me? :P

0:46 Donna Mongrel and Cookie Spitz check out the Bosch pet food and treats booth by Briopets
This brand is new to me. Haha. To learn more about Dog Dry Food, go here.

0:55 Can Donna Mongrel catch the kibble? :P :P :P Slo-mo video!! :P

1:35 Some of the other furry guests at Indulge At Park’s first Doggy Day Out :) They include dogs belonging to an invited guest from AsiaOne, Bosch’s dog mascot Little John and also Goldie the lovely rescue belonging to one of the lovely ladies from Briopets.

1:54 The al fresco dining environment for the morning’s breakfast and activities.

2:06 After the agility tryouts (separate blog coming soon!) Donna dog decided it’s time to rest. :P

2:08 If you liked this video, please Like, Comment or Subscribe. Thanks for watching!


Indulge At Park, Grand Park City Hall [google map]
Address: 10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809

Daily operating hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am to 10.30am;
Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
Lunch: 12.00pm to 3pm (Sundays)
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm


Call 6432 5888
Or check out the current promotions and reserve online here or here. Note: Only weekend breakfast at Indulge At Park is dog-friendly, if I’m not wrong.


You can see more photos of the 1st Doggy Day Out event at Some White Cookie blog and my Facebook album here.

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donna mutt goes to breakfast hotel buffet at Indulge at park, grand park city hall in singapore

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  • What was your Favourite part of the video?
  • Do you know of any other dog-friendly buffets about your part of town/country? I’ll love to know!
  • Would you sneak human food to your dog at a human buffet? If yes, what food?? :P



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  1. Donna, you need to perfect your treat catching. I think it’s great that you have dog friendly places like that. How about some parrot-friendly spots?

  2. Christine Yeo

    Love the part where Donna attempt to catch the kibbles! Slow-Mo~ :)

  3. Other than BlogPaws, we don’t know of any dog friendly buffets around here. Mom usually does sneak us something, maybe a tiny bit of bacon, or some fruit.

  4. What fun! I loved the part where Donna tries to catch the kibble. Our dogs are just so so at that…lol. Love the idea of a brunch where you can bring dogs. Thanks so much for sharing on the hop!

    • She can only do a limited number until she loses focus HAHA! :P We don’t do brunch with Donna to often as a family so it was sort of fun. :P Thanks!

  5. Nice video! Especially the part when donna catches the kibble :-P

  6. Wow I’m so impressed with all the dog friendly events in your area and also with how well behaved the dogs are around each other.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop.

    • yah, when I first started blogging two years ago I never really expected to get media invites… but I think as we see more active bloggers in the scene, there became more interest in engaging with bloggers.. who knows?

  7. That sounds like such a great time!

    • It was interesting, especially the agility. It was a buffet but I don;t usually eat that early so i sort of missed out on that HAHAHAHAHA

  8. That sounds amazing! Unfortunately we don’t have any dog-friendly places near us!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you to participate in the 8 Photos of Happiness tag! If you’d like to accept, check out the details on my latest blog post: http://www.pavedbypawprints.com/8-photos-of-happiness/

  9. Awesome! Didn’t know they were dog friendly. Putting it on our list now! :D Thanks for the intro Donna <3

    • No prob! Go early as it can be hot later in the morning. I don’t review food because I am not a foodie. Everything tastes average to me no matter where I eat. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Food is subjective anyway so I’ll leave you to decide ;)

  10. It looked like it was great fun! I called Grand Park City Hall Hotel to ask about this and they said there is no more dog-friendly breakfast buffets. Was it only for that weekend…?

    • Hey, Briopets has kindly helped me to confirm with the hotel again that breakfast with your dogs is indeed still on going.
      Breakfast at Indulge is always open to the public, and they can bring their pets along on Sat & Sun. To reserve and for more information they can call 6432 5888. Hope that helps! :)

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