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50 guests to attend the Dogs of Instagram SG Christmas Party

This Sunday, Dogs of Instagram SG will be throwing our very first Christmas Party at Serangoon Community Club.

The idea of a Christmas Party grew pretty organically. Life at Lycan Lexie first suggested a Christmas Party. The idea was then discussed within our Facebook group, and there was some interest which gave us the encouragement to bring the idea to life.

One person was not enough, so we ended up with Mango the Sheltie, Some White Cookie, Life with Lycan Lexie and We Live In a Flat as the organising committee for the Dogs of Instagram SG Christmas Party.


The Venue

The space!

Dog parties in Singapore are most commonly held at dog cafes. But considering we had over a hundred members over on our Facebook group, we thought we needed a bigger venue that could host more dogs even though we know we couldn’t accommodate all members.

A video posted by weliveinaflat (@weliveinaflat) on

We considered various indoor and outdoor venues and finally decided that Serangoon Community Club will best fit our requirements, both cost and floor space. We wanted a dog-friendly venue where there is ample space for dogs to run, and for owners not have to worry that they and their dogs will run into  other dogs every time they turn. This is because we understand that not all dogs can get along so if we want to have a party that brings up to 50 dogs under one roof, we better have the space for it.


The cost

The cost of the Christmas Party is wholly supported by members who purchased tickets to the party. Tickets cost $35 per human and a nominal $5 per dog. Costs of the tickets go to cover the rental fee, cleaning and associated fees of using the venue, including tables and chairs rental. The tickets also cover a buffet lunch for human guests.

Chairs for rent!! Haha!

While a lavish decor will add to the ambience, we would not have the budget for that. That said, we hope that just having dogs together to have fun will make up for the minimalist decor that we would be having :P

We do not profit from the party.


The Sponsors

Why would we need sponsors for a self-funded party?


Share the joy with homeless pups

Well, since we are gathering up to 50 instagrammers with their own following on Instagram. We figured we can use this event to do some good for our favourite shelters.

To that end, we contacted more than 50 pet online stores on my fabulous (lol) list of pet online stores here, dog food distributors as well as other local popular pet businesses on Instagram.  To finally end up with eleven sponsors, is a pretty good response rate.

To date, our Christmas Party is expected to benefit the following animal welfare groups:

Hope Dog Rescue will receive 3 bags of 33 pounds food for stray feeding from myfurfriends.com.

Uncle Khoe’s k9 will receive 50 pupcakes for their shelter dogs from feedmypaws.com.

Gentle Paws and Friends will receive food (amount to be determined) from our latest sponsor to come on board LittleCherry.sg.

myfurfriends will also be donating 50 leashes to be shared among shelters.

The benefiting shelters are chosen either by the sponsors themselves or through online voting within our Facebook group.


Goodies for party hounds!

1/ Doggie guests to the party will also get to enjoy treats from not one but two of our Doggie Treat Tables sponsored by Barking Good and The Barkery.


2/ Each doggie guest will also bring home with him/her a goodie bag inclusive of treat samples from Barking Good, The Barkery and Furrific as well as gifts, samples and vouchers from Pawmart, Little Cherry and Wagging Rights.


3/ And there are more than 10 lucky draw prizes of varying value to be won from the following sponsors: The Duf StoreLittle Cherry, Wagging Rights, Barking Good,  Furrific


The Fun and Games

What is a party without party games?

Recall Runway
The Barkery is kindly sponsoring the goodies needed for the Recall Runway – the game that will put our dogs to the ultimate challenge. Can dog safely return to human via a path booby-trapped with all sorts of tempting treats and toys??


Best Dressed Christmas Pup
And be on the look out and vote for your favourite best dressed dog to the party. Because  OhPopDog is giving away three prizes from their collection to three lucky best dressed dogs!


