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10 things to buy for your dog or cat at Don Quijote in Japan

Trying to stretch that dollar while touring in Japan? Don Quijote is a discount chain where you can buy pet supplies and products for cheaper. Here’s my pick from visiting Don Quijote stores in both Kyoto and Osaka! ;)

Don Quijote stores in Japan are like a chain of megamarts that stock EVERYTHING. These stores stay open till late while most stores closed by 9pm. So definitely the place to head to at night, if you were unable to squeeze time into your day for shopping because of your tight travel schedule. ;) Popularly known as “Donki”, they stock food, drugs, luggage, cosmetics, clothing, home and garden tools and accesories, you name it. So you will likely find lots of things to buy, and not just for pets. :P

pet shopping in Don Quijote, Osaka

One of the aisle in the pet section at a Don Quijote store in Shinsekai, Osaka

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Kyoto and Osaka Pet Shops for Cat & Dog Goods

I don’t need to tell you that Japan is a favourite travel destination for many. The country is beautiful and safe, even for single female travellers.

And if you have a dog or cat, it’s actually pretty fun to shop or even just window shop through the stores selling pet-related goods. I recently returned from a short trip to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

Pet shopping japan haul cat dog goods

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the Kyoto and Osaka pet shops and cat and dog products I saw in Japan.

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Travel: Lombok Waterfalls & Beaches

lombok-travelCome check out the waterfalls and beaches of Lombok with flatpack Donna!
We couldn’t bring Donna out of the country to holiday with us, so flatpack Donna came along. :P The venues we explored include: the Senaru Waterfalls, Selong Belanak Bay, Mawun Beach, Kuta Beach and more! :)

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Just some photos from our stay at W Hotel

Posts will continue as usual but responses on social media may be sloooowww… :P

We are going on a brief staycation. The last time we went was in January, where we stayed at W Hotel, Sentosa with it’s quirky animal head and human body parts themed decor (pictured above and below) and lots of background dance music.

It’s a really colourful hotel but when you transform it into black and white, it starts to look sort of macabre perhaps? Haha!

Anyway, we had a great time checking out the restuarants within the hotel and along the Quayside Isle. I particularly enjoyed the buffet breakfast at The Kitchen Table.

And sunset along the quay.

We’ll still be heading for Sentosa this time round, but staying near Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa. Yup, four years after it officially opened in 2014, we’re finally visiting. OMG!

Unfortunately, we can’t take Donna to staycation with us. I can’t imagine her on the Universal Studios rides anyway. But I’m sure she will look forward to going to her own vacation plans – i.e. day care for those days – if she only knew. Haha.

This is boring human. I want to play with real dog friends!

Coming up on Tuesday, some photos of Donna the last time we went for daycare. ;)

Cars and Tofu – AE86 Special Shop

So we were in Kyoto a few months back, and we just happened to be walking around when we saw a sign that was unexpected with letters that were instantly recognisable.

AE86 Special Shop
AE86 Special Shop
Mr P had to take a photo right here with the car, so you can see his shadow on the floor there, lol.

The AE86 is after all the iconic car that delivers tofu at racing car speed to customers. ( We don’t read Japanese but it was not difficult for us to guess that the Japanese letters on the car probably read “藤原豆腐店” or Fujiwara Tofu Shop. ) And if you’re clueless what I’m talking about, it all happens in this comic. :P You can also find out more about this Kyoto place with the AE86 here.

Speaking of tofu, I was quite amused by the thought of ten courses of Tofu for lunch. Ten! 3150 Japanese yen is roughly USD30 or SGD38.

10 course tofu set lunch

What does Donna say about cars?

dog and subaru car toy
dog and subaru car toy

Kiyomizu-dera at night (清水寺)

Kiyomizu-dera at night

Taking a break from black and white dog photos today, and sharing some black and white photos of Kiyomizu-dera at night from my recent Kyoto trip. I’m not very good with night photos so bear with me :P

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Phoneography Weekly: W Hotel Room

w hotel room at sentosa cove
W hotel room. In this case, W for “Wonderful Room” it seems, as represented on their website.

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Travel (W Hotel Room)
Apps: Samsung Note 10.1 LTE camera, Snapseed, VSCOcam
A hotel room is unfulfilled, unless somebody stays in it! The view of yachts berthed at Sentosa Cove is not a view, until somebody looks at it. Here’s a set of photos taken in the “Wonderful Room” of W hotel.

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kiyomizu temple to kodaiji temple to shorein-in temple and back

Monday phoneography challenge – macro: detail on map

Apps: candy camera, camera360, snapseed and moldive
Equipment: samsung galaxy note

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bus ride

Kyoto Day 3

Took my first bus ride this morning to visit some Zen gardens. The ride turned out more amusing than the gardens. The Japanese does it backwards from the way we do it in singapore. Instead of entering from the front of the bus, everyone goes up from the middle and they pay a flat fee of 220yen* when they are ready to get off from the front. The ride can never be lonely. Not even if there is only one commuter on the bus. The driver provides a constant audio track throughout the ride, letting you know when he is turning right, when he is stopping for the traffic light, when he is starting again. For a job that only requires you to drive from point a to point b, japanese bus drivers sure need more than a driving licence to give you the full service on board the bus!

*For specific route in a specific area of town.

Each zen garden charged an entrance fee and they were so small, one could walk around the garden in 10minutes and exit again. But the point of a zen garden is to keep things simple and perhaps helpful for achieving peace, focus and contemplation? So I determined to just sit around on the patio in front of the garden and absorb the morning chill. It was then I spotted a pair of angry eyes staring pointedly ahead. Now I’ve found something to focus on in the zen garden, and did a sketch of the fat cat. It was rather obstinate, sitting there between two rocks and shivering in the cold, as if it were a rock that was part of the zen garden design.

It was no photos allowed in there but my sketch was bad so I sneaked a photo of the cat, see it on instagram – http://instagram.com/p/hplye3lIGt/

The later part of the day was more interesting as I joined a horde of people invading one of thr top temples in Kyoto as part of a special nightime prayer session event. That is a tale for another day.

I don’t have any updates of Donna today as I have lost my phone somewhere between dinner and getting back to the hotel. I don’t really think I’ll get it back.

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