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Phoneography weekly: Waterloo Street (四马路)

An India Temple along waterloo street right next to Kwan Im Temple.
Bright colours of the Indian temple along Waterloo Street, next to Kwan Im Temple. Colour saturation and brightness adjusted in Snapseed.

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Street Photography
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed, VSCOcam
Right next door to the Kwan Im Temple (in last week’s Phoneography Weekly post) on Waterloo Street sits an Indian Temple. I was rather amused to see a Chinese urn in front of it, totally unexpected and hence the picture.

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Phoneography weekly: Kwan Im Temple

A cluttered space. Kwan Im Temple, fronted by hawkers

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Street Photography
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed
Hawkers offering flowers, incense and other prayer items for sale under brightly coloured tents. They stand at their carts before the popular Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo Street in Singapore.

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Black and White Dog Photography: Curled up

Close up dog photography. Photo taken with iPhone in colour, edited in Snapseed for black and white effect.

I’m under the weather today and spent the whole day in bed. I’m lucky my mother and brother dropped by so I got hot food and Donna still got her daily walk and loo breaks! Mr P is in Tokyo, lucky him!

The begging dog returns!

begging dog wants burger
My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) – week 13

An unexpected moment when Donna decided that she would perform her wave, repeatedly, to con Mr P of his burger. I didn’t know how long she was going to keep at the begging dog act, so I had to take the picture from where I was sitting. I was glad that I could capture her expression, actions and also the food she was interested in. Mr P’s arm in the foreground is kind of distracting but this is the best shot out of the few I snapped. I had to put that line of text to balance the picture, without it, there’s just too much empty space.

Why is it that the dog always thinks that we should give up our food to her. Humans get hungry too, you know.

Crop and turn a bad picture into a good one

Some people take pictures with planning and care. They check the edges of their frame, their composition, the light, etc and try to take the picture in such a way that there will be minimal needs for editing it too much later on.

But when one is dealing with living things, particularly small ones with only a camera phone in hand, one just tries to take sharp pictures as much as possible.

Remember the creepy crawlies?

These little dudes were constantly wriggling away so much that it was impossible for them to be sharp if one went too near. This meant that my camera phone had to be further away from them.

To get this photo:

I had to crop it from this shot:

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Dog Socialisation 2 – How socialised is my dog?

This article is a continuation to – Dog Socialisation 1 – What do you think of when you hear the word “socialisation”?

An off-leash JRT that approached Donna during our walk at the park.

We brought our dog Donna to a Dog Daycare Centre for a temperament assessment a few weeks back. We realised, as we watched Donna trying to blend into the wall in that room full of other dogs at the Dog Daycare Centre, that she does not get to play with other dogs enough to know how to deal with this sort of situation.

After that she further showed us how true that thought was when she started to show a tendency to mount the dog she was playing with when the dog run was over crowded with dogs. She gets too excited and humps the dog she is playing with. And the over-arousal makes her less responsive to recall and other cues we try to distract her from the obsession with trying to gyrate against another dog.

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Phoneography Weekly: Look straight ahead

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Black and White
Apps used: Camera+ (Ansel filter), Snapseed, Moldiv

Above| Chained together, these dividers become the layers that make up a discontinuous surface for the pigeons to perch on.

Below| Trying for something more abstract. I am pretending the spikes are citadels on an alien landscape. Must have been watching too many alien movies lately. :P

Re-homed dog abandons bear

No love lost between this two!

Newsflash: A re-homed local mongrel dog has been caught on camera abandoning her pre-loved toy bear. Donna the local mongrel refused to share her bed with the teddy bear, so much so that she was willing to give up the bed to the bear. When asked why she thought the bear too repulsive to be near, Donna replied that she couldn’t sleep with the bear there and the human clicking away on her phone camera on the other end. The human cannot be reached for comment. 

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) – week 12

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