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This sleepy Japanese Spitz dog is sooooooo tired 😂

sleepy japanese spitz dog on lap
japanese spitz dog sleeping under table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on table
japanese spitz dog sleeping on human in car

😴 I don’t ever wanna get off my comfy human bed in this car, he says. 😴


I’m just so amused by all his different sleeping poses on the lap, below the table, on the table, all while we had lunch at The Workbench Bistro. You can find this Japanese Spitz dog @somewhitecookie. ;)

According to the Internet, Japanese spitz dogs weigh an average of 5-10kg. Not too heavy to put on the lap for a hug. It was like hugging a soft, fluffy wool rug, but rounder, warmer and nicer. HAHA! :P

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  1. There are times when we all feel like that.

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