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Wasabi-chan, the little kitty that fought

I’ve been on Instagram for about a month, checked out some #dogsofinstagram. And you know I’ve written about Norm Pug before. Norm Pug’s human is really good at taking creative photos of Norm, that gets a laugh out of you sometimes.

But the little furry that will really worm her way into your heart?

I’ll give my vote to Wasabi-chan anytime. And so today’s post is a little sad but I thought to give a little time to remember Wasabi-chan, a tiny kitten who has just passed over the rainbow bridge.

This is Wasabi-chan, you may have heard of her before.

Wasabi-chan “survived a crow attack on June 2 and was rescued by a passerby who brought the injured kitty to an animal hospital. Wasabi-chan’s injuries included a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. She required a catheter for feedings, but as energetic kittens will do, Wasabi-chan wiggled the tube out of her mouth.” – mashable

To prevent her from removing the feeding tube, Wasabi-chan’s rescuer outfitted her in crocheted costumes … that limited her movement. Not only did the getups look crazy adorable, they also helped Wasabi-chan get the nutrition she needed to heal. – mashable

The circumstances of her injuries aside, what got me to follow her is really the bond between her and her canine companion. It really doesn’t get any more warm and fuzzy than this..

Life is short, sometimes painful, but her life has also been a beautiful one.


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  1. Oh thanks for sharing that beautiful story. Lovely lovely…

  2. Beautiful pictures. Sad story.

  3. Beautiful! I saw that one photo of her in the mushroom costume before but I didn’t know of the story behind it. So sorry to hear that she passed on. What a beautiful girl.

    • Honestly, I also didn’t know the story behind it until I logged in yesterday and found thousands of comments all screaming RIP. I just found the dog/kitty bond beautiful when I followed, but when she passed on, I felt that I wanted to share that she lived a beautiful life. It’s a pity the kitten died of complications.

  4. Awwwww, that is just so adorable! On the one photo it looks like her furry friend is smiling…heheheh. Great story Mrs. P! Thanks for sharing. :D *hugs*

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