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It’s really hard to make a nice dog waving photograph!

Donna doesn’t really hold the wave position for long. In fact, she’ll just bring her paw up for a split second wave and let it down again. She doesn’t hold her paw in the air for me to take the photo, so when it comes to photographing a dog wave with her, it’s really down to split second timing. Which of course I have er… none. HAHA!

Sometimes I click too fast while her paw is still moving up.

Sometimes, I click too slow and she’s already bringing it downwards.

And if you look at these three photos, she NEVER looks at the camera. Somehow the wave MUST be accompanied with a silly grin with her nose in the air. Why, Donna?!! :P

Note: It just means I need to spend more time shaping the wave until I can get her to hold it in the air longer :P heehee




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  1. We don’t use a clicker, Mom can’t stand having to work with one, but I learn stuff real quick. I needed to put my paw up and hold it for a review photo a few weeks ago and within a few minutes I got it. I knew what Mom wanted, I help my paw up and we got a couple photos to choose from no problem. She just put my paw up and said stay, did that repeatedly until I understood.

  2. The grin is a secret message to other dogs. It says “I’m getting a treat for this and you’re not-nyah nyah nyah nyah”.

  3. She did really well, and a great capture.

  4. Great shots…even on the up and down! It can be difficult to teach to hold it up…it took me a while and then sometimes, I just refuse anyway.

  5. You got it there at the end! Clearly Donna is quite satisfied with the product! It captures her likeness quite well! Have a great Sunday! :)

  6. I totally sympathize with the hardships of animal photography. I seem uniquely incapable of capturing stuff that mine do on a regular basis–except, of course, when the camera’s out :D Great job catching the wave in the last one! And that silly upturned-nose grin is brilliant. Just brilliant.
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  7. Mr. N can wave but I’ve never tried taking a photo. His is pretty quick too.

  8. Oh this is classic! You should hear what goes on in my house when we are trying to get a pose for photos. I try to stay patient but I always end up laughing because they must think I’m a crazy woman.

    Also I really like the cushion of Donna. Crazy cool!

  9. Oh Donna, so cute! I love her silly grin! That’s great that you taught her to wave. I’ve taught Ace shake and high-five but not wave. I’ve tried to get a picture of him rolling over, and those have always been blurry so far. :)

    • Donna doesn’t dare rollover. Her rollover typically stops when shes on her back so it’s actually easy to take pictures of her in that state! She seems to fear slapping back on the ground again. Haha! So she always just does a 180degree roll rather than a 360degree roll. :P

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