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Cracked or Burnt Dog’s Paws from Hot Pavement – How to Prevent & Treat

how to care for dog cracked paws, burnt paws, hot pavement, musher's secret paw waxPaws up if you are a pet parent concerned about the general health and fitness of your dog! Because today, we are going to talk about how to prevent burnt paws on a hot day and the treatment if your dog has burnt paws!

And now the key points are: 

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How to Test if your Dog is Allergic to Chicken & other Food – Dog Health series

dog allergy

Let’s dispel some food and allergy myths
I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Simon Quek BSc. BVMS MRCVS. at the Pet Expo recently. He was there to give a talk on Environmental and Food Allergies for Dogs. I am also privileged to be able to consult with Dr Joanna Paul, a small animal veterinarian in Melbourne, Australia. She runs the blog – Creature Clinic. ;)
This post is a result of talking to both of them :) 

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