Photobooth by Anna Phan
Remember to take a snapshot at our Photobooth! Photography kindly sponsored by Anna Phan. Photos will be uploaded to our Facebook group. ;)



OhPopDog new collection showcase
Be the first to check out Ohpopdog’s new collection right here at the party! Even before their launch at the Public Garden Christmas Markets 13-14 Dec! ;)


Visit to Uncle Khoe’s K9
The dogs at Uncle Khoe’s K9 will be having their Christmas Party in advance on Dec 12. Crystle from feedmypaws.com will be delivering 50 of her yummy pupcakes to Uncle Khoe’s, one on behalf of each of our 50 guests! Check out the photos from our trip there!

See you this Sunday!

Of course, all these would not come to pass if we did not have the 50 guests who paid for the tickets and lent us the strength to approach our sponsors. So a big thank you to you!

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, and hope you have a great time! :)


Mr Movember

Warning: This post contains a picture of a flesh wound that you may prefer not to look at.

We have a lot of cats around the neighbourhood, so I actually don’t recognise them. Even though like dogs, I’m sure they have their own unique markings, they all seem pretty generic to me.

When you photograph something, the process may make you look closer at the subject.

Mr Movember

But in the case of Mr Movember here, what caught my eye wasn’t his markings that made him look like he had a moustache.

What caught my eye was this gaping hole on his side as he lay in the sun. Upon spying Donna with me, he moved into the crouch pictured above, seeking to hide his wound on the other side away from Donna.

A wound on the back hind leg of the cat

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure Donna will be on her way to the vet faster than you can say “go” if such a wound ever appeared on her.

Unfortunately for Mr Movember the street cat, I had other human concerns such as I was running late and was hurrying to deposit Donna back home after our walk. So the best I could do was to hastily snap these two photos and hope to find some help for the cat later on.

It would sound simple, but real life never is. A check at the Cat Welfare Society FAQ page informed me this:

We do not run a rescue operation as we are run entirely by volunteers with work commitments. If you drop us an email, we can try to connect you with a caregiver in the area if one is available.

However, sick or injured cats often go into hiding. If these cats are not caught and brought down to the vet by the person who sees the cat, there is a good chance that the cat will be gone by the time caregivers go down. Remember that time is of essence — every minute that is wasted deciding whether to pick up the cat may be the minute that could save that cat’s life.

If you have trouble catching the cat, you can seek help from SPCA at 62875355 or consider contacting a professional cat trapping and transportation service.
cat welfare society FAQ page

So I gave the SPCA a call and sent them the photos I took. They took a look and advised that I monitor the cat for 2-3 days to see if the wound heals. If it doesn’t heal or if it gets bigger, I should contact them again and they will bring someone down to get it. In the meantime, I should try to feed the cat and gain it’s trust or connect with a stray cat feeder who has been feeding the cat so that SPCA can work with him/her to trap the cat to bring it in for treatment.

Sure, I could do that.

Unfortunately, since that time I sighted the cat, he appeared to have vanished. At least during those time slots through the day when I scoured the area looking for it. A post to the Cat Welfare Society page did not get a response as to whether there might be a stray feeder acquainted with the cat. (Now that I looked their webpage again, I realise I should have emailed them. )

I do regret that I wasn’t able to give him more help. My best hope is that a feeder has already gotten the cat away for treatment, which is why I’m no longer seeing him around the neighbourhood. Or maybe I just have lousy timing, who knows?

Dogs of Instagram SG Insta-meet Halloween

Last Saturday evening, some members of the Dogs of Instagram SG facebook group had an Insta-meet Helloween event at Marina Barrage.

This is the first event for us where:

1) The dogs are encouraged to come in costume

ritchdawg's grease costume

A photo posted by Oreo (@oreowah) on

2) We implemented the Ribbon System

Socialisation is an on-going process for every dog. Some of us may be hesitant about bringing our dog because your dog may not be so friendly to other dogs.

Sometimes, it’s just that the dog is shy and needs more space from other dogs. If we always keep our dogs at home, they have less chance to socialise well.

Therefore we are implementing the ribbon system.

– YELLOW – my dog is shy, please approach my dog slowly(ALL dogs will start with default yellow because no dog likes to have strange dogs or humans rush to pet them or interact with them without respecting their space. So please always ask the human before approaching the dog.)

