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I can’t believe I let you give me a shower. Again.

If only I was on my beach towel at the beach. Then I won’t be sporting this look on face, would I, human?

Donna doesn’t like to shower. She is appeased once she is let out of the shower cubicle.

We have got this routine going. Wipe dog with towel and let the damp pooch stay on the towel to dry off. It stops her from tracking wet paw prints all over the floor and splattering water all over the place. And is also a good excuse making sure I am consistent with working with her to learn to relax on the mat at the same time.

I can’t believe I let you give me a shower. Again.

She usually gets over it by the time she wakes up from her nap ;)


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  1. I don’t blame her! I love water and swimming, but no thank you to a bath! A rude dog torture ;) Happy b/w Sunday!

    • Donna has never gone swimming before… so I guess she is averse to all water!! Glad you enjoyed water and swimming ;) Next step, the bath!! Hahaha!

  2. goldenwoofs

    Oh SHOWERS are good. Sugar LOVES it:-) I bet you smell GOOD! Happy Black n White Sunday. Golden Woofs

  3. I agree with Emma! Swimming and playing in the river is great. Taking a shower just changes everything.

  4. A shower, how rude. But if you want snuggles, you have to smell good.

  5. I keep telling Mr. N if he wants fewer baths to come back in the next life as a short-haired, “wash and wear dog.” But if he does, he probably won’t be in our house because we don’t like dog hair lol.

  6. But it makes you look so fresh and pretty, Donna! And…you dry off fast enough!

  7. Yikes I hate bath too. When mom go into the bathroom and call me, I run as fast as I can.

  8. After one of those, I’m afraid to go into the bathroom for a week.

  9. Bentley loves his bath. He will fall asleep while getting blow dried. Even dogs that don’t enjoy the bath surely have to feel better cleaned up! He deserved some beach towel time now!!

  10. Mel

    Surely she does. :)
    Love the pics. Do I sense a little bit of the dramatic flair in Donna?

  11. heheheh! That looks so familiar. Simba doesn’t like bathtime either but Donna looks way cuter than he does. Great shots Mrs. P! :D

    • Perhaps Simba has more years to get used to baths than Donna :P and hence takes it in his stride? heehee.

      • 15 years of bathing experience to be exactly and every week – because of his problem skin but he is a good boy and listens to mommy. LOL!

  12. Love the photos! Sadie won’t stay still enough for a photo after a shower. She runs around the house like crazy trying to get the water off.

  13. dollythedoxie

    Dad took me in the shower recently, with a closed door to the bathroom I was trapped! Love Dolly

    • Same here!! But showers with Mr P are better than showers with her… Mr P likes to take things easy so the shower is faster but Donna does not smell as nice :P

  14. dorysbackyard

    You are too cute Donna!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Donna doesn’t look too traumatized. :)

  16. Donna is adorable!

  17. Woof woof! :)

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