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Toy review: Kong Satellite treat dispensing toy

Kong satellite food toyWe are Kong fans over here, and already own the Kong Extreme (for tough chewers) and the Kong Genius Leo (which, by the way, makes my dog look stupid :P)

So I was pretty happy to see the Kong Satellite toy in the parcel sent by Earnest Mutts Online Store to Donna.

Here’s what it looks like:

What I like about the Kong Satellite

1) Design challenges dog mentally
Both the dog and human here get bored of our toys easily, so this new addition to our collection has definitely enlivened her meal time. :D

The design is also different from our existing toys. Each hole is placed facing a different direction on the toy, which gives the play added complexity. It requires Donna to learn to spin, tilt and tumble the toy so that the kibble falls out from one of four holes randomly.

Toy review: Kong Satellite treat dispensing toy

This presents a great, new learning experience for Donna. She is already savvy with treat dispensing toys, so the different design mentally challenges her. She took more time to finish her dry food.

If your dog gulps down her food, this is a great option to help her eat slower. It’s definitely a food bowl replacement.


2) Semi-translucent plastic lets you see if there is food left in it

Our rubber Kong toys are nice toys that bounce around quietly. But they are opaque, and it can be a little bit of a task to try to see if the inside is really cleaned out, especially when I use really sticky canned food in our regular Kong. :P Nothing that can’t be dealt with easily with a toothbrush of course. :P

Anyway, half of the Kong Satellite is made of semi-translucent plastic. Together with the bigger holes on this toy, it makes checking on whether there’s left over food inside easier. Of course, you can shake it too!


Other thoughts about the Kong Satellite toy

3) I have selectively bought only the rubber Kong toys before because I thought the plastic toys could be noisy and annoying. But as I was writing this post, Donna went and played with the toy herself and I realise it’s really not that noisy. I didn’t find it a bother at all in the flat.

4) The toy cannot be taken apart, so washing and drying out the inside of it might take some time. Filling in the treats or dry food also may take some patience, if you reference this review. But really, it doesn’t take too long. In fact, I would say dropping the kibble through the hole is easy, and definitely faster for the Kong Satellite than the Kong Genius Leo. I do see myself perhaps using the Kong Satellite more often than the Kong Genius Leo in future simply because of this. :P

5) I had Donna play with it on different ground textures both indoors and outdoors. It was, of course, scratched but held up well. A new toy always requires supervision to help Donna learn how to play with it properly. It’s definitely quality bonding time.

Toy review: Kong Satellite treat dispensing toy


Tips to help a dog who is new to playing with treat dispenser toys

If you are shopping for a treat dispensing toy, this is a good one to get if your dog has experience playing with such toys. Otherwise, the regular Kong is an easy starting toy for any dog to learn to use. But if you would like to start with this toy, here are some tips that you may find helpful!

1) Reward the dog with praise and a treat for every interaction with the toy, especially if the dog is unable to successfully get the food out yet. This helps to make the toy a fun toy, rather than a frustrating toy. It also encourages the dog to continue to interact with the toy.

2) Supervise your dog to help your dog learn to play with the toy properly. It is normal for the dog to get frustrated and attempt to chew the toy when he can see the food inside but can’t get it out. But treat dispensing toys are not chew toys, so supervision is necessary. Cheer your dog on during play, especially when she is playing with the toy correctly. Give the dog a time out and take the toy away when the dog tries to chew the toy.

And before you know it, your dog may just be checking on that toy as often as Donna and coming to nudge you with her nose asking for more. ;)

Toy review: Kong Satellite treat dispensing toy


The Kong Satellite toy is kindly given to Donna in a care package from Earnest Mutts. They are currently offering $8 off a minimum purchase of $80 on their website. Use this promo code “PROMO8“.

Look out for more posts on the other items in the package! weliveinaflat.com was not paid in this honest review of the product, but we truly appreciate the curated package of quality brands from Earnest Mutts.

Joining the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop with Tenacious Little Terrier, Cascadian Nomads and Rubicon Days because this month’s theme is reviews on Positive Training books, tools, DVDs, etc. ;)


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  1. When she first came here, the peeps tried to put Kali in a crate at night. It took that 5.5 kg dog about 15 minutes to get out of that crate. They had to get Kali a Kong crate.

  2. Cascadian Nomads

    We use frozen rubber Kongs filled with soft stuffings for crate entertainment if the boys ever have to be alone for more a few hours. We also play with Kong wobblers for a rainy day activity. This toy does look as if it would take a bit more time and effort to empty than the wobbler. It is too bad that it doesn’t open up for cleaning. Thanks for the (very cute) review and introducing us to this Kong puzzle toy. I am so glad you joined the hop again this month!

    • Frozen doesn’t work for us because Donna will simply ignore the Kong until it thaws – – Many times I come back home to find she had ignored the Kong only to rush to it when I get home. Non-frozen ones she will get to work on them right away. But they are mighty useful for distracting her on rainy, stormy days!! What’s what I use them for. I have been slack on furthering her crate training and may try out frozen kongs in the crate just to see how it works now :P

  3. This looks like a really cool toy and one I hadn’t seen before! We have some similar treat-dispensing, wobbly toys, but this one seems more challenging (a good thing with my smarty pants).

    • This is probably more challenging than the Wobbler. But perhaps less challenging then the Kong Genius Leo simply because the holes are bigger. :P I wonder why nobody seem to talk about the Genius Leo, I really like that it can be connected to other rubber kong products and make it even more challenging :P #evilhuman

    • How does this compare to the Kong Genius Leo?

  4. We are HUGE KONG fans at our house…thanks for telling us about this one! Will have to check it out!

    • Who’s not a fan of the Kong? I think this product has been in the US for two years and very affordable, according to Pitlandia ;)

  5. That looks like fun! Kong is coming up with some great toys. Mr. N likes playing with their wobbler.

    • We don’t have the Wobbler but I know it’s very popular :) I recently had fun bouncing the Bounzer at the pet store. That seems like a pretty fun toy too. ;)

  6. Ok I’m sold. I already love the brand so how I didn’t know about this specific toy is beyond me but it looks awesome. It looks like it might be quieter than the Kong Wobbler as well which would be nice, I love that toy but the super hard plastic makes for some loud bangs around corners.

  7. That looks like a very fun toy. We can’t use treat dispensing toys unless the dogs are separated though…two of them would just steal and/or fight over the kibble coming out! Kong toys were awesome when Luke was a puppy though…they kept him very entertained in his crate.

  8. Anonymous

    thanks for the review! What other treat dispensing toys do you use for Donna? Or some of her favourite toys? I would like some recommendations for my retriever as well! :)

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