– GREEN – my dog has no incident with other dogs in the last three events

– BLUE – my dog is training in progress, please Do Not Disturb.
(All humans please supervise your dogs when off-leash and on-leash and make sure your dogs DO NOT approach the BLUE dogs at all.)

Blue is not meant to denote aggression. It is what it is a dog that is training in progress. In Donna’s case, she wore the blue ribbon because I was going around handing out ribbons and may not have the time to supervise her.

Because the ribbon system is new to all of us, we probably still need time to develop the habit of checking for the ribbon as our dog ran around. Of course, nobody is perfect so there are times when dog runs around without close supervision.

There were also a couple of incidents of dogs growling and one incident where a scuffle left a dog with a bleeding eyelid. That tells me that we had better prepare to come with a first aid kit for future events.


The Foobler

During the picnic, Debrah from Nekojam.com took the time to show those who were interested the Foobler.

That’s actually a very cool treat dispensing ball that Donna has since been playing with. I really like the timer function which controls the dispensing of the kibble within the ball, that really helps prolong the game time for this toy.

Donna, Mango, Cookie, Cotton and Jacko are 5 of 10 #FooblerAllStars chosen to test out this product that is created from a Kickstarter project.

The Foobler is currently available at SGD$59.90 for pre-order. This discounted price is only valid until the end of the month. Last two days! Usual price SGD$70. More about the Foobler on nekojam.com

donna with the Foobler


The walk

The plan was to take a walk along the Gardens of the Bay East after the picnic.

Most dogs made it across the bridge from the Marina Barrage here, where we took the photo. I think I count 23 dogs in the photo below. Hahaha.

dogs of instagram singapore group photo

That end of the bridge was the brightest spot possible for pictures in the night. The route gets fairly dark after that, with street lamps interspersed at regular intervals.

All the better to enjoy the night view…

marina bay sands view

But what I was surprised to find was… ONE firefly glimmering among the grass. I heard there used to be fireflies in Singapore, but with the built up of urban areas, they disappeared. So I must have been exceedingly lucky to see ONE of these tinkling fairylights :D

Only a handful of dogs made it to the end of the route we were taking. Nice work everyone! Much regrets on the way back the same route since we were dead tired by then. Hahahahaha!

It was still a fruitful outing for Donna who got lots of packets of treats from the kind humans who came with their dogs. Of course, the human confiscated all of them since Donna wasn’t allowed to eat them all in one sitting. Boo!

More photos of the event here.

How do you choose your dog’s Halloween costume?

According to Dolly the Doxie, who participated in a Pet 360 survey this year (2014) and received the results in an email,

71% of pet owners who buy Halloween costumes for their pet dogs and cats want their pets to look cute.

I don’t know about you, but if Merlin the Corgi dressed realistically as Thor is not cute, I don’t know what is :P


15% want their pets to look funny

Somebody cue that Lion King song please, so British Bulldogs like Zeus can fly…

My superpawer is fighting for justice, treats and now #love. Figured today would be a great day to start practicing how to fly to Florida so I can be with my love…

Gotta give points for the human who lends a hand!

Although Lebowski here doesn’t really seem to see the funny in his get up. :P

I love his happy look here as a sand-witch.

Lebowski SoCal Ridgeback Mix is a lucky mutt who has found the life he always deserved. He was dumped on a farm, rescued, and is a cancer survivor turned therapy dog!


12% said clever

I just love Christina Li’s @pupsnponies Just keep swimming – Underwater – Floundering around series! So creative!

Oh, and 2% want their pets to look scary.

Cosy the Harlequin Great Dane scares her herself even. *Just joking :P*



But you know what, I think they actually left out a category!

Because Indie Daniel sure looks heroic to me.

It’s actually not a word I’ll associate with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels because they are such sweet looking dogs. But somebody’s got to smash the stereotype, I guess. ;)


Thank you so much to these six awesome dogs and their humans who allowed me to share their photos on this post!

