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Talk to the Paw, human!

donna the local mongrel
Donna doesn’t feel like posing for pictures when there are no treats.

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Over-achieving mutt offers to rollover

black and white photo of a mongrel doing the dog trick rolloverSo Donna appeared to be finally getting the idea that great things happen when you rollover. I have to say though that her consistency to offer that behaviour is still… well not very consistent and totally mood dependent.

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Training update: Walking off-leash

dog walking off-leashOne of the milestones we crossed around the time of our first anniversary with a dog is going for more than an hour’s walk with Donna off leash the whole way. Guess this is somewhat of a big deal to us since, we don’t have that kind of bond that people have with puppies they brought up from young, so we’re always a little insecure when Donna is not on the lead.

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Are you cooking that for me?

Here’s Donna lying outside the kitchen, which is what she customarily does when the lazy human is cooking something. Hah!

my cooking: cut up chicken breast steak for dogSo we finally made our way to the supermarket on Saturday morning to buy a slab of boneless chicken for Donna’s postphoned-due-to-illness Christmas chicken steak!!

All cut up so that she doesn’t drag it around and leave smears on the floor. Donna loves my lousy cooking! XD


Lazy humans, mutters the dog

So human, finally decided to get up from lazing in bed to feed your poor hungry dog breakfast, did you?, asks the mutt with the ninja tail of the #1 person in her life. The warm body attached to the hand that doles out the food ,of course!

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A white patch on my dog’s paw pad

white patch on my dog's paw padDonna went for her annual vacinnation today! FB post here, and please like our page while you are at it. Thank you! :P Donna also had this spotty white patch on her paw pad. The vet advised us to just continue observing it. Happily, it disappeared after a few months! For anyone with similar concerns, here are the details.

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Haiku – Get me out of here!

Donna goes to daycare and gets frightenedA series of haiku about Donna’s first day at dog daycare. The daycare centre said Donna made a few dogs angry because she kept trying to mount them. But she learnt to avoid those dogs angry at her and play with other dogs instead.

When she returned home, it seemed like dog daycare has made her more hungry than usual.

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Haiku – Welcome home, Mr P!

welcome homeMr P just returned from his travels. A series of haikus about homecoming and how Donna greets him at the door. There is a video too!

How do your dogs greet you when you come back home?

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Dog Socialisation 2 – How socialised is my dog?

This article is a continuation to – Dog Socialisation 1 – What do you think of when you hear the word “socialisation”?

An off-leash JRT that approached Donna during our walk at the park.

We brought our dog Donna to a Dog Daycare Centre for a temperament assessment a few weeks back. We realised, as we watched Donna trying to blend into the wall in that room full of other dogs at the Dog Daycare Centre, that she does not get to play with other dogs enough to know how to deal with this sort of situation.

After that she further showed us how true that thought was when she started to show a tendency to mount the dog she was playing with when the dog run was over crowded with dogs. She gets too excited and humps the dog she is playing with. And the over-arousal makes her less responsive to recall and other cues we try to distract her from the obsession with trying to gyrate against another dog.

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