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What’s cooking? Local Christmas dog treats this Christmas 2015

reindeer-pupcake - Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015It’s that time of the year when I get all excited about the local festive dog treats scene in Singapore :P Here’s what I’m coming to think of as three of the more innovative local dog treat shops and what they have cooked up for Christmas!

Check out what else, besides this Barkery Singapore reindeer pupcake (pictured left) is baking this Christmas 2015!


Barking Good – Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015

Count down to Christmas this season with Barking Good’s Christmas Advent Calendar! The box holds 25 different packaged treats so each day is celebrated with a new and exciting flavour!

This is the product that I’m most excited about because it’s just fun to discover what is the new different flavoured treat I have for the day to give to Donna.

Unfortunately, we busted our budget shopping in November (lol), so I’m conflicted about getting a box for Donna. *oops* :P

Each box costs $39.90. Comprise 25 individually packaged dog cookies (8-10g per pack). Pre-orders close 27 Nov. Delivery by 1 Dec. Check out the yummy sneak peeks below and buy here.

xmas-advent-dog-cookies-1 - Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015
Cheeseburger: oat flour, egg, beef, cheese, rosemary 
xmas-advent-dog-cookies-2 - Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015
Santa’s cookies: oat flour, carob, peanut butter, honey 
xmas-advent-dog-cookies-3 - Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015
Berry Smoothie: blueberries, cranberries, oat flour, egg, honey, chia seeds 



The Barkery – Christmas with a heart

Christmas is about the spirit of giving!

Here’s one easy way to give to the shelter dogs in 1 of 8 dog shelters in Singapore of your choice. Simply order a Christmas Mutt Loaf from The Barkery Singapore and choose the shelter you would like it to go to when you add to cart.

The Barkery will deliver all contributions to the shelters on a weekly basis, pre-arranged with each shelter. According to the barkery webpage, last year’s orders were so generous certain shelters had Mutt-Loaves delivered to them all through Chinese New Year as well! This is certainly a gift that keeps giving! :)

Order a mutt loaf – $18 to $55, depending on size – and spread the cheer! 25% of the proceeds also will be donated to the shelters. Orders close Dec 31, 2015. Buy here.

The Barkery also has a selection of Christmas themed log cakes, round cakes, pupcakes and other goodies on offer. See the full range here.


Feedmypaws – Christmas with a flair

Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015

The Mighty Milk Animal Cookies have transformed themselves into Frosted Christmas Trees (pictured above) this Christmas.

Grab a bunch of them 5 for $11,/10 for $20 or a Little Player Bag (pictured below) with a toy candy cane, and assorted dog-friendly treats including candy canes and little sardine men. ( <– If you’re wondering what the heck are dog-friendly candy canes and little sardine men, click on the links to see their pictures :P)

This is something interesting to give to dogs celebrating their birthdays this period! ;) Limited grab bags available for order, see the full range here.

Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015


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And that’s all I have sussed out so far. Which of these have got you itching to indulge your pup? :P :P :P


All images used courtesy of Feedmypaws, Barking Good, The Barkery Singapore. Thank you! 

Get featured/Business enquiries: If you are a local dog bakery or business selling Xmas themed items, and would like to get listed, get in touch – weliveinaflat@gmail.com ;)


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