So how do you choose your dog’s Halloween costume? Leave me a comment below ;)

Building an all-inclusive insta-dog community

Note: As of 2015, Somewhitecookie and Weliveinaflat are no longer admins of the Dogs of Instagram Singapore facebook group. :P

I am admin of the Dogs of Instagram Facebook group and the @dogsofinstasg account with the following blogs/IGers – mangothesheltie and somewhitecookie.

When Mango’s human first created our Dogs of Instagram Facebook group. Her idea was that this was a common space for the Singapore Dog Instagram community to have a communal chat group. Conversations were happening all over the place on individual IG accounts and DMs, etc and if we want to go out as a group, it’s just difficult to manage such conversations on IG and/or watsapp. You can read more about her thoughts here.

I was never active on Facebook or in groups, so you can imagine we are all learning along the way.


Our activities so far

To date, Donna has gone to some informal outings organised by individual members of the group, such as:

Cookie’s birthday party

A morning walk along the Green Corridor and

A mid-autumn BBQ party that I co-hosted.

But these are all small, informal outings to celebrate birthdays, recee the trails/route for official events or just inpromptu gatherings to hang out with dogs.


Our first official group event

We finally had our first official group event invitation extended to all over 100 members of the group. The outing was Cycling at Punggol Settlement. Fifteen dogs attended the event and we’re really pleased because less people than that accepted the invite.

Our next official events are the Halloween Picnic and Walk and our Christmas Party. The numbers of people indicating they’ll attend so far are good, but you know, as humans we always hope it’s better.


Group goals and objectives

At the end of the day, our Goal is to provide opportunities for all our dogs to mingle with all breeds of dogs. We are not a breed-specific dog group and we are proud of that.

To support this goal, we have been doing the following:

  • Organised one event per month so meetups are consistent
  • Organised a mix of different events to give all dogs equal opportunity to attend.
  • A new photo contest theme every two weeks to encourage owners to share and learn more about each other’s dogs online, so we have topics to break the ice with when we have face-to-face meetings during events.
  • Provide a group space online where members are more than welcome to chat and organise their own informal small group outings

While we say we are an all-breed group, sometimes, the photos can be misleading. There will be times where more of a certain type of dog attends an event, and then we may look like a Sheltie dog group or a Japanese Spitz group. We try to be all breed inclusive, but we can only be if owners of different breeds are interested to attend the specific events we organise.

A cycling activity may be more interesting to medium and big dog breeds that have lower risks of hip and elbow dysplasia. Small dog owners may not be interested in the active lifestyles that bigger dog owners prefer. There are a 101 reasons why people attend or do not attend events.

We can provide the opportunities, but dog owners themselves need to want to attend and mingle in order to help make the events a success. I am quiet and introvert by nature, so I guess, we humans can learn a lot from the dogs that aren’t shy.  Haha!

So see you at our next event, and help spread the way to your other dog lover insta-friends so we can see more breeds around! ;)


Donna the Calendar Model

Bought our copy of the Gentle Paws calendar from Mango the Sheltie the other day, so here’s Donna “modelling” it. If she’s not a great model, I’m sure its because the human behind the camera was uninspiring. :P And the lighting is crappy, I know.

A sit position.
She looked stiff here.

I think a down position will be preferable to put her face at the same level as the calendar.  But as the balcony faces a construction site, I worry about her environmental allergies if I have her wallowing on the already dusty floor despite the floor being mopped that morning.

So no down position.

Threw some kibble around to get her moving and hoped that would give me some more natural shots.

Every time she cleared the kibble on the floor so there’s no more she gave me this look:


That’s really just her – Gimme the food now! – face. :P


Donna says with a serious ruff:

Buy a calendar!


Ok, that’s enough of modelling for me.


Are we done now?


Not too much interest in being a model really, this Donna girl. I love how the session helped me catch a variety of looks from her. Most of them quite erm… disdainful as you can see. :P

So yes, I can catch a hint. So we ended the session.


We adopted Donna from Gentle Paws, so happy to help spread the word. Please help support the dogs who, unlike Donna, are still waiting for their forever home.

