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What’s cooking? Local Christmas dog treats this Christmas 2015

reindeer-pupcake - Treats for dogs this Christmas 2015It’s that time of the year when I get all excited about the local festive dog treats scene in Singapore :P Here’s what I’m coming to think of as three of the more innovative local dog treat shops and what they have cooked up for Christmas!

Check out what else, besides this Barkery Singapore reindeer pupcake (pictured left) is baking this Christmas 2015!

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5 things to know about Yogurt & Probiotics for Dogs – Best Brands to Buy

probiotic-live-cultures-yogPlain yogurt is a very yummy and useful “people” food for dog. But there are some many different brands and categories of yogurt in the supermarket aisle, sometimes I have trouble picking for for Donna and I. Here’s what I learnt and  some  yogurt products I now share with Donna on a regularly basis. :)

In this article, we discuss

  1. Yoghurt is good for dogs with upset tummies

  2. Look for yoghurt with Live and Active Cultures and the *CFU stated

  3. Plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt?

  4. How much yoghurt can I give the dog?

  5. Yoghurt vs Probiotics supplements

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Four Awesome Dog Party Food on Donna’s Gotcha Day

Donna’s Gotcha Day was in Januaury. This post is way overdue, but life happens. :P So anyhoo~

I really love the food at Donna’s Adoption Day Party, of course. Or I wouldn’t have ordered them.

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Mooncake flavours from Singapore Dog Bakeries this Mid-Autumn Festival

mooncakes from pawlicious pet bakery, feed my paws and my greedy pet[Updated 21 Aug 2016] It’s that time of the year again when kids look forward to lantern parades and adults try out the latest mooncake flavours. And our ever greedy canine friends are not left out. Mooncakes for dogs are not new in the market. What choices do we have for the mooncake festival this month? Come check it out! ;)

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Phoneography Weekly: The Kitchen Table

chrysanthemum photo with blue filter applied to itPhoneography Monday Challenge: Food
Samsung Galaxy Note3, Snapseed, Cameran, PicsArt 

Breakfast from The Kitchen Table, W Hotel. I’m not really into photographing food, so this is the closest I’ll get to styling food. And by that I mean trying to arrange the buffet items nicely on the plate myself. :P The composition still came up lacking. ~__^ Oh well~

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Phoneography Weekly: Dining with fishes

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Food)
Apps used: Camera+

The Ocean Restaurant, located in the S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, gives diners a view of the aquarium along one length of its dining hall.

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Can dogs eat durian, the prickly fruit?

section of durian fruit in it's shellCan dogs eat the fruit, Durian?

There is very little online information on this that I can find but apparently yes but in small quantities onlyif the links referenced at the end of this post are accurate. :P

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