Darcia looks such a sweetie, adopt her! :P
Gentle Paws can be contacted at farmwaylove@gmail.com

The Gentle Paws calendar can be bought at the following places at $10/copy:

  1. All Pets & Aqualife Clinic
  2. The Animal Doctors
  3. The Little Flower Pet Shop
  4. Mount Pleasant
  5. Mount Pleasant Changi
  6. Point Vet Jurong
  7. Point Vet Telok Blangah
  8. Pet Cottage (YCK Rd)
  9. Vanessa Fitness School (Neil Rd)
  10. Sopra Ginza Dogsalon (River Valley)
  11. Adam Road Fishball Noodle Stall
  12. Paw Pet-radise Cafe
  13. fur’n’away (bt timah)

Or if you’re joining us for the Dogs of Instagram SG Halloween event, you can also conveniently pick up a copy from Mango the Sheltie. Please let her know in advance.

Event details here on our Facebook group.

So, what do you think?

Is modelling a career choice for Donna? Or would she be eliminated in the first round of America’s Next Top Model?? Haha!

Checking out the Christmas party venue

dogs heading for serangoon community club dogs heading for serangoon community club dogs heading for serangoon community club

Donna and Mango heads out to secret secret Christmas party venue…

… and here we are.

Bright & Airy for Dogs to Play

We’ve booked a nice, big open-air area for the dogs to have their private, indoor dog run. Sheltered, breezy and no grass to worry about ticks. :)

serangoon community club rooftop terrace

Donna: Mango, are we in heaven?

Mango: No, it’s just the human over-exposing the photo.

Donna: Right.

So much space … all waiting to be transformed for the actual party!


For humans

  1. Photo opportunities Group/roaming photos & Photobooth. This is an Instagram party ;)
  2. A great time Party games & possibly another pet event held downstairs to visit!
  3. Ample space just for us Humans can mingle and dogs can run around, play and do dog things.
  4. Buffet It’s not a party if there’s no food!
  5. Prizes & goodie bags No dog goes home without something!
  6. Easy parking Multi-storey carpark in the next block, likely free on Sundays
  7. Amenities Water bowls, pee tray provided. Convenient toilet beside event hall for humans.

Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon? What are you waiting for?
RSVP early and it will really help in our planning and communications with vendors and sponsors!

Thank you!

See more Event details | Sign up to attend party here (Members only, sorry!)Dogs of Instagram Christmas Party Invite

Tickets required

S$35/human S$5/dog

See more Event details | Sign up to attend party here (Members only, sorry!)

Not a member?
Be a member and come Party!

Follow @dogsofinstasg on Instagram,
Join the Dogs of Instagram SG facebook group
Be active!


“I think you have just sunk to a new low, human.

Why are we taking pictures in front of chairs now?”

chairs for instagram christmas party

Hurry up and chope a seat at the Xmas party!!! LOL

See more Event details | Sign up to attend party here (Members only, sorry!)

Not a member?

Membership is Free!

Follow @dogsofinstasg on Instagram,
Join the Dogs of Instagram SG facebook group
Be active!

Donna’s Family Tree

Sep 2014 – The good Janicia of Mango the Sheltie blog recently sent to me some pictures of Donna’s parents that she had taken when she was volunteering with Gentle Paws and Friends. (Gentle Paws is the shelter we adopted Donna from.)

It appears Donna largely takes after her father, appearance-wise where it comes to facial markings.

Donna’s father and mother

donna dog's family tree

No spotty tongues in Donna’s family tree, haha!

Anyway, I guess I’m just so used to Donna’s looks by now that I personally think Denny looks extremely adorable.  Her mother, Dior, is actually noticeably larger than Donna in size. So I guess Donna inherited her small size from Denny too.


It seems most of this family of dogs have been adopted, but Denny is probably still available. So you’re thinking of adopting a dog, you can check out Denny’s profile here.

[Excerpt] I was a puppy from a breeder farm. Don’t give me that puzzled look! I’m not one of those snotty pure bred dogs. I don’t know why I was found there or what evil intentions the breeders had for me.

Florence from Gentle Paws recently sent me a preview of the 2015 calendar they are selling to raise funds for the shelter.

I’m glad Donna’s father, Denny, is one of the dogs featured in the calendar because they sure need lots of help in the adoption raffle.

I heard that people don’t like black dogs much and I’ve been reminded that black dogs stand the least chance of being adopted… I need people to look beyond my black coat to see the true dog that is in me.  I was a breeder puppy who was given a second lease of life and I’ve all the love in the world to give… if only you’d let me.
– excerpt from Denny’s profile

It’s actually quite true that black dogs don’t stand out. If you were to ask me, the only dog I remember and can pick out from the crowd at Gentle Paws is Mario the white dog! We wouldn’t have considered Donna at all if Florence had not stopped to speak with us.

Here’s another Gentle Paws black dog from the new calendar.


dooki dog calendar

Dooki, like Donna, was born at the shelter, adopted out and subsequently returned back to the shelter again.

I was returned to the shelter as my adopter had sold their flat and would be staying at a relative’s place until their new flat arrives. There was no place for me. I was devastated and cried when the volunteers locked up and left the shelter, leaving me with unfamiliar canine faces.

I was amused by this particular line on Dooki’s profile page that mentions Donna:

Instead of moping around and brooding about the past, I will take it in my stride and get over the heartbreak. If Donna can find her happiness after her long pursuit for a place called home, I’m sure my special family is also somewhere out there.

So anyway, it’s kind of hard to know what dog is available at Gentle Paws and what dog is not, if you are like me. I.e. don’t really stalk anything on facebook. Haha! So the easiest way is to just contact the shelter directly. Make a trip down like we did.



Writing this post, I did a bit of digging on Gentle Paw’s blog and guess what I found? I might be wrong, but it seems like Donna’s grandmother on her mother’s side was a brown dog!

donna dog's family tree
Note: Debbie’s picture I lifted off Gentle Paws blog. Doesn’t belong to me.
Dior and Denny’s photos are by Janicia

I found out about that titbit of information from Dior’s profile page here.

I came to the shelter as a little puppy from Debbie’s litter. I was adopted once but returned, which means I am house trained. It took a long time to get used to the shelter after experiencing the warmth of a human home. – excerpt from Dior’s profile

Is it me or is returning the dog to the shelter after adoption starting to sound like a common theme around here? People, consider carefully before you adopt! Don’t adopt to abandon… sheesh…

Anyway, I had always thought Dior and Denny were strays. I’m sure Florence gave me some background when we were there, but the shelter was a pretty overwhelming environment so you will forgive me if I was distracted and didn’t pay attention very well. :P

But now I know that Denny was a puppy in a breeder farm and Dior was quickly taken into a shelter with her mother upon her birth. So the grandmother, Debbie, was a stray, but not Donna’s parents.

I used to be a stray wandering the streets of Woodlands. Little kids used to throw rocks at me. The only reason I followed my rescuer Wee up his van was because I was pregnant at that time. I didn’t like humans but I knew what was best for my puppies was to follow the human who had been feeding us all this while up his van. This is how I found myself at the shelter all the way at the other end of Singapore. Though the humans call me the leader of the pack or an alpha female, I’m scared stiff of thunder storms. The only humans who have managed to touch me have done so during my pregnancy or during ferocious thunder storms.- excerpt from Debbie’s profile page


Guess, thunder phobia is in Donna’s genes. :(

Anyway, it seems Debbie was one of the first dogs taken in by the people from Gentle Paws. Perhaps Gentle Paws hadn’t even existed then? Anyway, you can read more about her story here.


Buy a dog calendar

Updated Sep 2015 – The Gentle Paws 2015 2016 Dog Calendar is now available for sale at S$10. How to buy.

In Gentle Paws 2016 calendar, we feature twelve of our more difficult dogs and share the stories of just how far they have come.

We are a small, privately run shelter with limited fund raising options. Our calendar sales is the main source of funds that keeps the shelter operating year on year.

Donna was adopted from Gentle Paws, so happy to help spread the word. Hop over and buy a calendar to support them if you’re so inclined ;)
More about Gentle Paws and Friends on their blog and Facebook.


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